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How do you quickly train low-level Pokemon?


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Okay, you've completed the game, but there are still low-level Pokemon in your PC that you've been meaning to evolve. So what's the quickest, most expedient way you use to level up these weak creatures?

For me, I take them to the Ace Trainers just north of the Resort Area. The guy has a lvl. 55 Dusclops and a lvl. 56 Salamence, while the girl has a lvl. 55 Mighthyena and a lvl. 55 Kirlia. I keep a Metagross and Magnezone on my team that both know Explosion. You see where I'm going with this. After the fight, it's easy to heal your exploders without wasting Revives because the Pokemon Center is conveniently located. I also went out of my way to get a Lucky Egg from a wild Chansey, because those goodies give you 50% more experience, just like a traded Pokemon.


Long lost trainer
I always overlook my pokemon,but the low level ones I train them but i use berries to reduce their evs if they got some in the wrong direction for me.

Im very lazy to train my pokemon,i use rare candies on them.


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Use exp. share do that on victorie road or something.


Black Triangle
equip exp share,put in front,go to pokemon league and switch out pokemon everytime battle start.easy.


Not amused
Put Exp.share, beat E4.

Seriously. E4 is the best place to get exp, time-wise.


Slap an exp.share on them. Put em' through the E4. The pokemon in question(if it started @ lvls 1-5) should gain roughly 30 levels in the E4. After that, you can train them on Sinnoh's trainers(or whatever region you're in.)


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Exp. share is useful, but the Pokemon you're trying to level up still only gets half the experience. Since my last post, I found a better way. The large room in Mt. Stark has lvl. 58 Weezings that know Explosion in Diamond and Pearl. I captured five of them and took them to the Battleground in Platinum, along with the lvl. 20 Anorith I intended to train. If I fight a gym leader like Candice or Valkner, I can put Anorith in the lead, switch out for a Weezing on the first turn and explode on the second. Then repeat for all five of the opponent's Pokemon. A traded Anorith holding a Lucky Egg gets about 5000 exp. per kill this way. :)


Not amused
Exp. share is useful, but the Pokemon you're trying to level up still only gets half the experience.
I know that.
But even with that, on the E4 the poke gets 1000-2000(1500-3000 if traded) exp per poke. Assuming you have some pokes which can sweep the E4(like Garchomp), you kill them one after another and you don't even need to use items, no need to keep recovering your whole party.

It's a lot of experience, time-wise. With your new method you do need to recover(although it takes just a few seconds), and only works for 2-4 battles per day.
The exp time-wise should be about the same with those two, the E4 is just easier and you can do it as many times as you want.


Exp. share is useful, but the Pokemon you're trying to level up still only gets half the experience.

Who said that you had to use an Exp. Share? Equipping a Lucky Egg gives you double the exp points. As for places...

The E4 is pretty much the best place, although some of the higher level trainers in the Fight, Survival, and Resort areas are pretty good places to train as well. Wild Pokemon in those areas work if you only need to go up a couple of levels, although the E4 and the trainers are still the best.


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mine's simple, i give my low-leveled pokemon exp.share then i battle the e4 until they fully evolve.


What's this for? ^
I trade over my pokemon to Platinum and then EXP shair and sweep with whatever pokemon is avaible


Sadly, I don't have the Exp. Share, as I gave it to my Togepi. It then used Fling for Metronome, so I nicknamed it "Retard" as punishment.


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The Elite 4 is NOT the best place to train pokes, here is what I do to train low and high level pokes.
I go to the survival area, where there are two trainers one underground and a female ace trainer talk to the female ace once you vs seek here, equip the lucky egg in the pokemon in question. She has 3 pokes rapidash, chansey, ambipom, she always leads with ambipom, the strategy is to KILL her chansey with your low level poke, it has Double edge for crying out loud, it won't do anything to a lv 20 poke. Let's say you want to train a machop, then find a way to kill the blissey using that machop, doesn't matter if it's level 60 and your machop is level 25 blissey won't be able to kill it, and you'll kill it in some time, you easily get 8000- 9000 exp point evertime you kill the chansey, even with high level pokes, repeat until you get tired, it's faster than the E4 cuz in the E4 you have to switch everytime and personally I'm tired of beating the same 4 guys over and over and over again, they aren't that "Elite" if you beat them that easily. Kill the Chansey...it's worthy.


Sweet and Delicious
Sadly, I don't have the Exp. Share, as I gave it to my Togepi. It then used Fling for Metronome, so I nicknamed it "Retard" as punishment.

XD Aww. I've got an extra Exp. Share. PM me if you want it.

<.< As to training low-level pokes, I trade them over to my other game (Plat->Diamond/vice versa) to get the 1.5 exp bonus, then do the Exp. Share, Elite 4, rinse, wash, repeat thing.


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You can always train in the pokemon league with an exp share till the said pokemon can fight for itself and then you can do elite 4 runs. My brother did that and he got his shiny Charizard from level 1 to 78 or something like that in just one day. Another option (only if you have the lucky egg) is switch out your pokemon in the elite 4 so your pokemon level up much faster. Thats how i got my flygon from level 60 to 100 in a couple of hours.


Dragon Tamer
I will give Exp. Share to the low-leveled Pokemon to hold, battle the Elite 4 or use the VS Seeker to rebattle some trainers.


I lost the game?!?!
Exp.Share+E4 battles=win.


Sadly, I don't have the Exp. Share, as I gave it to my Togepi. It then used Fling for Metronome, so I nicknamed it "Retard" as punishment.

Poor you, I've got three... I would give you one if I had Wi-fi... >.<


From Zero To Hero
Using a combo of Lucky Egg/EXP Share and the Battleground/E4.


Master Collector
When I have a bunch of pokemon I need to level up to evolve them or whatever, I take out as many as I can to make as close to a full party as I can minus one; ie. if I need to level up, say, 8 pokemon, I take out 5 at once, then 3. I put them in order from furthest from evolving to closest to evolving. Then I fill the empty slot in my party with whichever of my main party members is the weakest at the time. I put that pokemon in the last slot, then go face the Elite Four, switching out the weak little pokemon with the main party member, then switching back every time the main party member faints one of the E4's pokemon. I keep this up until my main party member faints; if the pokemon I'm trying to evolve evolves, I put it at the bottom of the party list and don't use it until I have no other choice, then purposely let it faint so I can put it in my box and switch it out for a pokemon that needs leveling up.

While doing this process, I also give the weakest pokemon in the party the Lucky Egg. I also trade them over from one game cartridge to the other. This way, they get double experience and level up faster.