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How do I teach her to play?


Pokemon is one of the easiest games around! (if you don't take notice of stat values,evs ect), i'm sure if you just told her about type advantages/disadvantages then she would do alright.It's a game intended for younger kids anyway, they put the stat values ect in for the competitive players who tend to be older fans.


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have her read the instrustion booklet that comes with the game...Don't talk about EVs, natures, IVs or any of that stuff until she has beaten the game at least once.

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Pfft, you don't need instructions to play Pokemon. Heck, I've been playing for over 9 years and I never even knew what STAB was until a few weeks ago.


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Give her the game and let her play it, if she gets stuck or doesn't know what to do, just help her out, and she'll learn, you won't miss CUTting a tree more than once!


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let her play 2-3 minits of new game [without saving] thats how my friend tought me!


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I would teach them the basics these being the following. Types, leveling out your team, having a suitable team in the game and getting elite 4 beaten. That is really best to do, but suppose you could always buy a guide for them get going. That how i was back in the day of R/B/Y. Now i masterminded meta gaming of D/P, have great fun of gaining exp in battling. So it can be done :)


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Just let her play and you just watch, or be nearby. and when she gets confused, she can ask you. I know that most of us never had any guide when first playing pokemon. (I know I didn't)


Dont they give something like a manual with the DS games? Also Proffessor Rowan talks about a few stuff. U can teach her the other stuff. Dont go into EVs and breeding however >_>


The Magma Incarnate
Just let the kid play her own way. You don't need to teach her anything...
There's nothing more annoying than someone trying to tell you how you should play :(
If she just talks to everyone in the game she'll know what to do without you doing a thing...

Very true, Scenice. I wholeheartedly agree.

Everyone here knows how to play the games. Sure, some of us may know how to play it differently than others; others may play the game using IV's and EV's and the overall over-analysis of the battle format. Let people play on their own, let them develop their own strategies and the like. I've learned to play basically (I've had a Level 81 Blastoise named "Squirt" at one point in my RBY days with Blizzard, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and Water Gun, the rest at Level 30) and then developed as both Trainer and gamer, learning of the EV's and IV's and everything else later. But I really just follow my own format of play, and I honestly don't give a damn about what others think of my battling style. It's personal, it's my own, and it should be the way others should play: with their own style, not someone else's.

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I think you should just give her the manual to read. The manual (included with the game)should tell her everything she needs to know. And if she still has any qeustions just tell her to pay attention to what the characters say in the game. Especially Prof. Rowan. And once shes got all the basics down , introduce her to EVs, breeding IVs etc.. . Although wait until shes mastered the game befor you tell her about that stuff. And if she doesn't seem to interested in EVs, IVs and breeding after you tell her about them don't try to force it on her.

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The Manual is good. But you need to tell her the basics.
What pokemon moves do, the difference between Tackle & Growl
How to throw a Pokeball, How pokemon gain experience, How pokemon evolve.
Show her the main purpose of the game, Gym Leaders, Teach her that Bad guys like TG are meant to be punished.


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I have some problems understanding terms. What STAB? What are EVs and IVs? On the topic of the thread, let her learn herself. Don't try to teach her, she'll never learn unless she does it on her own.


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In think the game does a pretty good job explaining it. I would let her learn and explore on her own. If you feel that you must teach her something teach her about types and stuff, but i would not go into ivs, evs, and stabs. Also let her find pokemon and learn about them on her own. My brother just about spoiled the game for me by going through all 150(red and blue days.....)
I would also start her on one of the newer ones because if so she wont have trouble adjusting to a new gen, since it might be a bit overwhelming for her.