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How do you feel about Fire starter final evolutions always being bipedal?


I know, pretty classic question, but it is kinda like asking what kind of a new type should new Eeveelution receive.

Recently I saw some, IMO, great fanart with fire snake starter by Lockstin & Gnoggin, and it just made me wonder...

I mean, on one hand I understand the decision for them to have two legs, instead of four, fire is often identified with courage, strength, and valor, and, well, shonen heroes.
Two legs kind of make them seem quicker, and more mobile, and agile.

Dunno, I don't mind them being bipedal, but I do think that Incineroar could be better as quadruped.


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I couldn't care less, to be honest.

I'd rather have a good, interesting concept than complaining about the number of legs something stands on. In theory, there could be a quadruped Fire starter, but it's so boring that I wouldn't like automatically because it's on four legs. I can also say the same thing about the "too humanoid" thing as well, since it's similar in terms of the complaints.

Red and Blue

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Aside from Delphox I like all of the final forms for the Fire starters so I don't mind them being bipedal.

Though if Delphox was on four legs I might like it more, lol


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I'm fine so long as it's aesthetically pleasing

Rune Knight

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We must get a quadrupedal final stage for the Goat and Horse starters.

I want the cow to be based off of a Minotaur so that has to be bipedal.

What does a Snake even count as? Unipedal?


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I think it's an overblown issue and can't see an issue with it. Can't imagine writing off a design because the number of feet it stands on.


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I have no problems of the final evolutions being bipedal, my problem is rather that Fire starter starting as quadruped beings like their real world counterparts evolving into bipedal creatures out of nowhere for three generations in a row and the results being rather dissappointing. Emboar was just okay, Delphox was meh and Incineroar for me personally was an abomination. Three starter that were pretty much fine in their base form were ruined that way. I am glad that Scorbunny was bipedal from the start.

So yes, next quadruped Fire starter should stay just that.

Rune Knight

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In the games, Typhlosion stands on 2, walks on 2, but runs on 4. Don't know what that qualifies as.
That's facultative bipedalism.

Anyways, I never minded all fire starters being bipedal. The majority of starters in general are bipedal anyways, with Grass probably having the least of them.

Captain Jigglypuff

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I’ve always thought that Typhlosion wasn’t bipedal but rather having the ability to stand on its hind legs and move a very short distance on them before losing balance similar to Ivysaur. Just because it can stand on its hind legs doesn’t necessarily mean it is fully capable of walking solely on them.