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How do you eat your noodles??

Like the title says: How do you eat your noodles? Whether it be Noodles, Pasta, Ramen, Spaghetti, Pho, etc. Is there a special or unique way that you eat noodles?

Share the way you eat them! I'll share mine and the way other people I know eat.

I came up with this topic because I was eating noodles at a noodle shop with some of my friends, I slurped my noodles and I guess some of the soup on the noodles splattered onto one of my friends blouse and face. She was like: "Melody, why do you slurp noodles?" I made a come back and said. "Why do you eat one noodle at a time and don't even chew." cause when she eats noodles, she takes one noodle and swallows it whole without chewing. When I eat Udon noodles I usually slurp them because their so slippery when I use chopsticks, BUT when it comes to other noodle foods like Pho or Pasta, I usually twirl them and then eat it cause they're easy to twirl without unraveling.

As for my little niece, she doesn't like eating noodles, so when her mom prepared packaged noodles, she crushes them to small pieces and cooks it for her. If she wants short noodles, her mom grabs the scissors and snips randomly around.

Another one of my friends, he finds really strange ways to make food for himself. Whenever he makes Pho for us, he mixes a cup of jasmine rice and mixes it with the rice noodles.

I usually twirl and rarely slurp my noodles.
My friend eats one noodle at a time and doesn't chew.
Little Niece only likes short or crushed noodles.
Other friend likes to add jasmine rice to his Pho.

Share your method of eating noodles. No need to be embarrassed.


Man of Mystery
I use Telekinesis.


gone gently
With impeccable mealtime etiquette.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Hot & cooked, and I use a spoon or fork.


With a fork. I wrap the noodles around the fat part of the fork and stuff it in my mouth. Rinse and repeat until finished.


Well-Known Member
I eat them with a fork as well. But instead of twirling them around the fork, I'll try and pick up as much as I can with it and I'll try and put as much noodles in my mouth as I can.


Spaghetti I twirl my fork until there aren't anymore noodles to twirl on and eat.

Ramen I twirl a good chunk on my fork and then slurp whatever I couldn't fit on my fork because Ramen noodles are never-fucking-ending.

Fossil Man

Pasta differs on what else I'm serving it with, or if I have anything else to mix in. Usually, I break my noodles in half before they're thrown into the pot, to reduce slurpping size. I don't slurp pasta, and twirl it with a fork as well. If I'm serving it by itself, usually I just add a little bit of margarine or butter, plus some Parmesan cheese and eat it like so, but when I serve other things as well such as salad and a meat or fruit side, I put some red or white sauce on top.

Ramen I tend to experiment with more. Instead of just adding the water + the mix, I actually drain the water and replace the water for another base, usually a dab of another sauce then add different spices depending on the base I use. One time I replaced the water with soy and added cumin and some hot pepper to it, along with the beef mix that they give, my mouth was numb for the rest of the night *laugh*

I slurp my ramen.


Eye of the Storm
With Ramen, I just stick a fork in and pull up the noodles and shove them in my mouth. With fine Italian pastas, I either twirl it around my fork (spaghetti), cut it with a knife and fork (lasagna) or spike it onto my fork (ravioli and many other pastas)
If its packaged Ramen (like in the square packages), I'll smash it with a spoon, then cook, then drain completely, THEN add the flavor packet and eat.
Because I'm strange.

Other noodles, I'll usually mix them with something.
I'm surprised that it got many posts in one night, and I'm sorry I posted in the wrong forum.

Is there anything that you guys put into your noodles to make it more flavorful, or just to eat along with your noodles?

Usually if it was Ramen from the packet, I chop green onions and add hot sauce to it, sometimes meatballs, fish balls, or fish cakes. If it was Pho, I add spicy sauce along with hoisin sauce with beansprouts, squirts of lime, and fried garlic.


My Little Ponyta
Take a spoon, dig it into the noodles, and start eating like a half-starved tramp.

As you can probably guess from this, I love Maggi.


Coordinator Plus
Ramen: I love it soft, so I use a spoon
Spaghetti: I rarely eat it, as it tastes so bland most of the time, but when I do, it's with a fork and spoon
Stuffed Shells: Depends on size, if big, hand sized stuffed ones, I used spoon, fork, and butter knife. If small, I simply use spoon and fork.
Most pasta I eat with spoon and fork, sometimes with butter knife depending on clause.