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How do you make the games feel harder?

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Competitive battling, or The Battle tower/Maison/Subway/Fronteir. Those are enough of a challenge for me. I don't care to be pulling my hair out in frustration when I'm playing the main story. :/


Changing formes :3
Competitive battling, or The Battle tower/Maison/Subway/Fronteir. Those are enough of a challenge for me. I don't care to be pulling my hair out in frustration when I'm playing the main story. :/

Personally the Battle Maison was not very hard at all. At least they didn't have unpredictable pokemon like the Frontier has (Factory Brain Noland anyone)


Insane Artist
Currently doing a Nuzlocke Badge Quest. Basically, it's a Badge Quest (get 1 shiny before each Gym) with the general rules of a Nuzlocke, the only exception is that I won't release any fainted Pokémon, I'll just box them in a box labeled 'fainted'.

So far I've spend 6 hours soft resetting for a shiny starter..


Back from the Dead
Use only ONE type of Pokémon: Fire, Water, or Grass. Also, you can only use monotype Pokémon of that type, meaning if you chose Froakie, you could not evolve it into a Greninja. Also, you could limit yourself to three Pokémon on your team.


Veteran Trainer
I usually change the options to set instead of shift, then ill capture a team of six pokemon that I really like(even if theyre hard to use) really early and limit my grinding.


I turn off Exp. Share
Set my battle mode to, well, Set.
Though not much of a difficulty upper in my current playthru I've limited myself to only Kalos pokemon. It was tricky at first.


Well-Known Member

Not using items in battle.

Limit my number of pokemon with gym leaders and bosses.

Not using legendaries in-game.

Using "not typical" Pokemon(the ones considered "weaker")

Turn off Exp-Share when i receive it.


Novice Metagamer
Well... I haven't done much myself. I've tryed a Nuzlocke or two... I mainly just use what pokemon I want to, even if they're bad. I also refuse to use legendaries. Ever. And I also only use Pokéballs. I really like these ideas people have come up with, however. I think I may just do a monotype run, or an all Eeveelutions one. And I'm setting my game to Set right now. Never used it. If only the games had multiple save files... I would love to do some of these in my copy of Y, but I have WAY too much done in it to reset the thing.


<- Best PKMN Ever
Something that JWittz did with the Pokémon Y playthrough: Not letting any of your Pokémon surpass the highest level of the next Gym Leader's Pokémon.

This means you'll inevitably have to swap Pokémon at some point. But I like it; it adds variety to teams.

The Benmeister

Master of Magnet
In the past, I've limited Pokemon evolution to add challenge. My usual ruleset is evolving at double the usual evolution level, or if it gets a K.O. on a Gym Leader's final Pokemon.

Of course with that second rule, it has to be earned and fought for. Evolution needs to be an achievement.


Laverre Gym Leader
I don't use items on my pokemon.
I try not to spend my money just to have a lot of money left.
I only catch/use pokemon with pokeballs.


Comes out of Nowhere
I use just my starter through the whole game (and hm slaves). I know your pokemon will over level but hey you only get one chance to sweep.


Lookin' for Shinies
I like to put my battle mode one set so I have to switch my Pokémon and I don't know what they are sending out. I wish they kept the easy and hard mode but not make them something you unlock after the game.


Team Aero Leader
Other than trying to go the whole game with a team of Magikarp? Use all the hold items that hurt your Pokemon, like Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, and the like.


Well-Known Member
I don't use Exp. Share or lucky egg unless I'm leveling up a Pokemon that's way underleveled. Sometimes I don't use super-effective moves even if I have them. I won't heal sometimes.


Be a Man!
use bug type pokemon (mothim butterfree beedrill etc)

Butterfree? Never played Yellow? That thing was a boss!!! Able to induce Sleep, Poison and Paralisis? Plus access to Psychic? It's pretty good for a in-game team! You can even waste one of the powders to giver her Mega Drain, so she'll be able to recover some health, hehe.