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How did you get into you fic?


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Erm... I needed something to entertain me until Omnipotence came out? *blushes*
*groans* You wrote DJ just for that? I'd hate to see when you actually wanted to write a fic...

Hmm, scanning down the page really suprised me. So many awesome writers haven't been at it all that long...

Well, I started writing about five years ago (a loooong time ago). I got the idea because my best friend wrote this short little story and gave it to me. I had never really considered writing before, but we got all excited about it and decided to write a book with it. *sighs* We still aren't done, five full rewrites later. *shrugs* Ah well, the next rewrite will be better.

Anyway, I really didn't start writing Pokemon Fan Fics until I first joined Serebii, a few years ago. I then wrote a truely horrible fic titled 'Blaziken's Revenge'. After I was finished with that, I moved on writing more (and thankfully much better) fics. I had posted three more before my internet died and I couldn't get on Serebii any more...

But (nearly three years later) I finally got back on, and have since posted a complete fic, half of it's sequel and a One-Shot, with always more on the way. There, a really long answer to a simple question.


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My current Pokemon fic started way back when the Pokemon anime first came out. I thought it would be great to have myself travel with Ash. I imagined myself doing so, acting out certain episodes with myself as a character. Finally, one day in school, I just started writing my imagined adventures. I didn't even know that such a thing as the Internet existed, so I didn't even know that there was such a thing as fanfiction.

Now my fic is the one that won't die. I'm writing it now as a practice for other stories I wish to write. Pretty much, this means that I'm only writing this now as a learning tool, rather than because I actually want to get the story out.


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The typical thing: Jealousy. xD Read a fic on another forum, (PE2K, Harry Kim. :3 Before he left.) Absolutely adored it, and as I'd always prided myself on my writing, (by god was I a snooty kid back then. xD) I decided that I was going to write something just as good. : D

...I failed, but I'm at least getting there now. Ish. If you squint under a magnifying glass.

Phoenix... Just wanted to write another story after I finished the unmentionable first, The Evil Bunny King (AKA CHAOS - had to shorten it. xD) was a random idea thought up while suffering from a severe bout of jet lag, and Sayonara? Wanted an idea for the romance competition. Got out of hand - I made it too long, threw in a couple of subplots, the works. >.<

And the oneshots are mostly random inspirations. xD;;

When I started writing... July 2005 was when I started fanfiction. Wasn't much of a writer before, unfortunately.
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Leon Phelps

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...I've gotten back into the writing game after overcoming my laziness. It's been a year since I've actually posted something here.

Well, my inspiration to write came from reading Breezy's fic a while back. I've always had ideas floating around in my head, but never the initiative to write it down until I saw that she could do it. I also got some random impulse to share my vision of what the Pokemon universe could be like, after being frustrated with how the game designers and anime directors weren't taking advantage of the unlimited potential that the Pokemon universe has. In short, I got bored and found something to do.


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Well that is a different story...I have nevr seen you around here though...
xD Disappeared for a while, and haven't written pokemon fanfiction in a little under six months. :x Shiver doesn't count, I just adapted it. xD;


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Probably when I was like, nine years old or something, I wandered onto the humble Club section and joined an incredibly bland Team Psy, something I got extremely excited with at the time. They made a forum, saw fanfiction, and tried writing some. It was exactly one paragraph a chapter about a kid named Rakes living in New York, making a boat, being saved by Lugia and Ho-Oh, swallowed up by a wailmer, landing in New Bark town with an Espeon that grudges Mew and takes Mewtwo's armor from Prof.Maple. I really didn'y know what I was doing, so I just put in a bunch of random stuff I didn't think much of, and I enjoyed doing it until Prof.Maple got transported by some kind of digital portal or something and Rakes got a Hoppip and a journey to go get the Prof. stopped there and got bored.

A year or two later, I decided to jump back into the world of fanfiction and rewrite my terrible fic. I wrote five or six paragraphs a chapter(WOAHZOMG), and added alot of new characters/plots/ect. However, I constantly lost chapters because I lost them in the textbox and it got up to chp.14 until the whole forum dissapeared (and all my sparkling reviews). So I stopped and waited a couple more years. Then I found about, about serebii's fanfiction and was totally blown away.

So I started rewriting it at the end of last year again, adding nesessary plots/characters while still retaining the original idea.


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Dont say it's terrible, then no one will read it.

It seems every fic here has a different sotory. (no pun intended.)

Matt Silver

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Probably by reading Now And Forever by Royal Arcanine, Revolution Johto by Eon, Cross Of Fates by Saber, and Destiny Journeys by Mix. But I've been around this section for ages, and only occasionally read a fic.

Pink Parka Girl

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Dealing only with the fics I have posted here (I have others at other websites)...

Back when I wrote Unheard, virtually the only kind of Mystery Dungeon fics you could find were based, if not directly on the game's plot, than at least heavily inspired by it. No one yet had, as far as I had seen (but I could be wrong), attempted to write anything to explore the world from a different angle. I'm a fan of anthropomorphic novels, and one question you see rarely addressed is the question of what carnivores eat when they live in a world where their potential prey is very much sapient. While Unheard remains underdeveloped (I said I would update and rewrite parts to incorporate everything I had thought up, but you know how time is...that, and I dislike the story and feel somewhat ashamed of going back and reading it again in order TO revise it, lol ^^' ), it's strangely popular on FF.net and has a fair amount of reviews and favorites, and I've even been asked permission of others to host it elsewhere. I guess people like it because it was a very different take on the Mystery Dungeon universe (where do carnivore pokemon get their meat? Exactly where you think they would) than what was being published at the time.

Lost and Found was almost an immediate "must write" fic for me, and as much as I love it, virtually no one else does (maybe it's a bit TOO different..that, and people just don't care about Pokémon Ranger fanfics. Personally, I find Rangers fascinating and would love to see more fic about em). The reason it was a must write is because I'm a Plusle fangirl and was happy to see a character who had one as a main. :p As soon as I saw that, I KNEW they had to be ficced. ^^ As I played through the beginning of the game (I actually wrote the fic when I was only a few brief hours in), I knew the interaction I saw between Hinata and Plusle was just screaming to be elaborated on, and it would be the perfect opportunity for me to both write a Pokémon POV fic in my own...ahem, unique...way...along with presenting how I believe the (platonic!) human/pokémon relationship to be like. :)

Where Even Kilroy Hasn't Been could well be said to be my attempt to out-weird everyone else in the fandom (except for the people writing really freaky porn, at least XD ). The inspiration for it was my frustration with most "Anywhere But Here" fanfics - i.e., fics where a character from our own world is somehow teleported to the Pokémon world. These characters are almost invariably Pokémon fans to begin with, are very familiar with the creatures and rules of the world, almost never over the age of eighteen, and never come from any time period other than the modern day. With Lester, I sought to change all that. XD He has never heard of pokémon, knows nothing about them or about the world, is a twenty one year old Navy seaman, and happens to have been living in the year 1941. I wanted to take a character like this, to whom the Pokémon world would, instead of being a flight of escapism and a wonderful experience for the victim, would instead be a harrowing nightmare to which he would have to struggle to adapt to even survive. I also wanted the opportunity to write a character who could be cruel and heartless towards a pokémon (it's not as idyllic as it looks in the ad banner, for sure! :p ) without being the stereotypical cardboard abuser you see in a lot of Trainer fics.

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Well, I just really kept jotting around ideas in my head, then I saw a couple movies that helped me form them into something coherent.

I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration from all places.


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Hm...I started writing after I fell desperate from arguing to people in the net about things...I felt, that scattering my efforts to clear up people's views about me is just wrong.

So I took on a new approach, under the saying
"those who fight on their opponent's lands are brave, those who choose to fight on their own chessboard are wise."

So generally, I wrote just for the purpose of writing.

But writing here, was to...make myself an excuse...
Because recently, I took on a slogan of not ev-ing pokemon, not training them only because they have a right nature or great IV's...because I already did that, I feel slightly guilty...so I chose to put my pokemon personalities, thoughts, and memories to live along with...

*notices strange looks* What? everyone should have fun the way he/she likes!


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The fic I'm currently working on was inspired by a bunch of different things. Mainly I liked ninjas a lot at the time, as I was really heavy into Naruto, lol. I'd done a few Mario animations with some success, and on a whim, I decided to see if I could make some Ninja Mario sprites to use in a flash collaboration about secret agents. The collab was never finished, but my part was, and it looked nice. :) So then I started thinking of a story to go along with it. The rest is history.

The Burnt Shadow

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I started writing, after reading the Pokemon: Assylum of the Damned Style. That fic caught my attention so badly, I was inspired to follow...
My dad has collected comics as long as I remember (literally has thousands of them). So when the 90s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons came out (in '92, IIRC), he'd watch them and my brothers and I would watch with him. I got into all the other comic cartoons as well (Superman/Batman, Justice League, Teen Titans, etc). Since then I absolutely love the concept of people having superpowers and I always wanted to make my own.

I saw the cover of one of my dad's Lady Death comics and altered her looks which I combined with the fact I love water related characters to make Aquiana. I still wanted to make more characters but with more unique abilities. I didn't think about it much until I read Chris' (Ledian_X) Starbolts (in '05). I loved it and contemplated writing my own comic story. That night I thought of two people, one with the power of the sun, the other with the power of the moon. When I went to sleep my dream consisted of them fighting each other. Deciding that since I dreamt the battle that I had to write a story about them. So I made more characters (and finally used Aquiana for something), thought of a plot, and started the story.

Mikey's Kanto Journey
Mikey, the youngest Battling Eevee Brother, is one of my favorite characters. After I first saw the ep, I thought of what happened with him and Eevee when he became an official trainer. When I discovered fanfics I still wanted to know how Mikey progressed. At that point I had had the idea in my head for more than five years and since there were no fics about it I decided I'd try writing one myself.

Both were basically started because having an idea in your head for a long time and not doing anything about it is extremely frustrating. XD


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Woot, and the long lost writers crawl out of the woodwork! *hugs all*

Decided to go more into detail with my oneshot Styx. ^.^ 'Cause I like babbling about my stories.


Styx... Was written for the Myths and Legends competition. I've always been a fan of ancient greek mythology, and at the time I was playing with a couple of ideas for yet another little fic I had, (still not finished. :x) which was called Immortality... 'Twas an (ever so original) creation story, and I was assigning roles to all of the legendaries. I came up to Ho-oh, and thought about how he was called the bird of life - and as Lugia is his opposite, what could he be other than death? And as Lugia is also known as the guardian of the sea... This is where the river Styx came in. Toss in an incredibly random fact I gleamed off a friend, (apparently to pass on his 'burden' of poling a boat across the river, the boatman of the river Styx would get a passenger to accept a coin from him) this incredibly twisted, and slightly morbid story forced its way into the world. x3

Who can't love a good bit of angst? xD
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