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How disappointed would you be if the Pokemon Anime ended?

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The OS was the only time pokemon was the best anime show ever. Pokemon would have been more better ending in Johto since the show was still at it's peak during that time period.

Thomas Elliot

Nope not at all. I mean the new intro for B/W2 shows us that Nintendo is capable of creating a great animated series that appeals to both adults and children, but they choose not to because of the ability to market tee shirts, mugs, action figures, bed spreads, knick knacks and other Pokemon related swag. I tried to tune in the other day just to see what it was like and quickly turned it off. I used to watch just for the championship battles but now those have even degraded in quality.


extra toasty
I dunno. I'm only a big fan of Best Wishes!, and even then I only read summaries and stuff. It's fun seeing where it all goes and who catches what, but I wouldn't be devastated if it ended.


No longer posting
I would be very disappointed if the Pokemon Anime ended. I've never lost any interest, and get more and more excited for each saga.

Trainer Michael

Pokemon Champion
I'm not sure. As a Gen I Kid, I've always been a fan of the older series (Kanto and Johto), and therefore I haven't been much of a fan of any Pokemon series' after 2003. But if the series was to straight up end, I'd probably be upset nonetheless. They need to age Ash just a bit, it'll probably make the series a bit more interesting, and help it to last longer.


The Fastest Comeback
NO!!! show brendan in the anime FIRST!


Well-Known Member
Pokemon is Nintendo's cash cow, son, it will never end. If it does, they MUST bring back Misty and Brock. Maybe Dawn too, cause she was the most pleasant of the girls, but not May and definitely not Max. I blame them for Pokemon's lack in popularity, yo.


Well-Known Member
The OS was the only time pokemon was the best anime show ever. Pokemon would have been more better ending in Johto since the show was still at it's peak during that time period.

I agree, or they could have ended Ash's story there and continue the Hoenn region with a new Protagonist.


Yeah, ok!
Most of Johto was pretty bland and repetitive, however they could have theoretically ended Ash's journey there if they wanted to.

Moot point now I suppose.


Well-Known Member
If thwy had ended Ash's story after johto i would not have cared


New Member
well, i will not. Cuase i now that Pokemon is the main saurce of money of Nintendo like said 3 or for 4 post above and if it end another(hopefully better) will be aired


Original Series Fan
If the the series finished with a good deal of closure, yet leaving some elements of the plot open for the imagination (just as any show should), I'd be happy to see it end. If the series goes on and on forever, it will get more and more repetitive, until finally I'll simply stop enjoying it. It will end (at least for me), either way.

A Mew

Not a glitch
While I grew up with it and still like it to this day, I wouldn't mind seeing a closure to Ash's adventures (would have to be a damn good one though), as long as they start off something new and more epic. B2/W2 trailer, anyone? :3
I would be happy, I've been hating on the anime since Diamond And Pearl. I learned how Ash is an idiot for not evolving most of his Pokemon (Maybe that's the reason he keeps losing...)

I want them to make the anime like the Black 2/White 2 Anime Trailer.


Well-Known Member
I would be happy too. Every Saga ends with a dissappointing loose.
Hopefully a fan-team will gather to create a really awesome Pokèmon Anime.
It is possible. I just knew it!


Well-Known Member
I would be very happy too . I always think that they should have made a game/manga anime version or having an older Ash in each new season, that would have been gorgeous. I'm still watching the anime but just to see how the pokémons and the game characters look like.
I'll be very sad and I mean S.A.D. I grew up with Pokemon and up until now, I love it. It'll be hard to move on.
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