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How disappointed would you be if the Pokemon Anime ended?

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Not very.I stopped watching after they removed Brock.
Any anime can end as long as it ends properly.
Without too many questions unanswereds and without an ending that doesn't looks like an ending...
Dunno how to explain it. But if, say, Satoshi didn't achieve anything great (and relevant to the games) by the end I would be pretty disappointed.
I know it's the 'obvious' thing, but I'm hoping he finally becomes a master by the end of the series.


I'm clueless ♥
I've become very attached to the anime. If it ended back in Kanto I wouldn't have thought much, but it's been going on for so long and has been such a big part of my life.

To see it someday disappear would be a tragedy.


Yeah, ok!
I've become very attached to the anime. If it ended back in Kanto I wouldn't have thought much, but it's been going on for so long and has been such a big part of my life.

To see it someday disappear would be a tragedy.

99.9% of all shows end eventually.


I haven't watched the anime since BW started. Interest waned majorly when I realized Ash's character development ceased. So I'd be totally okay with it. Of course, it's not going to happen.

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
I lost intrest in the anime when I got tired of the same thing happening over and over again. Ash traveling to another region to challenge the gym leaders, but failing horribly at the league. The fact that Pikachu should be like at lv. 400. Oh, my personal dislike, the fact that every female companion Ash travels with only participates in contests or something similar. I don't have a problem with contests, but it'd just be nice to see something new. I wouldn't be too dissappionted if the anime suddenly ended.


Active Member
I would be so depressed and........

Man i'd be so devastated, i've seen like 80% of all the episodes ever made, and although i do like the original series a lot i'm not one of these people who hates the new ones, i've enjoyed all the Diamond and Pearl seasons and am enjoying Black and White a lot. - I guess it's having a little brother who i can watch it with is a big +

..........Me too:'(! like, l love the new even more than the old!

But Cilan is actually using his Pokemon and being involved more than Brock. I don't think ending the anime because of Cilan would have anything to do with anything.
And i nevva evva want the anime to end unless there is also a prologue on every protagonist ( Misty, Tracey, Brock, Max, May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, and of course, Ash). I also agree about the fact that the anime shouldn't end because of my fav character (ok I said it. Cilan is my fav character).
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I would be pretty disappointed since I've been following it since childhood.

But I guess I would still find enjoyment in watching all the episodes again.


Well-Known Member
I just hope that if and when it finally does end, we will get a great finisher instead of it being cancelled midway through a season and especially midway through an important arc. If Ash was to get killed off in the final episode, this would make it even more interesting if the writers handled it the right way. Either way, the final episode would have to be something really amazing what could possibly go over two or three episodes.


New Member
I dont get to watch them much but I still wouldn't want them to end.
I would'nt mind if they ended them and then started with all the main charecters children all over again :)


Not very, I've pretty much stopped watching it anyway. And there's old episodes that you wouldn't have seen, so you could just watch them


Dungeon Master
Honestly, I don't think it'll be happening any time soon. I think the show is more likely to replace Ash, or spin off into a Pokemon Special Anime than it is to just end outright.

But if it did end, well I really don't know, because shows have ended in the past, and I moved on. The same thing would probably happen with this one, I guess.


I don't really care. The games is what i enjoy the most and i slowly started getting back into the anime because black and white despite similarities to diamond and pearl it's not that bad.


Well-Known Member
Well personally I would be disappointed if they stopped airing the anime but I would not be really that mad because I play play the games mostly and I stopped watching anine since Unova but I still look at the images that serebii has. (I've looked at all the Unova episode inages so far) All I don't want them to stop making are the Pokemon Manga's, the Pokemon games and Bethesda keeps making the Elder Scroll series. I won't go into music bands.....



Pokemon Trainer
Well with the news that a lot of old characters are going to appear in the new games, some think the same will happen in the anime. Which they say may mean that the anime may be ending soon, with all the old (main) characters there.

I don't care how well handled the ending is, if it were to happen I would actually be way way waaaay too upset. I mean in terms of quality (development etc) there is much better anime, and many better tv shows but....as sad as it sounds its sort of became a part of my life. ......and now I feel depressed...

Ash Ketchum!

Pokemon Trainer
If the ending did not give proper justification and closure to Ash and co's respective journeys, then I would be disappointed.


New Member
very. pokemon has more or less been my child hood and ever since i was little i have loved it.
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