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How do you decide which Pokemon to use?

Lucas X

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I just started my first fan fic :p

but the Pokemon everyone has on team are actually based of a dream i have( I'm over obsessed) or just Pokemon I've had or like XD then i'll replay a game with those Pokemon to get a feel for them :)


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I pretty much just use Pokémon I like, which pretty much means a lot of Paul's and Gary's Pokémon from the anime, and quite a few others... I like a lot of Pokémon. The one's I choose to have the main Pokémon battle are just random ones I think of, or ones I don't particularly like.


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It's based on two things. First, the character may have a preference for this and that kind of pokémon (take Ash for example, he has a penchant for fast- and hard-hitting Pokés). So one person might like slow, powerful pokés, another likes ones of a specific type, another likes pokémon that have a flamboyant air about them.

Of course, if they like a specific type of personality they might pick just about any pokémon that has such a personality, and as such they can pick anything.

As for main characters, I like to combine this with my favourite pokémon, if possible. So my main character will have (eventually) a froslass, shedinja and weavile for example. Agile and a bit, uh "cruel" in a way (Shedinja is maybe more freaky, but yeah).

Blackjack Gabbiani

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In Obsession, I gave Veronica a Ralts because I wanted to demonstrate her emotional state in ways she wouldn't let on. And Asaph has a Milotic for a few reasons--water represents downfall in the story, and plus they're incredibly overrated so a posh collector like him would HAVE to have one.

Corbin has stuff that's for use in factories--fire and fighting types mostly.

And Jiri has no interest in having any other than his fixation on Lugia, but that's canon.


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Well, the teams of my characters are based on a certain theme. Viviane was the most obvious one at first with her Electric type specialization but that's gonna change soon. Kale will be even more influenced by his starter (and Staravia's brawler's nature) and will end up with more and more close combat Pokemon (not in the Close Combat sense, tho :p). Rebecca's team will expand with even more dance-suited Pokemon. Steven will have more Pokemon that can be considered 'cool' in the general sense. Nigel will just continue picking up tough Pokemon at random- s'long as they're tough, he doesn't care.


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I seem to be pretty screwed up when thinking about Pokemon to use. For some part, when I'm assigning Pokemon whose species wouldn't be crucial to the story (like if it's just the member of a certain character's team and doesn't need any specific abilities or appearances or other attributes to take part), I do like to use the opportunity to show off Pokemon that official media has mostly neglected (I ignore other fanworks and find the whole "overused Pokemon" logic based on that to be complete crap). However, over time, more and more Pokemon get redeeming showcases, so that seems to become a moot point over time. I also get jumbled in thoughts over the little things, like how unrealistic it is to not have repeats of the same species of Pokemon among different characters yet trying not to show off that Pokemon too much, certain generations getting too much or too little representation, what are the odds a character would have a representative from each generation on their team, I'm not using that many Pokemon of a certain Type, I'm favoring too many Pokemon of another type, and so on and so forth. After a while, things work out and I get my mind set on something (though for now, I'm going to wait for generation 5's roster to be revealed before I continue planning anything).

And Jiri has no interest in having any other than his fixation on Lugia, but that's canon.
but as a collector, shouldn't he be focused on every rare Pokemon? The events of movie 2 likely just focused on his campaign to capture Lugia, whom also just happened to be his first of what would've been many targets (and don't forget, he started out with a Mew card... probably because the card in question is rare, but he could also have an obsession with that Pokemon). One should also keep in mind that, back when movie 2 was released, the idea of collecting every Pokemon was a far more feasible task (even in spite of the advent of generation 2 prepared to add 100 more), and it especially helps to remember that there were only 5 legendaries in generation 1, with Lugia making 6 (Houou's 7 if you wanna count its appearance in the first episode).
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Personally I don't really have a way to pick the Pokemon I'm going to use for a fan fic, but most of the time i use Pokemon I like and fit the character's personality. But in my current fan fic (which, however, I'm only on the first chapter) I'm making it based on my current Nuzlocke Challenge I'm doing, so the Pokemon the main character will have is simply what i catch in the game. However, I'm thinking of editing my rival's Pokemon just for the fan fiction to make it more interesting. Adding to this, I also think if you are trying to make your story similar to the anime, then they should usually have a Pokemon caught early game, such as Ash usually having one of the basic Pokemon (Pidgey, Sentret, Rattata and such)...

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It depends on the characters' personalities and my own personal preferences. Mainly the second one. The main character in my fic had a Primeape from the start, because he's a real short fuse. And he caught a Koffing because Weezing is my favorite Pokemon. I gave the narrator a Chatot for obvious reasons.

Also some of the things in my fic are inspired by the anime. For example, the narrator's Croagunk.

And Miror B., of course, has his classic quartet of Ludicolo. Wouldn't be Miror B. without them.

I wrote myself into the story at one point, with a team of five Poison-types and a Dunsparce. All favorites of mine.

And sometimes I'm just random. In the sequal to The Adventure of Adventureness, The Awesome of Awesomeness, I give the Gym Leaders more powerful Pokemon so they could deal with experienced trainers. For Brock, I just randomly picked three fully evolved Rock-types.
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yay prince poppycock!

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I normally think on the personality of my character, because that's usually how people decide who they want to have on their team to make it champion. however, I also think about what the pokémon are for, and the age of the character. Everything is about to putting yourself in your character's shoes.

For example, if I have a very sweet little girl who wants to become a coordinator, I forget everything I know about pokémon, because she is inexperienced. I take a look at all the pokémon, and pick the six that look the cutest, or have nice, pastel colors in them, then I can even go as far as to ask a little girl who she would like best, and whatever she chooses is what I use.

On the other hand, if I have a thirteen year old guy that loves to battle, I pick the ones that are believed to be, or look tough, but I may add a small, commonly weak pokémon that could teach the kid that winning is not everything.

All in all, it would depend on what I want to happen in the story.

I hope I helped =D Good luck!


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Wow, looks like everyone has their own way of doing it. Here's my way.

1) Consider the character's personality. This isn't so much considering the individual species as the kind of pokémon they prefer (ie. someone who gets defensive easily would probably have more pokémon that don't take much damage)

2) Consider the character's history. If they aren't well travelled then giving them an entire team from a far away region won't work, if they had a family member who had a particular species of pokémon then they might be more likely to get it too, things like that.

3) Look at the character's goals. Someone mentioned a thief having ghost and flying and that's a pretty good example. Example of what not to do: give mostly fire pokémon to someone who's ultimate goal is to catch a Feebas.

4) Remember that just cause they had a pokémon once doesn't mean they still have it with them. Ergo, they might not still have their starter with them.

Huh, this read more like an over complicated how-to guide than an explaination. Oh well.


Well, I tend to use Pokemon that I personally like, otherwise I probably wouldn't want to write about them.

And then I consider the character's personality. If my character has a phobia of a type, I'll either give them things to combat it, or things weak against it and then the type itself.

Or if it's a dancer, maybe a Gardevoir, or a Bellossom.

Stuff like that.


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3) Look at the character's goals. Someone mentioned a thief having ghost and flying and that's a pretty good example. Example of what not to do: give mostly fire pokémon to someone who's ultimate goal is to catch a Feebas.
Actually this can be done effectively. I'll use your example with Feebas. The character longs to have a Feebas, but they live nearby a volcano with no bodies of water anywhere close to it. This way you can give them almost all Fire Pokemon and still have them want the Feebas.

Now that I'm thinking about, I might actually write something like this eventually...
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A lot of the time, I tend to do the old "flipping through a game guide and picking Pokemon" trick. Although, if I want the character's team to follow a particular theme, I will concentrate on Pokemon that fit that theme; for example, if I was going to write about a girl who uses cute Bug Types (I haven't actually done this yet) her team might end up looking something like this: