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How do you started hardcore training?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Raffaelo, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. Raffaelo

    Raffaelo Member

    hello, i just want to know (to steal the ideas) how do you started EV training for perfect pokés. Im right now on that, i first started getting the necesary stuff. Right now i'm chaining dittos with the Pokéradar to get every nature to breed, i algo got a Lucky egg from a wild chansey. I´m working on my catcher (a Weavile with False Swipe). But how do you started?.
  2. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    I'm currently "hardcore training" a Heracross, so here's how I do it.

    First I breed a Ditto with a Jolly nature with a male Heracross, and then hope a random perfect Speed/Attack IV will pop up. When I get the proper IVs, in this case x/31/x/x/x/31 on a Male Jolly Guts Heracross, then I beat the E4 over and over again until I make enough for 10 Proteins and 10 Carbos. After that, I infect it with PokeRus. Then I equip the appropriate Power item, and beat whatever number of Gyarados/Golbat I need until its done. And viola! My hardcore training is done.
  3. Dave.

    Dave. Well-Known Member

    That's the long way...
    Battle Tower's much cheaper if you want the Vitamins. Tycoon once and you've got 20. And the Tycoon's easy to defeat.

    Plus with Pokerus and Battle Items giving you 10 per battle minimum, Vitamins are a waste of time unless it's a wall/tank. I find walls/tanks the most annoying ones to EV train personally.

    Training is nothing though... The hard part is getting good IVs.
  4. Klozo

    Klozo The Voyager

    My method is: breed the desired species with a desired-natured Ditto (like you, got 'em via chaining) till I get six Pokemon with that nature (optionally, if I need an egg move, I breed with the Ditto till I get a female, then breed six good-natured specimen with the male). Then I Rare Candy them up and calculate the IVs - the best one stays for training. The next part is getting PokeRus on it, equipping it with the appropriate EV item and getting the EVs needed, then give it another of the items, repeating the process as many times as necessary. And then comes the levelling part - Lucky Egg + League, so nothing too difficult unless you're making a wall.
  5. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 Just bought a Switch :D

    i would say if you catch it around level 30+, start ev training immediatly. or, if its at lv 1 from and egg, get rare candies, bring it up to about 30+ then start ev's. you dont want ev's from trainers by mistake, its happened to me. like in pokemon platinum, when you face riley in the battleground, his salamence is maybe one, you may not know, but still, you want to be safe.
  6. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    the first thing is do is to start with the usual preperations which are vitamins, i gather alot of cash first to get vitamins for the desired stats, once that is completed i egg hatch for the right nature and when that is done i give the vitamins followed by defeating random encounters for the right EV's. it's not that special or different from most people but it works very good.
  7. RayquazaLv.X

    RayquazaLv.X Big whoop.

    Well,first I get all the money I might need,then I buy the vitamins.Then,if I have the Pokemon ready,I equip it with the Exp.Share.Then,I might get somebody to infect it with Pokerus.Then,I use the vitamins,let my Pokemon gain a few levels and then battle like mad.
  8. neo darkrai

    neo darkrai Amateur YouTuber

    How I Start...

    First I catch the base form of the Pokemon I want to train with the nature I want. If the IVs aren't good then I breed for the IVs until I get one that's acceptable by checking with an IV battle. When I get the IVs set up, I spread Pokerus and then add Macho Brace to the one I want to train. Then I go fight wild Pokemon that yield the EVs I want until I hit the 510 total. To make sure I EV train right, I train one stat at a time by counting with the Counter App. When I finish, I go to Sunyshore City and see if my Pokemon can get the Effort Ribbon. After everything is right, I level up for moves and teach TMs and Move Tutor moves. That is my sort of good step-by-step process to how I EV train.
  9. clone1

    clone1 Aesthetics brahz

    I usually listen to my I-pod while trying to get the right nature and good IV's. Next, I infect my pokemon with pokerus then just EV train away. It takes longer to breed for the nature/IV's then the actual EV training in my opinion.
  10. leon25270

    leon25270 <- Zap Cannon Espeon

    Yes, I agree that IV-Breeding is the tough part. It gets tougher if you're breeding IVs for a specific Hidden Power.

    One thing I did was to get a set of three flawless IVs onto two Pokemon (preferably male and from either the Ground or Water 1 egg group). One Pokemon with Attack, Sp Attack, and Speed. The other one with HP, Defense, and Sp Defense. Then, when I need babies with perfect IVs, I just take my prime Pokemon and make them pass down their IVs to their babies.

    Yup, I start my hardcore training by playing with genetics. As long as one of the baby's attacks is not Hidden Power, then I'm still sane.

    Then, it's the usual EV-Training. The Power items that you get as Battle Tower/Frontier prizes help a lot, especially when Pokerus is not available. EXP Share is also good if your Pokemon is weak and you have other Pokemon that could take down hundreds of Pokemon in one shot per attack.

    After feeding my Pokemon some of the needed EV-giving vitamins, I usually start with the EXP share to make it level up while gaining more EVs. Then, if my Pokemon could handle it on its own, I'll switch to the appropriate Power item. Like what other people have said, using the PokeRadar helps.
  11. Vaporeon4evr

    Vaporeon4evr Cyndakill

    My method: Action Replay. Gasp.

    Used to do it the long way, then I realized I was being stupid. Now, I just make codes and use my AR. Only legal hacks, though ;) Except for that Starmie that I gave Nasty Plot to...
  12. GengarNightmare

    GengarNightmare Well-Known Member

    Here's what I do (I'll type this in step form so it's cleaner):

    • I try to catch either a female with the nature I want, or any gender with good IVs, whichever comes first. The goal is to have a female with the right nature and decent IVs (meaning around 20, just to start with) so that I can have it hold the everstone to make it pass the nature 50% of the time.
    • Once I have said female, I start looking for a way to breed the IVs in. Either I pass perfect IVs from other pokemon between egg groups, or I go out in the wild armed with quick balls and mindlessly catch a box full of the same pokemon until I get one with a 31 in whatever stat the pokemon needs. This is all much easier to do if you are familiar with characteristics. For each stat, there are 5 characteristics, but only ONE that has the possibility of being perfect. Those are "Often dozes off" (HP), "Likes to thrash about"(Attack), "Capable of taking hits" (DEF), "Mischievous" (SP.ATK), "Somewhat vain" (SP.DEF), and "Alert to sounds" (SPD). IMO, pokemon with these characteristics are the only ones worth using an IV calculator on. The man inside battle tower that "rates" your pokemon's IVs is also very helpful, especially if its level is too low to use the calculator on it.
    • I begin breeding 10,000,000+ eggs until I get one with the right IVs and nature. I'm usually satisfied with one stat being perfect, two is wonderful, and the rest need to be at least 15+, preferably 25+. This is even further complicated if I'm trying to keep an egg move rolling (moves get deleted in the daycare), or I need a certain gender so that my team isn't all male/female, therefore not being completely vulnerable to attract or other gender based attacks.

    These first three steps comprise 90% of the time it takes to "make" a pokemon. They are also the steps which may cause me to stop playing pokemon for weeks out of frustration.

    • I begin EV training. I fight in the Battle Tower a lot, so I usually have plenty of battle points to spend on vitamins. I get 10 of each that I need and feed them to my pokemon.
    • I spread pokerus to the pokemon, attach the power item to it, and start battling Gastly's, Golbats, or whatever stat I'm working on.
    • When I think I'm done, I'll go to Sunnyshore to get an effort ribbon.
    • Finally, I train the pokemon to LV50 so it can fight in the Battle Frontier.

    An easier way to keep up with EVs is to note how much PP you've used. Of course, this only works if you are 1HKOing pokemon, and you know how much PP you had to start with. It's just a suggestion, tho. I personally have trouble using the counter app b/c I'll forget to add a count after the battle. :p Maybe it's just me.
  13. Dave.

    Dave. Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem. I usually go with PP, however it becomes annoying when you are on the haunted house and suddenly face a Haunter.
  14. mxe567


    I basically breed the pokemon i want (with the desired nature) like crazy and check for iv's through iv battles

    When I finally get the perfect iv's I infect the poke with Pokerus

    This is where i save just so i dont mess up or fall asleepxD

    I then feed it vitamins...they are sooooo helpful in saving time so Irecomend using them

    I then give my poke the the appropriate power item to hold...then comes the fun part: battlingxD

    I like to keep my poke in the first slot and then switch in a high level poke to kill whatever im versing and keep track of the ev's with the App(i forget what it's called) until i have the ev's i need and continue to do this until i have it fully ev'd

    I then fly to sunnyshore to get the effort ribbon to make sure i did everything correctly and give myself a pat on the back for not quitting during the breeding^_^

    take a look at my sig to see some of my current breeds to prove it^_^
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2009
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