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How did you react when you first saw Miror B.?


i'd be pretty cool if he became a team rocket exec with his own storyline in the next game. I loved his music in both games

The Guy

Generic Charizard
I first thought ''Micheal Jackson + Afro = This guy.'' What? It's just natural to think that when:

1. You're a six year old.

2. You have XD ONLY.

And 3. He moonwalks in when you first see him in XD.


True Love Never Dies
wanna hear it?
that's a winner ^
heehee. :D
he says Prego! PRRRRRRRRR! L.O.freaking.L.
When i first heard the song, I couldn't help but like it.

worship the dancing freaking Ludicolo's they are dancing with their awesome Pokemon-ified Michael Jackson trainer!
Worship I say! :D
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When I first saw him I was like, "OMG!!!!!!!!" I literally freaked out. My sister gave me a face that told me she thought he was the most disgusting man on earth.


True Love Never Dies
most disgusting man, eh? that's a good one. :)
i think he is waaayyy to skinny. also his hair moves like it's a wig.
anyone see that?
another thing. why must he dance 24/7?! it is just wrong!

Aura Master

Smell of Success
Tbh...If I remember this correctly..

I didn't know he was human till I realized it lwhen he started talking


True Love Never Dies
you thought he wasn't human? wow. :)
i thought well, i dunno, it goes like this...:
"Holy Crap! Who the hell is that??!


Novice Breeder
They were along the lines of, "Holy... what the heck is he wearing? Is that an afro? What the heck is going on?"
He is a very unique character and he caught me off guard. The first time I saw him in XD, the only thought was, "I don't know which outfit is creepier."


True Love Never Dies
^ i thought the same thing too!
i thought it was a girl, cos, he's got a skinny form, that's kinda feminine...
then he turned around and.. o_O


Azurill evolved!
When I first saw him, I wished I could get my character to look like him, :3 His Ludicolos just wrapped it up - he was my favourite Pokemon character ever. :)
lol yeah his afro looks like a pokeball

Champion Shirona

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His big Pokeball can take out an amazing pokemon

Shinichi Misao

Pokemon Professor
I wish he became the main Antagonist in the next game.


Busy with School
I believe I had a seizure.

Either that, or I shut off the game since I was laughing too much.


Undercover Rocket
Well I played XD 1st, and I really enjoyed how he looked and of course THE MOOZIK! :p But afterwards, when I played Colosseum I was disappointed by his costume (wtf gold?) and the music was just so-so, so its probably good I got my Miror B fix from the sequel than the original. Then again, who knows how I would have reacted had I played XD second.


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I was kind of shocked I guess. But, I do like teh song that plays when you battle Miror B.