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How did you discover Serebii?


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I wasn't really sure where to put this as it's technically not Pokémon-related, so if it's in the wrong section, do move it.

So how did you all discover the Serebii website? I'd heard about it many years before as one of the prime online sources for Pokémon information and news, but I don't really remember exactly how I found it. I think I was looking for a place where I could talk about Pokémon and other things, and from there, I found the Serebii forums. This was in late 2016, before the switchover to the new forum layout.


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I came across it while trying to get ahold of a Manafi from Pokémon Ranger (hence my user name lol). And the rest is history.

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Back in middle school, I had a couple of friends who regularly browsed Serebii and they told me about it when Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was coming out in Japan. I didn't discover the forums until months later, but I still lurked a bit before joining. That was back when the forum lag was still a thing. God, I'm old.


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I don't remember the original time I used it, but I do remember using it for viewing the Congratulations pictures in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

I used different sites for second and the beginning of third gen, but I don't know exactly how familiar I was with Serebii at the time.


I think it was around April or May of 2008 when the second Pokemon Ranger game was released. I was looking for information on some of the post-game missions in the game, and I remember finding a page with information on that on the main site. I joined the forum about a month later.

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When I was in middle school I discovered Serebii net around 2004ish. However, I didn't officially join the forums until many years later. At the time I mostly used Serebii net for information regarding the games. I wish I had joined the forums sooner, though. I've made great friendships through this forum, and Serebii net has been a great resource throughout the years.


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PASBL and Fizzy Bubbles expanded here on SPP after the internet meltdown in 2001, and I immigrated with it from BMG and UPN.

This was a REALLY small site at the time, but it was one of the key survivors when the adservers went bankrupt, causing the other websites to lose their funding. Bulbagarden, Pojo, UPN II, TRHQ and ThePokeMasters all died and they were much bigger than SPP.

All said, SPP has remained rather small compared to the growth of Amazon and Google. That's not a bad thing as websites like /r/pokemon are hellholes. The Pokemon franchise has a strange multimedia structure and Serebii.net found its niche.


Around July of 2005 I think when I was new to the internet and wanted to know stuff about Emerald version like what kind of teams the Frontier Brains had. I remember seeing Lucario for the first time when I visited the main site.
I remember looking for info about Emerald, how to get Kyogre and Groudon in it, info about the battle frontier and the lot. At the time I was using psypokes first but Serebii was somewhere in the affiliated sites bar so I checked it out.

I posted a bit in the IRC chat and lurked for a good year or so on the site, then found out about the forums (didn't even know what forums were at the time) and decided to make an account.


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I was a 14 or 15 year old at time .
i was so interesting in new remix of the classic generation 1 game and that didn't help that Pokemon anime show just started its fifth season (The battle frontier story in the western in the mid 2004 -early 2005) and i was read Pokemon adventure : firered and leafgreen arc (pocket monsters special in Japan) and i was so shock of a lot of ani nod in the manga! And i was checking out for more info about that in internet browser (Google was still new at time) so i hit the website that know as Serebii and found the biographies of Dex Owners (mainly Red and Green Okido and my princess Blue!) And just luke around as i suck at computer stuff at time lol but i didn't join forum due to lot a hated toward anime for not live up to the game or special manga....yeah ...so wasn't until last year i did joined after getting know some Pokemon special fans who is not that bad about the Pokemon anime show......and is cool with anime show on discord service and that alone helped me find a enough of a courage to joining the forum .
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