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How did you discover Serebii?


Love when the mods can’t do their jobs properly
I discovered Serebii during the B2W2 period. I needed help deciding a full team so I used Serebii to see a full Dex.

As for the fourms, I was getting back into the anime with SM (after the TF arc, I took a break as I felt burnt out) and saw someone on Twitter post titles for upcoming episodes so I decided to join

Divine Retribution

Master of the freak show
I first used the site around 2006 to check the locations of certain Pokemon I needed for my dex in Ruby (I remember Chimecho being one, I literally never saw a Chimecho in the wild until I googled where to find it and ended up on Serebii). I joined the forums a few years later. Back then we had a feature called social groups that let users create their own groups/clubs with their own subforums, which was pretty cool, but unfortunately was scrapped due to issues moderating them.

Dream Lad

I used to look up Pokemon data on the main website, and saw it had a forum, but never joined. I would talk about the games and anime in other forums or on Youtube or Reddit, and rediscovered this place has a dedicated and active forum community here, so I finally joined a little over a month ago.


Distant Stargazer
I discovered it when looking for a list of Shadow Pokémon in XD when the game was still relatively new. I don't remember the exact year, since it's been so long.