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How do you get shiny pokemon other than soft-resetting?

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Im at Mt.Pyre on emerald trying to get shiny vulpix and ive been at it for 2 hours and nothing. Does any 1 no how to get shinys?


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it is a random encounter. 1/8197 i believe
you can get them through a random encounter
you can soft reset
or you can hatch eggs to ensure that the pokemon you will be hatching is the only one you will be encountering

1/8192 pokemon will be shiny, but that doesn't mean that after encountering 8192 pokemon the next one will be shiny

you can encounter 1 or 25 000 and the odds are still the same

or get a shiny in a trade
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There's a shiny thread and FAQ here. Use this in future, although it seems the general information needed has already been given as well.
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