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How do You Keep the Sparks Flying? ( Not a Pikachu related Thread )


A r t i f i c e.
Scramble Challenege! YEAH!


i also copy teams from the manga lvl for lvl and what move i see in them i have a red, blue, green, yellow, gold, silver, cyrs, ruby, sapphire and diamond
The first time I play through, I use a noob team. It gives me a reason to restart afterwards.

After I restart, I play through and try and go through ALL of Sinnoh, catching everything and EV training and pwning the Battle Tower.

Then I search for Shinys.
I JUST found out about IV's and EV training. It's given me a whole new drive for the game.

As well as learning how to chain. That should be hours of fun.


<-- 2806 Soft Resets
first finish the game and getting to know the pokemon/map etc. Then i restart and play with a carefully picked out team for in-game with good natures. then im going to train a nice team for wi-fi with nice DV's


Flying Type Master
I work on the national dex
train my pokemon
and try to befriend them


Darkness Eternal
Emerald gave me a ton of things to do. For the first time I tried breeding for a good pkm with egg moves and stuff. I haven't EV trained yet.

I got Diamond and I'm loving that, so that's keeping me busy.

What I do
Usually I would beat the tournaments, try to get 'em all, train new teams of pkm and other side quests.

For me, pkm is an off and on thing. My games can sit in my draw for 6 months and then one day I would get the pkm bug and it would be game on. I guess after the elite four, there just isn't anything to do that's as fun as the main challenege -- hence ppl start over.


Sneasel Meister
What I do to keep the game exciting...
I hunt for events... which is fun and all, but living where zero events come out anywhere near certainly doesn't help at all.
Trying to complete my Pokedex... original, yes.
I've recently tried to copy some of the manga teams... like Red and such. It's pretty fun, actually.
And lastly... EV and Egg Move stuff. EVing is time-consuming, but it's neat in the end. To me. And Egg Moves... eh, just makes your Pokemon more exotic.


Active Member
i try to go through the game with a different theme each time for example sometimes i'll do a no-spending money game, where i get through without using any items that i have to buy. it's quite interesting. Once i got done with that, i go through the game collecting only one type i.e. grass and battle only with them except for pokemon i need to teach surf to. there are many ways to keep the game interesting you just have to try to make it difficult to battle the weak enemies in some way.


Not sure if this entirely belongs here, but I have a new aim in Diamond.

I noticed on my GTS globe a while ago I've traded with people in five different US states.

I'm now going to try and get a trade from EVERY US state. A simple aim but I think it could be trickier than it sounds...
I redo files with anime and manga characters, In my emerald I am doing ash from the hoenn saga I have Grovyl, Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal, Pikachu, and Glaile, Im at victory road now.


Darkness Eternal
I think its more easier and more fun to mirror teams from the manga vs the anime. I mean in the manga they let their pkm evolve.
I think its more of a challenge just to see if its possible. Plus it gives me something to do while I wait for platinum.


Avatar of the week!
I start a new file with a scramble or monotype challenge. Right now I started my Flying monotype and I'm a bit concerned about Roark's battle.


Foreva and alwaez...
i chain, ev train, breed, and get pokes to trade through wi-fi.
I do Anime Characters Pokemon Rosters.
I player through Emerald with May's Team, then restarted and did Ash's.
Then on Diamond, I did Dawn's team, and now I am doing Ash's Sinnoh Team.
I have Pikachu, Grotle, Chimchar, Gliscor, Staravia and Buizel.