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How do you feel about the Pokedex Holders Team?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by grassfire101, Jul 7, 2018.

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  1. grassfire101

    grassfire101 Member

    Are their any team of the Pokedex Holders team that you simply just don't like and which they were different?

    In my opinion, I hated Yellow's team and I felt that they should have probably gave her pokemon to relate more to her skills as a Healer. I wish that Yellow had a Chansey instead of maybe Raticate which might have been able to focus on healing her pokemon. I also probably would have preferred to see Yellow with a Parasect that could have used Status moves like Crystal's to help her instead of one of the rock types that she was given.

    I also didn't like that Green's ( The girl) was known as the Evolver and the only pokemon of hers that evolved by stones were from moon stores. So I would have preferred that she received a Vileplume instead of Nidoqueen in order to show her demonstration of evolving pokemon with stones. I also feel like a Ninetales might have suited her and given her more diversity than having a few normal and fairy types.
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  2. lolipiece

    lolipiece Now that's using your noodle Staff Member Moderator

    I've had lingering thoughts on this subject for years, but I never put in the effort to make a thread about it. Please note my opinions relate to permanent team members. Any one-off captures or Pokemon they haven't used in years are ignored.

    Red: Poliwrath/(Mega) Venusaur/Pikachu/Snorlax/Gyarados/Aerodactyl + Espeon

    A fairly standard team for Gen I. I do like the differences compared to his game counterpart's team in GSC. I also like that Kusaka gave him a Poliwrath, as that's a nice reference to the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, liking Poliwag.

    My personal favorites are the original three: Poli, Saur, and Pika.

    Green: Scizor/(Mega) Charizard (Y)/Golduck/Machamp/Porygon2/Rhyperior

    Green was introduced before Pokespe started giving (mostly) equal focus to each individual Dex holders, meaning RGB was mostly "The Red Show: Starring Red and occasionally Green and Blue".) Because of this, several of Green's Pokemon never really got the time they needed, and most were caught and (sometimes fully) evolved when they debuted. They do get some cool moments, just never really got the time to shine and show individual personality traits outside of that one chapter when Red and Green switched teams.

    My personal favorites are: Scizor, Charizard, and Rhyperior. Please evolve Porygon2

    Blue: Wigglytuff/(Mega) Blastoise/Ditto/Clefable/Nidoqueen/Granbull

    I don't really like this one as much. I really dislike it when characters have multiple Pokemon of the same type, and Blue's was really bad about this. Too many Normal (pre-XY)/Fairy (post-XY) types in one team. And Blue shares the same problem with Green's in that they had little panel time to develop personalities. And Blue showed up even less than Green in the original arcs, so it's even worse here.

    My personal favorites are: Ditty. Best blob.

    Yellow: Raticate/Dodrio/Butterfree/Golem/Omastar/Pikachu

    Honestly, Yellow's team feels like a mishmash of random Pokemon, as if Kusaka was struggling to find good unused Pokemon to give her and just dumped the leftovers on her. And I got to be honest, I kind of like it. It really fits her "doesn't like fighting, so she has to use her wits to win" battle style. I also don't like it when Dex holders share the same Pokemon species, but I guess it's OK since they did make Gold's Pichu.

    My personal favorites are: Ratty.

    Gold: Ambipom/Typhlosion/Politoed/Sunflora/Sudowoodo/Togekiss + Mantine/Pichu

    Yay, one of my favorite Dex holders. Too bad, I can't say the same for all members of his team. I don't hate any Pokemon, but I like some more than others, and Sunflora is not one of them. It's a pretty underwhelming Pokemon and I feel it's bit strange for a Dex holders team. But I guess it's fine since Kusaka was clearly going for a sun and moon theme with Gold and Silver, and Sunflora matches the sun while Ursaring matches the moon.

    My personal favorites are: Aibo, Exbo, and Togebo

    Silver: Weavile/Feraligatr/Honchkrow/Kingdra/(Red) Gyarados

    7.8/10 too much water. And I'm still waiting to hear whether or not Giovanni gave back Ursaring.

    My personal favorites are: Weavile and Feraligatr

    Crystal: Meganium/Parasect/Hitmonchan/Cubone/Xatu/Arcanine + Smoochum

    Remember what I said about Yellow's team being made of leftovers? Crystal's is exactly the same, but in the bad way. I do like that they're themed around capturing, but I hate how a character from Johto uses a mostly Gen I team. Were there really no Gen II Pokemon that could serve this purpose?

    My personal favorites are: Megaree and Bonee. Please evolve Bonee.

    Ruby: Mightyena/Delcatty/(Mega) Swampert/Milotic/Castform/(Mega) Gardevoir

    I love the theme Ruby's team represents: Contest categories. It's a really nice concept, though I do wonder what he does with two Clever category Pokemon

    My personal favorites are: Mumu and Feefee

    Sapphire: Aggron/(Mega) Blaziken/Wailord/Tropius/Donphan/(Mega) Gallade + Relicanth

    I'm super glad Sapphire got a Gallade in ORAS. It's honestly kind of annoying how a third of her team is completely useless outside of certain situations due to the fact that they're fish that can't move around on land. Feebas got around that by riding on Ruby's head, but Wailord and Relicanth could never do that because they're too big and heavy, even for her above average strength.

    My personal favorites are: Rono, Chic, and Phado. I hope she gets an Aggronite in the future.

    Emerald: (Mega) Sceptile/Sudowoodo/Dusclops/Mantine/Mr. Mime/Snorlax

    Remember when I said I don't like it when two characters share the same Pokemon? Look, it's the character who does that the worst. Thankfully the latter half of his team is rarely ever seen, so it's not like it's that annoying. And Sudowoodo is distinct enough from Gold's that it's not too bad.

    My personal favorites are: Sceptile, Sudowoodo, and Dusclops. Please evolve Dusclops.

    Diamond: Munchlax/Torterra/Bastiodon/Lickilicky/Mamoswine/Regigigas

    Dia's team is designed around slow and defensive Pokemon, and his team shows that in spades. It essentially culminated in him getting Regigigas, the Pokemon that fits that description the most. I really like it, though I hope Munchlax stays a Munchlax.

    My personal favorites are: Lax, Tru, and Reg.

    Pearl: Chatot/Infernape/Luxray/Buizel/Diglett/Tauros

    I don't care for Pearl that much, but he does have some of my favorite Gen IV Pokemon, including the best Sinnoh starter and the best Electric-type overall. But I hate how he has two Gen I Pokemon. It's like with Crystal; are there not any other Gen VI Pokemon that fit his fast and hard-hitting theme?

    My personal favorites are: Chimler, Rayler, and Zeller.

    Platinum: Rapidash/Empoleon/Lopunny/Froslass/Pachirisu/Cherrim

    I really like her team, though I could take or leave Pachirisu and Cherrim.

    My personal favorites are: Empoleon, Lopunny, Froslass.

    Black: Musharna/Braviary/Emboar/Galvantula/Carracosta

    Here he is: Mr. Stoned 24/7. I got to say, I don't hate anything about his team. I do wonder if he'll keep Reshiram since he technically never caught it.

    My personal favorites are: Musha, Bo, and Tula.

    White: Serperior/Deerling/Stunfisk/Duosion/Alomomola/Vullaby

    Everyone's favorite teenage business owner. I don't care for half of her team that much, but what I do love is the creativity for her team's nicknames. They're filled with puns that make sense in the original Japanese.

    My personal favorites are: Amanda and Dorothy.

    Lack-Two: Dewott/Keldeo/Genesect/Gliscor/Kabutops.

    7.8/10 too m-wait, I already did that. I do like the blade theme he has going on, though, and he does have the best Unova starter (and best starter overall). Please evolve it.

    My personal favorites are: Dewott, Keldemaru, and Liomaru.

    Whi-Two: Foongus

    ...Um? Can we really call this a "team?" Honestly, I found it really strange that Kusaka never gave her more Pokemon, but after doing some thinking, it kind of makes sense. She's a former member of Team Plasma, so of course she wouldn't want more Pokemon (heck, she technically never caught Foongus either). Plus, Lack and Whi seem to be based on the concept of yin-yang (the idea that two opposing forces can be complementary, which fits since Lack is a cop and Whi is a former member of a criminal organization), so Whi-Two having only one Pokemon makes sense since she fills the missing gap in Lack's team.

    I can't really give a personal favorite since she only has one Pokemon, but Foongy is a good 'shroom.

    X: (Mega) Kangaskhan/Chesnaught/(Mega) Charizard (X)/(Mega) Manectric/(Mega) Gengar/(Mega) Pinsir

    X is lucky Megas exist otherwise I'd complain about him the same way I did Crystal and Pearl. I still, however, don't like that two/thirds of his team is Gen I. He does make up for it for having the best Mega: Mega Kangaskhan.

    My personal favorites are: Kanga and Li'l Kanga, Marisso, Salame, and Garma.

    Y: Fletchinder/Greninja/Sylveon/Rhyhorn/(Mega) Absol/Xerneas

    Y's team is pretty cool. I could do without Rhyhorn, though. I do hope Fletchinder is evolved the next time we see it.

    My personal favorites are: Croaky and Xerxer

    Sun: (Alolan) Meowth/Torracat/Wishiwashi/Mimikyu

    SM is still running, so I can't give a full verdict on his final team. However, from what we do have, I like what I see.

    My personal favorites (as of now) are: Cent, Dollar, and Franc.

    Moon: Charjabug/Rowlet/Mareanie/(Alolan) Grimer

    Same as Sun.

    My personal favorites (as of now) are: Rowlet and Mareanie.

    You are aware that when these two characters were created, the concept of Pokedex holders having special titles wasn't a thing yet, right? I doubt Kusaka planned that far ahead at that point, otherwise the titles probably would've been established before GSC.

    And why does Yellow need a healing team? Her powers are her own thing, not her Pokemon's.
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 The Legend of Mudkip

    I like all of them to be honest. It's far more different from Ash's team which is too focused on either marketing or speed-based battling. Most of there team's Pokemon are divided into three categories... there based on the trainer's personality, battling, or problem-solvers that interact with the environment and deal with different obstacles. I'll just start with the first gen and release my opinions on the others over time if I feel like it.

    1st generation!
    Blue's (Female) team really stands out in the manga's first chapter and is easily my favorite out of the four of Gen 1! She was the first real trainer to show how Pokemon had multiple uses other than battling in cleverly designed ways that you normally don't think of with certain Pokemon. I love how a lot of her Pokemon are like gadgets to her thief/spy character. You have ditto who can transform into objects and often used as a decoy or disguise. You have Blastoise not only used for surfing but can use hydro pump to propel like a rocket, more specifically like a jetpack from the James Bond films. You have Wigglytuff used to block entrances and fly like a balloon scanning the entire area. As for the rest of her Pokemon, there more of the muscle of the group which Blastoise and Wigglytuff could also fill in. Personally I don't mind that she has three fairy-types, if anything instead of wishing the writers took them off the team I wish the writer did more with them in unexpected ways like Blastoise used as a mode of transportation to fly. For example, Granbull is a dog, he can easily be used to track people's scents. Although I can understand Nidoqueen and Granbull being more of a battler but there is a lot that can be done with Clefable who has access to metronome and has space-related lore perfect for the FireRed and Leafgreen arcs related to Deoxys. My favorite member of her team would have to be Blastoise rocketing his way to the clouds!

    Yellow's team is my second favorite but it has problems. All of her Pokemon fit her needs, personality, and have there awesome moments except for Golem and Omastar, given by Brock and Misty. They kind of strangely stand out away from the western-themed team she has. Other than that, her team is actually a really good representation of the more casual teams and I like how she uses them to stand up to far-stronger opponents. She also does make clever uses out of them like flying like a superhero with Butterfree. My favorite moment was when Yellow stood up to Lance's Army of Dragons with her unevolved army of baby-sized Pokemon. Lance's surprised look on his face was just funny. My favorite member would have to be Butterfree, it had a lot of fun moments with Pikachu as a caterpie.

    Red's team is also a favorite at third and one of the few Pokemon teams that receives character development over arcs, specifically the Gold Silver and Crystal Arc. Although he doesn't really make a lot of clever uses of his Pokemon outside of battle, he makes a lot of clever uses of his Pokemon within battles in ways we never really thought he could. For example, how Venusaur landed him a victory against Charizard by making use of the thunderclouds above with vine whip acting as a lightning rod. Also I liked Eevee's appearances on Red team and really wished Eevee, as Espeon, appeared more in later arcs. In fact my favorite member of his team is easily Espeon which is a reference to Red owning an Espeon in the OG versions of Gold and Silver.

    Green's team, and this is my opinion, is the worst kind of by default and that's simply because it's a cool-looking competitive-viable tough-oriented team... that lacks a lot of character development, clever uses for problem-solving, and possibly has the fewest battles in the RGB arc. I'm not sure about that last one, gonna have to look it up. Green's team gets the least amount of uses compared to the other three but I do have to admit. When his team is given a chance to shine, usually in battles, his team really shines. Unfortunately the only three Pokemon that seems to get any real development is Charizard, Rhypherior, and Scizor. Most of his other Pokemon that we seen him ventured with are stuck at his gym while he goes exploring. Still I have to admit in later arcs, he gets more attention and makes more clever uses of his Pokemon. My favorite moment is his usage of Porygon 2 hacking Team Rocket's Computer in the FRLG arc.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018
  4. Pokemon.Manga

    Pokemon.Manga Active Member

    I don't like that Lack-two has a Kabutops. It is not in the New Unova dex like his Gliscor and feels out of place. I feel the same about Pearl's Tauros and Diglett. Red , Black's and X's are the best to me. I also think Sapphire should have used Volcanion in the ORAS chapters to match Ruby using Diancie and Emerald using Hoopa.
  5. lolipiece

    lolipiece Now that's using your noodle Staff Member Moderator

    You can still get one through reviving a Dome Fossil.

    How and why? It fits the blade theme he has going for him.
  6. BenLee really not taken

    BenLee really not taken Captain Obvious

    Say, do you think Sun’s Alolan Meowth will evolve? It is high leveled, but there was already a Alolan Persian shown, owned by Nanu.
    Where, as I have seen, Pokespe tends to not show multiple of same Pokémon
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