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How do YOU play the games?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Swagmander, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Nikkoru_91

    Nikkoru_91 Vappy Trainer~

    I'm a collector. Always have been. Every Generation, my primary aim is to collect all the Pokemon in that region's 'dex before anything else. After that, I'll start in on my EVing and competition Pokemon training.

    When working through storymode, I usually maintain a party of three. Three's been my lucky number since Red version(Bulbasaur, Ninetales, Vaporeon), and worked pretty dang well in Black Version too.

    I also do Musicals once in awhile for kicks. They aren't as fun as contests were, but still worth a go every now and then!

    So... basically, I want to have my cake and eat it too. ^_^ I try to get everything I can out of the games.
  2. BlazingCold

    BlazingCold Well-Known Member

    Since I'm lazy to type, ^this
  3. Yeul

    Yeul Green Eyed Girl

    I don't really think before I play the game, I just boot it up, choose which starter I like the look of and go from there.
    Never failed me up until B/W, when I was forced to make a team that didn't consist of the starter and 5 other HM slaves.
  4. Nakashima

    Nakashima Well-Known Member

    Hmm theres 2 things i do really..
    - Just play through the game in a way I've decided beforehand (normal run, nuzlocke run, monotype run, etc)
    - Hunt for shinies after I've beaten the game at least once.
  5. Arceus94

    Arceus94 Well-Known Member

    I mainly new game after beating the E4, and I sometimes go for monoteams~
  6. _Snivy

    _Snivy Lover

    Old fashion way, stick to my favorite top 6 Pokemons and try to catch every single Pokemon I can!
  7. Poke doll

    Poke doll ...

    I think to myself in the beginning what kind of team I want. After I catch one of the six that i truly want on my team I discard my starter simply because I am not a fan of the concept. Then I just catch the ones I want for my team or ones I need in order to preform certain HM's. I like having at least one Pokemon that can learn fly and one that can learn surf.
  8. Randomness

    Randomness He is already here.

    I catch every Pokemon I see that I don't have already, and get the most powerful Pokemon on my team asap, even if it's a Caterpie--to me, it's the level that counts. I use only my starter, while the team is just stall/bait, for the exception of a few good Pokemon--legends for example. I also have a policy of 5 of each kind of Pokeball, and 7 of each healing item, finishing with 3 of each Status Cure at all times. In postgame, I just hang around the Battle Frontier and whatnot-- also, I go back and do a ''region exploration''--get all the items I couldn't before, now that I have all HM's, and battle whatever Trainers I haven't while I'm at it. I also maintain a tradition of never fleeing and never training against wild Pokemon, and avoid Wild Grass at all costs. I sometimes use HM slaves, but they're usually on my normal team too. I like to sort my Boxes by Type, and inside Type, by level, column upon column. Finally, I refuse to use anyone else's Pokemon during the main storyline(a.k.a. trade).
  9. Blitz Lucario

    Blitz Lucario Well-Known Member

    I like to play the game nice and slow. No real need to rush through it. I only catch the Pokemon that I want/need for this game. Don't need any useless one that will only sit in the PC forever.
  10. I personally use the three hoenn starters in most of my in game teams. I also usually have a bagon to, and two other pokemon I want on my team. I didn't use piplup at all in platinum. By the E4 I had a lv. 72 swampert, 65 Blaziken, 62 Sceptile, 71 Salamence, 57 Raichu, and 60 Togekiss. They all got boosted exp. so thats why they have such high levels. Sadly I could not do this in Black.
  11. WeatherEffectRain

    WeatherEffectRain Arm Wrestle?


    Cool. Playing the games is really fun, and being me started late but making a small monopoly (Although it's only around where I live; I'll need to expand for WiFi and on the Internet, and then to the IRL Events and Tournyies and etc.) to use has sure been worth it. I started out with SS - SoulSilver, mind you - and only have Emerald, Platinum(Lost for now :/), White, Soul Silver and PBR, while having access to Pokemon from HG and Black(Via my Brother). My first ever run-through, I thought of it as what I start with. I nearly filled up the whole Dex at 150 hours, 100 of those for playthrough(My longest playthrough, bar Emerald, of which I still need to beat >.<). Stuff happened, and voila, I'm here, with around only 1000 hours in all games, bar PBR.

    Now, here's how I do things in each of my games:

    Soul Silver: Current Playthrough number: 3
    Playthrough one:
    -Just collected
    -Found most of my favorites
    -Obtained Shiny Gyarados(Traded unknowingly, L.o.R.), Lugia, Ho-Oh, Zapdos(Traded away), Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo, Celebi(Hacked by someone else, released), Jirachi(Hacked by someone else, released), Groudon(R.I.P., lost)absolute favorite(Nidoking).
    -was introduced to Serebii.net
    Playthrough two:
    - just to obtain a few specific
    - Cheated with a Lucario from Platinum, currently Lv74.
    - Only obtained Mewtwo, Shiny Gyarados(L.o.R.) and Lugia.(Second ones, bar Gyarados for keeping)
    Playthrough three:
    - To play like the first
    - To get more Pokemon, like I used to have

    Platinum: Current Playthrough number: N/A
    Playthrough one:
    -Collected and fought for bragging rights, few as they were at the time.
    -Found a few new favorites
    -Obtained Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Heatran, first Lv100(Nidoking)
    -Was introduced to Serebiiforums.com

    Emerald: Current Playthrough number: 2
    Playthrough one:
    -Collected for specified Pokemon, and in hopes for Legends/Starters/Hoenn-Only etc
    -Didn't finish
    Playthrough two:
    -Full-fledged battling, albeit too fast playthrough.
    -Obtained(So far): Shiny Whismur
    -Not finished, fighting E4+Champ

    White: Current Playthrough number: 1
    Playthrough one:
    -Collected for specific Pokemon, etc
    -Loaded majority of Pokemon into
    -Introduced to Competitive Pokemon(Well, being good at it :p)
    -Obtained Zekrom, Kyurem, Thundurus(Traded away for friend to get Landorus, got deleted ;.; ), Landorus, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Victini, First and Second EV-Trained Pokemon(Bouffalant, Garchomp)
    -Making teams for Competitive
    -Found out WiFi works on my sister's DSi when I put it in(I knew that >.>')

    So yeah. I organize by Junk, MM, Breed, EV train, Favs, Legends, Etc like that. And I've memorized the majority of what I've done. Now gimme a cookie.
  12. the ash man83

    the ash man83 Avid TCG Fan

    i usually catch pokemon that i don't have whenever i can, try and collect em all, then start doing a bit of breeding, get too aught up in it, and then start to run out of space drastically in my PC.
  13. Nikkoru_91

    Nikkoru_91 Vappy Trainer~

    *gives cookie*

    Bravo. Far more thoroughly and competently done than I will ever manage.
  14. WeatherEffectRain

    WeatherEffectRain Arm Wrestle?

    Yay cookie!

    Thankyou, I put alot of thought into simple things :p not boastful btw
  15. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    I just catch whatever I want/need. I don't plan ahead because I know it's likely to change during the course of the story. I usually have a team structure, though this was scrapped when I got Black.
    My team's before Black ususally consisted of
    -a flying type that knows defog and fly
    - a water type that used both surf and waterfall
    - A pokemon that can use cut and flash
    - a fire type
    - A dark type (I have a thing with Dark types. Not many pokemon are dark types so catching one just makes me ultra happy. Plus, they can learn some pretty awesome moves!)
    - A wildcard
  16. -Raiga-

    -Raiga- Well-Known Member

    Usually the first playthrough of a new game is pretty much whatever the heck I feel like catching, without regard to movesets or if my main pokemon have hm's or whatever. The first ones all about fun basically.

    Usually I restart the game, do the same for the most part, but start collecting a lot more pokemon and things.

    Either that or its a scramble challenge or something along those lines.
  17. KantoMasta

    KantoMasta call me KM!

    On FR/LG/R/S/E, i play nuzlokes or other challenges. While on my DS games i just play normally.
  18. Karpi

    Karpi Forever a pirate

    I usually catch things that I deem cute. For example, I picked Tepig as my starter because he was the cutest, I ran around in the grass for like ten minutes searching for Munna because he was cute, and I caught a Maractus because he was a happy dancing cactus! Eeh!

    And then I also had Tympole because I desperately wanted a water type and it was the first thing I saw. I did like the smiling happy middle form though!
  19. CovertNinja

    CovertNinja Pokemon Master

    Play one serious playthrough,
    and then a nuzlocke with a different starter.
  20. Heist XL

    Heist XL Playing since 1998

    I usually catch a party of 5 pokemon in total, and use those to win all badges and the elite 4. After that I put them in my box and stick to 1 perfect pokemon.

    And then I'll collect them all, my goal now is getting every single evolution on the perfect order, as it is in my Pokedex. I've got the first 151 complete ^^ and Johto is almost complete as well

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