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How do you plan to use your Mewtwo?

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Cool Boy

Be fearless
The timid nature is the best right?


Well-Known Member
Never having access to events, I decided to download the Mewtwo. The thing is, I never use legends, so now it's rotting away in my PC box. I only downloaded it just for the sake of owning an event Pokémon, really. :B


Well-Known Member
The special move is pretty useless, thunderbolt is way better. I guess it will just keep it in the PC,and so I will add it to my event box just to take up space.


Winning Smile
Staff member
Super Mod
I might bother resetting for an okay nature in the off-chance I will actually use it for battles but most likely it will be boxed.


Strong Winds
Staff member
Super Mod
^ This is my case too. I'll try for a good nature, but it likely won't get use since I already have a well-trained one.


Marsh Trainer
Meh, I won't even get it from the postie until I need it out the way. I'll try to get a decent Nature, but I've already got a fully trained Mewtwo and Electroball is nothing special.
But with Timid nature, Mewtwo outspeeds a lot of things in Ubers. Electroball would work pretty good on it.


Well-Known Member
Wish I knew you could reset for a good nature. I thought whatever you got, you were stuck with. Since I got an SpA reducing nature, guess mines going to rot away in the PC. If we ever get that V-create Raquaza, I guess I know for next time.


My Sweet Guardian
I'll probably just reset to get a good Nature. I have no idea whether or not I'll actually use it in battle, though.


Like a lot of other people, Soft Reset for a good nature.

However, I actually have a local tourney coming up for Ubers. Huh.


Well-Known Member
I just got Pokemon Black..

Mystery Gift Mewtwo ftw.

Went to the first town.. saved in front of the delivery man.. going to soft reset for Modest/Timid nature.

Then my team will be

Oshawott Lvl 5
Mewtwo Lvl 70



Think Magical!
He will have is own adventure in my pc box.


Well-Known Member
Maybe this thread should be re-named "Who is not going to box their Mewtwo?", because that's my plan, as well. SR for timid/modest and PC stash. (They really need to make an ubers Battle subway or something).
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