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How do you act when you first hear a new Pokemon game announced?


Sure, sure. Go for it.

How do you act when you first hear a new Pokemon game announced? Not just the main series, spin-offs too! Personally I like Caitlin's enthusiasm. We should all be more like Caitlin lol.


Sure, sure. Go for it.
I think for me, I just wear this big dumb smile on my face, thinking to myself I gotta go see the trailer at home soon. I get all excited, all jittery, jumpy, go see the trailer and that big dumb smile grows slightly bigger and dumber. Then I see the release date and I can't help but think, "but I want it now!" It's at this point in everyone's lives that they must come to a decision. Should I waste my time at researching a game that's only been recently announced... or should I go get some dinner?


In previous years I would get mildly excited, but in recent times I've grown more cynical about the new games, so I don't usually react in any spectacular fashion. I keep up with new information whenever a new era of the franchise starts, but I no longer play the games as often as I did a decade ago.