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How do you sort your cards?

the ash man83

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How do you sort your cards? Do you sort them through sets or Pokédex order?

I personally sort mine in National Pokédex order, including slots for different forms. i also have slots for EX's, Lv X's, FA's, SP's, etc. i then have another binder for all my trainer cards, I use my tins to keep energies in and a shoebox for my doubles.

What about you?


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Heres my order
Pokemon - Ordered by type
Energies - Ordered by type


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I have a portfolio for Platinum Arceus, Majestic Dawn, Mysterious Treasures, Legends Awakened, Call of Legends, and HGSS Undaunted (entire sets). Any other cards outside these sets that are in Diamond & Pearl or Platinum I keep in the extra sheets in the backs of these portfolios (and then other HGSS in the Undaunted one).
Then I have a portfolio for just any Black and White cards from Black and White through Next Destinies.

I ordered some cheap Dark Rush Korean booster boxes off eBay, so those cards will go in a portfolio, then in the extra room, I put my Dark Explorers and Dragons Exalted cards.
Then I have another portfolio of just random cards from whenever.

I thought about starting one for all 649 Pokemon, and then I saw others are doing it on here, so now I'm motivated to start one too. c:


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I have a binder.

First - EXs, then Lv. X's, then ex's, then Shinies, etc....
Second - National Pokedex Order. Best Artwork I have gets the slot.
Third - Trainers
Fourth - Energies


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First by gmae. (I play Magic, Yugioh, Magic and I'm learning how to play Cardfight: Vanguard and Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters) then by prefernce of the game (Magic, yugioh, pokemon, thden when I start collecting Vanguard then last Kaijudo, then rarity and color/type.


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First by gmae. (I play Magic, Yugioh, Magic and I'm learning how to play Cardfight: Vanguard and Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters) then by prefernce of the game (Magic, yugioh, pokemon, thden when I start collecting Vanguard then last Kaijudo, then rarity and color/type.

I put my Yugioh cards in as well, btu just my favorites...such as everything in my E Hero deck and my Stardust deck (and that one took me forever to build, and it's STILL not perfect.), but they all go behind my pokemon stuff.
I have three binders: the first one is from base set all the way to the end of E set (before EX RS), the binder is from EX RS to the end of the HGSS sets, and then the third one is for BW cards only. They're all ordered in National Dex order, with spaces for different formes for Pokemon that have different formes. In the BW binder I keep my rare cards, so it's ordered like this:

BW Pokemon
Page of Dialga cards (I've collected almost all the different dialga cards)
Page of Arceus's types
Full Art cards/BW Ex
Pokemon Prime/LEGEND cards
Level X Pokemon
Old EX Pokemon
My favorite cards from older sets
Extras (Organized by trainer cards through types then finally energy cards)
The very back has some MLP and Yugioh cards in it.


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It takes days so I like to sort by type of pokemon, trainer supporter and stadium, then energy. So unless it's a kanto related pokemon and something currently popular and useable in the format it's sorted into an apple box.


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i sort my cards out by series then by their evolution, then type then alaphabetical.


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I go by Pokedex order. I have all the Generation 1 Pokemon cards in one binder, the Generation 2 Pokemon cards in another, and so on and so forth. I keep all the trainer cards and energy cards in a cardboard box with no real order. I should probably get rid of them soon, but I can't make myself toss them out; they cost me money after all.


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I put each set in it's own portfolio (Pokemon of course!) in numerical order, I also include the reverse holo's in there too, so a set will fill up the portfolio. Any extras I keep in a Chucks shoe box. I only buy the pre made decks to play for fun, so I'm not making any decks with the extras. I love opening my portfolios and looking through all the cards I have, such fun!


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First I have them in binders in relation to age: Oldest (solid yellow border) are in several smaller (2x4) binders, then EX series are plastic pages in a 1.5inch binder, Diamond and Pearl series' are in their own 2inch binder, HGSS have a 1inch binder, and Black and White are also in a 1inch binder.

Then within each binder they're organized by energy type and within each energy type they're by evolution line. I also don't put the same cards all in one slot, because I like to see how many of each card I have, so some pages are all the same card.

The trainer cards are in the process of having their own binder, and the energies are organized by type in a tin.
I'd sort by series, and in each series I'd put the types together and in number order. If not number order, then put the shinies at the front of each type.


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They're all in piles on my desk, since I don't have too many for that. Each pile is an element, and they're in alphabetical order from there. Trainers and energy have their own piles.