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How do you plan to use your Mewtwo?

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1 more day ^^
I justb remembered to get my mewtwo. I'm not going to use it since it's legenmdary and I never use legendaries except for reshiram and zekrom.


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Saving it in my PC. Same with Victini. Both are too overpowered for early in the game.


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Sitting in my pc, next to Arceus and the recent Victini events...


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Sit in my PC, probably. Though I RNGed it, as well as Victini.


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Probably going to shove it in my PC box because i got it with a serious nature. I know i could have SRd for a Modest or something, but at the time unfortunately i didn't care too much. I was just accepted into a competitive clan AFTER getting it:/ but oh wells


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I am going to make a big deal of getting and then permanently box it because deep down, I don't care at all.


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The event has finished early!! I know some places said it would finish on the 26th but on the official Pokemon.com website it said 6th March, however I just tried to download one this morning and it says no mystery gifts to be found :(
Gutted I only managed to download 14 lol wanted a lot more. All RNG'd although only found a flawless Timid seed for the last 3 I got.


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Gonna keep mine UT, and train it off for other events in the near future, probably Keldeo or Meloetta. I already have quite a few Mewtwos from resetting my Firered a bunch of times, don't need another Mewtwo that has a fairly pointless move.


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Already traded for Female Zorua(;

Dr. Leggs

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I'll get a decent nature on him and then probably train him up to Level 100 at some point.


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COuldn't get one becuse nintendo was mean and ended the event before I could go to an area compatible w/ their crappy Wifi signals :( (cuse my college campas internet :( )


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COuldn't get one becuse nintendo was mean and ended the event before I could go to an area compatible w/ their crappy Wifi signals :( (cuse my college campas internet :( )
I know what you mean, lost my chance as well, it shows that I should've done it the moment it came on. It could also be a mistake by Nintendo if we're lucky. If it is then it should be adressed with someone from nintendo or something.

Ahhh... Forget what I said earlier, just had the ball dropped on me from here. http://www.pokemon.com/us/ex/mewtwo/get-mewtwo

Maybe they'll be kind enough to redistribute at Gamestop or on the wifi again sometime soon.
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I plan on using him in the musicals, there's something about a Mewtwo in a top hat with a cane that appeals to me.


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I was going to RNG him, but I saved accidentally after I checked it's IVs...


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I already had one from SS, and i guess im ganna give my old one away and EV my new one.

Prison Mike

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I'm probably not gonna use him too much. You can't use him on random matchup, which is pretty much what I do on the game now. Plus, I don't wanna use a legendary. I used him against the pokemon league right after I got him. I didn't know he'd gain EXP like a traded pokemon.
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