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How do you expect the writers to go about writing the 8th gen?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Power Up, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. AznKei

    AznKei Badass girls saving their boyfriends. XD

    Well, it depends which characters do you care. If you are into Ash and wanted a badass version of him, you're probably find the series as a treat compared to how he was depicted in SM.
  2. Redstar45


    Dunno about you but it does really sounds good to my ear
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  3. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Gaganga, Keeper of the Gates Impartial

    Considering her dislike of XY, I doubt she wants bad*** Ash. Actually, I think she doesn't want Ash at all.
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  4. Redstar45


    Not really shocked as most fan on serebii dislike xy arc
  5. AznKei

    AznKei Badass girls saving their boyfriends. XD

    How many of us here would like to see the companions/classmates doing more badass things on their own?
  6. Redstar45


    Fews ? Dunno as i barely only read forum nowadays
  7. LilligantLewis

    LilligantLewis primarina donna

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  8. UltimateNinja

    UltimateNinja ~Ice Cold~

    I dislike SM, but I also dislike the concept for the new series. I hope Galar will get the most of it and the other region just a small part.
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  9. MockingJ

    MockingJ Banned

    Yeah I think that the Galar portion of the new series should be the main point and that the other regions should only get short mini arcs at most.
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  10. I guess my prediction that Gen 8 would do something very different wasn't far off. Pokemon now seems to be focusing on all of its content, instead of hyper-focusing on the new thing. Pokemon: I Choose You and the Power of Us were AUs outside of the Gen 7 confines (even if, as per the series' MO, it featured Gen 7 Pokemon a lot), the first movies is being remade, and Pokemon Masters brings in characters from every single generation.

    I like it. New characters and storylines are great and keep things fresh, but I love the idea of following-up on older characters, too. The Pokemon world is such a vast place now that it'd be a shame to leave most of it alone. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of Galar, but popping back to the other regions to catch-up on older companions would offer something more to fans like me who has grown bored of the series.

    I'm tired of Ash's adventure. A new series exclusively about his ongoing journey, no matter what form it took, isn't going to excite me since I know that he's not going to change and the world isn't going to change. So the chance to get away, even if it's only for half-an-episode, would be welcome.

    It'd be really cool if they had concurrent storylines that merged at the end, too.
  11. Emelie

    Emelie Bookworm

    I'm a little worried that the whole "we're focusing on ALL regions" in Gen 8 is going to be 50 % Kanto nostalgia, 45 % Sinnoh remake advertisment and 5 % other regions.

    Lately they have been hyper focusing on both Kanto nostalgia (Misty and Brock reappearing twice and the movie focusing on Gen 1-2) and advertisment for new games (Lycanroc, Poipole, Melmetal, Eevee).

    I hope the anime is going somewhere with this and not just to appeal to older fans and sell more games.
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  12. mysticalglacia

    mysticalglacia Alola Shill

    To be fair, I think Sinnoh deserves the upcoming pandering. Johto and Hoenn got their due, so it’s only fair if Sinnoh does too. But obviously if they’re going to feature all of the regions, I think every one should get a decent amount of focus (except Kanto. Kanto deserves nothing).
  13. game3524

    game3524 Well-Known Member

    I disagree, Sinnoh doesn't deserve much pandering. Out of all the regions, it was the most developed by the writers and DP was nearly 200 episodes. Kanto (ironically) was actually the least developed region, I think some are confusing the games pandering towards Kanto with the anime. The anime doesn't really do much with the region (even on the second go around, they didn't really explore it or did much world building).
  14. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I also think that the Galar region should be the focal point of the Gen VIII saga. Personally, I wish it were the only focus instead of other regions apparently also getting some attention in the upcoming saga, but I figure that the writers are trying something new in order to appeal to players of Pokemon Masters.
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  15. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    A story arc idea I had was one where Ash keeps getting headaches, but can't seem to figure out why it's happening.
  16. Lunalah

    Lunalah Well-Known Member

    This is Pokemon, not House.
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  17. JC317

    JC317 Well-Known Member

    Weren't you the one who theorized that Clemont has sickle cell? Have you been watching too many medical dramas recently?
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  18. JLK2707

    JLK2707 Well-Known Member

    Just depends on what you mean by mature.
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  19. sage striaton

    sage striaton wishfulshipper4ever

    Honestly, what makes me curious the most for now is the first page of the 2020 calendar.
    Like...Is Lana getting a Sylveon or...?
    Lunalah likes this.
  20. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    I think that it could refer to Serena's, or it could just be chosen for the sake of marketing.

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