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How do you expect the writers to go about writing the 8th gen?

Gym or no gym? League or no league? Thoughts?
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Ashton Ketchum

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Why not wait until Gen 8 is announced and we actually know what it will be like?
Someone wants sooner ending of SM.
If corse - mature. Return of adventures, battles and epic. With pleasant humour (not like in SM), strong bond with previous sagas and powerful story. In perfect way - even better XY. And can be prefect place for ending of Ash's story.


Will ORA ORA ORA you
Don't recall any Pokemon series being mature. Maybe by Pokemon standards XY was but by typical shows and anime out there its far from mature.
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Dawn & Chloe by ddangbi
I like Pokemon but to call DP and XY "mature" is quite laughable...
Some fans wanted to see Ash "mature" and showed Ash being possessed by evil Hoopa as an example for him to be "mature" & violent, even taking that scene as thumbnail.


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We'll have to see what the gen itself offers first, though generally each series tends to zigzag a little each time. One is serious, the next is goofy, one takes loads of formula twists, the other sticks more to the classic format.

I can see Gen 8 being a bit of trial and error from SM, keeping SOME of the more approved elements that allow them more creative freedom, but downplaying them for something more authentic again, similar to what XY did after BW (though hopefully not to excessively).

They might maintain the home base format to a degree for example, but maybe different ones per season to keep Ash travelling to different areas again. They might make TR more prominent again too, but still not as much as before (say late BW level), and could utilise SM's more dynamic arc run to keep them more interesting.


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hopefully like SM and not like XY
I would like it if gen 8 was more like the Battle Frontier except with less fillers and less Team Rocket and a female lead that has a co-star status and battles alot with a battling goal. Also the group should only consist of her and Ash.

We kind had some of this with AG and DP with Ash mentoring May and Dawn but unfortunately they don't strive to the main goal as Ash for him to turn into their full time mentor but at the same time it was nice to see Ash take inspiration from contest battles and apply them to the regular battling.

Some fans wanted to see Ash "mature" and showed Ash being possessed by evil Hoopa as an example for him to be "mature" & violent, even taking that scene as thumbnail.

Violent =/= Mature.

And Ash is far from the most mature protaganist out there and understandably so since the shows main demographic is kids, he is the chosen who has a heart of gold and always strives to do whats right and little kids would relate more easily to a character like Ash than a more complex character.

One good example of character that was close to being mature was Paul. He had a complex backstory and personality but even though I like how they went about his and Ash's story in DP they didn't delve far into it to be mature.


Dawn & Chloe by ddangbi
Violent =/= Mature.
Well, I didn't say they were similar but I do remember that scene was used as a meme and some fans really wanted to see Ash like that.

Some of them really went to the extreme and wrote that Ash should crush the Noibat egg from its debut episode because he shouldn't allow to have a baby Pokemon from his otherwise badass team at the time.


"Orange" Magical Girl
Some fans wanted to see Ash "mature" and showed Ash being possessed by evil Hoopa as an example for him to be "mature" & violent, even taking that scene as thumbnail.
...Which lasted less than a minute. The Hoopa movie was just one complete travesty but that’s for another topic.

To answer the OP’s question...well anyone can call anything either mature or childish. It’s subjective at its best. I personally think XY was more hammy than mature compared to DP. With that said, Even DP and XY never stooped to the level of a lot of dark anime out there. It’s an advertisement for the games above else lol.

In the end, I wouldn’t mind something like AG. A perfect balance of everything imo.


Will ORA ORA ORA you
I would like if the next show would focus more on continuous story parts.

I will use SM and example.

PART 1 (Meet New friends) - 12 episodes
  • First two episodes introductory to introduce the setting and characters
  • There are 5 companions this time so use 2 episodes each to explore their characters and goals.
  • Also have Tapu Koko slowly stalk Ash through this and next arc observing him before he appears in Arc 3.
  • Show Rowlett as a background character

PART 2 (First Pokemon) 2 episodes -
  • Ash encounters Rowlet, first episode is a meeting rowlet and finding a solution to the problem, second solving the problem (through battling of course)
  • Ash will encounter TR here (why they are here and how they got their Pokemon will be explained in part 5)
  • Establish litten as a background character

PART 3 (Enter Tapu koko) 2 episodes -
  • Ash encounters Tapu Koko battles it get ass handed to him has training
  • Next episode he rechallenges and battles Koko but Koko after a few minutes stops it and flies off leaving a Z-Ring with the crystal.

PART 4 (Learning about Z-Crystals) - 2 episodes
  • Ash here learns of the Z-Crystals mechanics from Kukui and Kiawe and spends 1 episodes training
  • Next episode challenging Kukui to a battle (establish Kukui as a bad ass battler here) to test out the Crystals power but it fails like in the anime leaving Ash a little depressed
  • Ash says he won't give up till he succeeds and Kukui tells him maybe to try out the trials
  • Introduce the Vuplix egg here don't focus too much on it and occasionally show the kids taking care of it in the background.
PART 5 (Flashback TR episode) - 1 episode
  • Flashback of TR coming to Alola and establish their reason to come there (foreshadow Giovanii's intrests in Ultra Worm holes and UB
  • They meet beware who was show in the first arc
  • They encounter Ash during a trek through forest and you know what happens next. (Reached part 2)
PART 6 (The Kahuna and the Trial) - 2 epsiodes
  • Ash encounters Hala in episode 1 where his character is established, same way as in the anime
  • Ash says he wants to challenge Hala but he refuses telling he is a little busy and as offers to help
  • And defeating gumshoos
  • Next episode show Ash using a computer to study the Normalium Z and have the battle with Hala and defeat him. Same as in the anime
Part 7 (Lillie and the Egg) - 1 episode
  • Have Lillie have to take the egg to the school having to go through renevations.
  • Mallow is busy so Ash reluctanly (Because he want to train to use the Normalium Z with Rowlet) accompanies Lillie till Mallow gets back from the cafe.
  • She feel bad that Ash had to abandon training and tells Ash to training with her butler.
  • The rest is the episode is the same events from the anime
Not going to do the whole series but my point is continue each story part from Each other and atleast have one reference from the previous episode to establish continuity, SM does this a lot more than previous gens but not enough IMO.

Also if you want to establish plot points add them into and episode before you get to the episode where that plot point is addressed and explored and have them appear in some episodes


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It really, really depends on what Gen 8 will bring to the table.

For example, they could go full open world and drop the linearity that comes with gyms/trials. In which case, the anime's structure would have to change entirely because there'd no longer be a badge quest or badge quest equivalent to frame the story.

Another factor is what sort of characters are introduced that generation and how significant they are to the story. Is it going to be more like older games where the PC is front and centre, or will it go the SM route and have the PC share the spotlight with an NPC?

There's far too much we don't know to make a sound prediction about anything.


gen 9 lover
I want it to be the climax of Ash's trainer career, which means him winning the league and showing the most progression towards his pokemon master goal.

More mature, calm and a serious approach to become the league winner. But this time going even further with a rival who already won leagues, fighting E4 members in a 6vs6 and coming close to defeat them. Maybe even with an elite (-four) trainer being his mentor for whatever reasons. All his pokemon from older generations somehow making a cameo etc.

I think after a more light hearted series like SM, they could once again do a more serious and mature series like DP or some parts of XY and AG.


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I'm not sure about a more mature Ash. XY Ash just felt flat and unemotive, like a stock hero programmed with a few righteous phrases.

SM Ash is maybe a bit too far in the opposite direction, but I like Ash being a bit kooky and eccentric, and what's more he can actually drive whole stories on his own for once. He's not stuck needing TR or another character to interrupt things when they aren't about battling.

Maybe toning down Ash's goofiness and making more of a compromise would work, but I sure don't want them to veto away his more proactive traits in favour of being just being a vanilla battle goal revolved character again.

Also no offence but, I don't think the Pokemon anime's premise is solid enough to be taken fully seriously. It has to be at least a LITTLE tongue in cheek and willing to thrive on it's own cheesiness. Things like Team Rocket's schemes, the DEM/plot armour power boosts, the ever unreachable goals, enforced moments of stupidity in climaxes, it's standard cartoon formula that relies on suspension of disbelief. Trying to make that a 'mature' effort just feels pretentious.
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U.N. Owen

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...
Give us actual story arcs rather than nest story arcs within other story arcs. There is a difference between foreshadow and writing the sequel while the other one is running. Give us definitive antagonistic forces rather than the usual evil monologues and refutations of “we will stop you”. Give us more proactive protagonists when it comes to movies rather than have them be Fate’s toys.