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How do you choose your starter?


Back from the Dead
Some of us choose Fire types. Some of us Grass. Some prefer Water types. Some try to replicate the anime or manga. Some just choose the one they think is the coolest. Some even just pick one and trade it for a personal favorite Pokémon. How do you choose? (I prefer the Water type, personally. :p)


Disney Trainer
I choose which ever one looks coolest in its final evolution, and then build my team around its type.


What do I do now?
Red+Blue+Yellow: Chose the mascot on the front.
Silver: Chikorita, b/c it was our favorite
Crystal: Cyndaquil b/c why not? It was a fire type, so that's what we went with
Sapphire: Mudkip, b/c we liked it, and it was blue, like sapphire
Ruby: Torchic, b/c we liked it second best, and it was red, like a ruby
Emerald: Treeko, b/c that's what was left and he was green
Firered and Leafgreen: Mascots
Diamond: Chimchar, liked him the best.
Platinum: Turtwig b/c I could trade Piplup over from Diamond.
SoulSilver: Chikorita b/c nostalgia.
White: Oshawott, b/c he actually looked cute.
White 2: Snivy, b/c I hate Tepig line
X: Chespin b/c...I don't know. I was close to picking Fennekin, but I thought I would give Chespin a try.

Dances With Steel

Johto Specialist
I just choose which one I deem my favourites by design, For Example:

Kanto: Bulbasaur
Johto: Chikorita
Hoen: Torchic
Sinnoh: Piplup
Unova: Snivy/Oshawott
Kalos: Fennekin

For me its not based on type, but rather which one appeals to me, completely disregarding the gyms and elite four.


I smash your Boxes.
I choose upon looks, but I never shoose the Fire Type Starter unless it is vastly better than the other two, as Fire is my second least Favorite Type.

Although, regarding what I chose per Region, here.

Kanto: Bulbasaur/Squirtle
Johto: All three
Hoenn: All three
Sinnoh: Piplup/Turtwig
Unova: Snivy/Oshawott
Kalos: Fennekin/Froakie

Where the one put first is the first choice, and the second is the second choice.

I swear, I will NEVER choose Chimchar, Tepig, Charmander, or Chespin.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Yellow: Pikachu (Self-Explanitory)
Silver: Cyndaquill (What everyone told me to pick)
Crystal: Chikorita (What I really wanted.)
Sapphire: Treeko (I liked it the best at first. I hadn't seen the evolutions yet.)
Emerald: Mudkip (I liked how Marshtomp looked. If only Swampert stayed cute like it's pre-evolutions)
LeafGreen: Bulbasaur (Screw Charizard. Venusaur is best Kanto starter. >:D)
Diamond: Piplup (It was cute)
Platinum: Turtwig (Chosen to be different from Diamond, and so "Barry" would have Infernape and "Dawn" would have Piplup. Just like in Pokemon Special.)
SoulSilver: Cyndaquil (Nostalga...)
White: Oshawott (I liked Dewott, if only Samurott resembled Dewott more.)
White 2: Oshawott (The other Unova starters were boring... :/)
X: Fennekin (I liek wizards!)
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I just choose which one I deem my favourites by design, For Example:

Kanto: Bulbasaur
Johto: Chikorita
Hoen: Torchic
Sinnoh: Piplup
Unova: Snivy/Oshawott
Kalos: Fennekin

For me its not based on type, but rather which one appeals to me, completely disregarding the gyms and elite four.
Thank you, for stealing my post.

Dances With Steel

Johto Specialist
Thank you, for stealing my post.
I must sincerely apologize since I didn't realize you had such amazing taste in choosing starters!! :D


Well-Known Member
I always go with the Fire type starter, it is my favorite type and has always been what I chose as my starter, whether or not I really cared for the appearance...


Master Of The Clouds
I narrow it down by a few things: Type against gym leaders, design, moveset, and others. It's usually a different type each time.


Nocturnal Trainer
lots of things influence my decisions. Type, Final Evo, Move sets... Though usually I pick a water type on first go


I choose them based off of design first, usefulness second. Design is the biggest factor for sure though. If I don't find all the stages to look at least somewhat appealing (primarily the final), I pass. For example, I absolutely loved Fennekin and Braixen designs, but Delphox stopped me from choosing it.

Gen 1: Squirtle
Gen 2: Chikorita (perfect example of choosing design over use)
Gen 3: Treecko
Gen 4: Chimchar
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Froakie


Never Say Forever
For the generation 1-3, I picked the Water starter. Can't remember exactly why but it was some rule or something I had when I was younger.
For generation 4 and 5, I picked the starter that was the most useful from a competitive perspective at the start of the generation.
For generation 6, I wanted to pick the most competitively useful one, but couldn't since the full details for the starters wouldn't be known before the release of the game. So I went by the best-looking design of the fully evolved forms, and I ended up getting Froakie since I like Greninja the most of them.

Dan The Poke Man

I just automatically know which ones won't be as fun for me to use. I literally looked at Fenniken and went "Aww hails nahw". I had loads of fun smashing the opposition with Chesnaught
Started With a water type love all the water type starters :p so yeah water type lover


Fear the Deer
Every generation, I always pick the Water Starter first. Its just something I've done. After that, I choose my favorite of the other two in the other version. Since said version is usually the one I restart, I then choose the remaining starter. After I've used all three, I usually just pick whichever I feel like using without regards to any other game.