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How do you think the BW2 arc will wrap things up?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by shoz999, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    So I personally think the BW2 story arc's development history will be interesting for the simple fact that we, the readers, have much more material here to theorize with BW2 than any other arcs because this is a story arc that actually faithfully follows the Team Plasma storyline of the games to an extant, seems to be focused only on the new locations of the BW2 games and also includes bits and pieces of material from future generations. Basically there's a lot of material for BW2 to work with despite it's slow development. Just recently, the manga mentioned that Professor Burnet, who made her debut in the Gen 5 games, has a thing for wrestlers which is an obvious reference to Prof. Kukui from Gen 7. It's stuff like this that got me more thinking about how the BW2 arc will end then say how SM will end which is honestly almost completely going in blind. So with that being said, what do you theorize of how the BW2 arcs will end.

    Here are my personal theories on how things will end.

    Looker's Croagunk might die.
    So I'm sure that some of you are aware of a theory behind Looker's missing Croagunk in Gen 5 and up. The theory is that Croagunk was killed in action during a mission. So if you read the BW2 arc, you know that not only do the International Police play a bigger role here in the BW2 arc but also Blake (or Lack-two) is in some serious trouble with the Interpol and Team Plasma is at this point, basically launching a full-scale war. With Croagunk missing in the Sun and Moon arc, this makes me wonder if the manga may prove that this theory has some truth to it, in that Croagunk will probably save Looker's life during the heat of the action, taking a "bullet" for his partner.

    Looker's new boss Anabel will make a cameo appearance or be mentioned. Maybe we will see Nanu too.
    So in the manga, Blake is Looker's boss and unfortunately Blake is in some serious trouble. Actually Looker finds out he's literally kicked out of the Interpol and it makes me wonder if the Interpol may demote Looker if they suspect him as an accomplice to Blake's recent actions. Or in the very least, give Looker a new boss, Anabel. Now why do I even mention Anabel, as in the older Anabel from Gen 7 not Gen 3? Well because Pokemon Adventures has a habit of leaving out hints of what's to come in future chapters near the end of the story. A great example is the Gen 3 arcs. For Ruby and Sapphire, we see Giovanni holding two colorful stones and Scott, the head of the Battle Frontier, making an appearance. In the Emerald Arc, we hear Archie mention an organization called Team Galactic. I don't think it's too surprising that there's a good chance, a chance that Kusaka will likely take, to include a reference hinting of the later story arcs in the future near the end of a chapter, specifically Sun and Moon. From this, I believe Looker will be given a new assignment in the Alola region near the end of BW2. Also we may see Nanu too through a reference or cameo appearance as he took part in the mission that served as Anabel's backstory.

    Colress heads to Alola. He or Blake may befriend Kyurem.
    With Unova and Alola progressing in Pokemon Adventures, it seems like there are going to be some very important ties between the generations, one such is Colress who is hinted to appear in Alola. Colress's goal in Adventures is very much the same in the games. He wants to find out how to unlock a Pokemon's strength through as many tests as he can possible. If befriending Pokemon is the way. He will do it. If he later finds out treating them like tools are the way. He will quickly give up befriending and focus on treating them like tools. That's what Colress's character is and because of his hinted appearance in Alola, I think it's safe to say that Colress, shown through his annoyance and silent disbelief in Ghetsis, will stop working for Team Plasma near the end when Ghetsis most needs him. What's interesting however is that Colress and Kyurem share a lot of things in common. Most notably that they are both symbolize the idea of emptiness that desires to be complete. For Colress, it's an ever lasting hunger for knowledge and for Kyurem, it's truth and ideals and yet can never truly be complete, becoming only Black and White Kyurem and not the complete dragon of legend. Another person theorized that Blake may befriend Kyurem. They too have both similar personalities and in fact, it would make a lot of sense for Blake to temporarily get Kyurem who represents emptiness, Whitley to temporarily get Zekrom who represents ideals and Hugh to temporarily get Reshiram who represents truth. However there's one problem with this in the fact that Kyurem doesn't exactly fit in Blake's themed Pokemon team which evolves around blades, like Dewott's sharp bladed shell or Gliscor's sharp claws. Kyurem doesn't really resemble anything blade-like.

    Whitley (or Whi-Two) and Hugh will get Tepig and Snivy
    I made a thread dedicated to this theory alone and surprisingly a lot disagreed with me mainly because that there is already an original set of Unova starters given to Black, White and by extension Bianca. However there is also Blake's Dewott, White's Tepig and Cheren's Snivy that I believe will form a second set of Unova starters and not only would these starters be given a new trainer but it would fit the pattern of the male protagonist getting a starter Pokemon weaker to the rival's and the rival's starter Pokemon weaker than the female protagonist's starter Pokemon. Also unlike Black and White, I feel in order to make the second set of starters stand more apart, we may not see Snivy or Tepig evolve while Dewott evolves into Samurott as opposed to how Bianca's Oshawott hasn't evolved but Black's Emboar and White's Serperior have.

    Black and White 2 Chapter will explore, in quick haste, the new locations of the Black and White 2 games.
    So if you read up to the latest BW2 chapter, you may have noticed a pattern of where Blake and Whitley's journeys have taken them. Mostly entirely new locations featured in BW2. From Aspertia City to many people's surprise, the Abyssal Ruins which is often treated as an obscure location of the BW2 games. Coincidentally, the last place Blake and Whitley were seen, the Abyssal Ruins, is literally right next to not only most of the new locations featured in BW2 but also where the climax of the battle against Team Plasma takes place, Opelucid City and the Giant Chasm which is home to Kyurem. This one is a bit of a stretch but we may see glimpses of the Pokemon World Tournament (EDIT: PWT's already seen) and the Strange House through Hugh's side of the story, where the former Team Plasma members loyal to N may nurse him and lead him to Driftveil City and to Mistralton City where Skyla would use her piloting skills to fly off Hugh all the way to the other side of Unova, saving a lot of time schedule-wise. Of course this is also a stretch because of that very same strict release schedule.

    Certain BW2 locations like the Strange House will have cameos
    EDIT: The PWT already made an appearance.
    Even though an airplane flight will cut a lot of traveling time for BW2's tight schedule, traveling from Castelia City to Driftveil Town or exploring the Strange House may take some time. Grant it, Kusaka did explored the Old Chateau in very quick haste twice, it's still quite a stretch for the manga to dedicate a good chunk of it's limited time to show off these new locations on the far west side of Unova which is why I believe it will be rendered into short cameo appearances. Personally I would love to see the Strange House as it's not only one of my favorite locations but could also serve as a good story point to the whereabouts of villain Sird or at least some extra info on her. Why? Because for those who don't know it's believed the reason the Strange House is haunted in the first place is because of Darkrai unintentionally filling the place with nightmares. For those who don't know, Darkrai is one of the legendary Pokemon Sird caught for her own tests. While it's unlikely to happen, the Strange House would serve as a great checkpoint to foretell an extra little info on what happened to Sird through Darkrai.

    Ghetsis won't be pushed to the brink of insanity near the end of the story.
    As many noted, Adventures take on Ghetsis is a bit more believable to many thanks to his calm innocent-looking face and his gentlemanly tone combined with his selfish controlling sociopathic personality. In fact, now that I think about it. Has Ghetsis ever in his life erupted in anger in the Pokemon Adventures manga? One of the most believable moments in the BW2 games was when Ghetsis was pushed to the brink of insanity because of how furious he can get due to a recent string of setbacks to plans he worked hard for only to see it all crushed by a few individuals. When it happened again in BW2, Ghetsis seeing all of his hard work crushed before his eyes, it made him lose his mind. Here in the Pokemon Adventures manga however, Ghetsis doesn't seem to ever get furious from his recent string of setbacks. If anything he continues to maintain that gentlemanly demeanor he has. The closest he has to a change in emotions, is a slightly cocky smile after his plan in BW1 failed. In BW2, he still holds this gentlemanly demeanor. Never once in Pokemon Adventures has Ghetsis just erupted in anger. Due to this I think it's actually unlikely that Ghetsis will be pushed to the brink of insanity when he's defeated once more. Honestly I don't really know how Kusaka will end Ghetsis's character. He's no stranger to giving exciting and unexpected twists to villains.

    During the two-year time-skip. Iris has become the Pokemon Champion.
    So one of Iris's dreams is to become the best dragon master in the world and to do that, she believes she has to win the Pokemon League hence why she becomes one of Black's rivals later on in BW. During the two-year time skip, I wouldn't be surprised that Iris used this time to work hard to become the next Pokemon Champion. We know she previously wanted this and in the games, she actually succeeds. Considering that Blake and Whitley's location, the Abyssal Ruins, are actually fairly close-by to the Pokemon League and Iris's hometown Opelucid City, we may get a chance to see Iris as the Pokemon Champion.

    Whitley will get N's Zorua
    I'm going to guess this one is nothing new among the fan-base, kind of obvious actually, that Whitley will get N's Zorua. In the Pokemon Black and White 2 games, you, the player, are given N's Zorua in Driftveil City. Surprisingly, N's Zorua in the Adventures manga hasn't evolved yet into N's signature Pokemon, Zoroark. However what makes this so obvious that it's likely going to happen is that in the cover image of Vol. 53, Blake and Whitley are shown with two Pokemon. Blake is with Kabutops and Gliscor, two Pokemon he owns but for Whitley she has a Foongus, a Pokemon she owns, and a Zorua smiling on her shoulder? The way the cover image was design was to show that the two trainers mirrored each other by having two Pokemon team members however Zorua has never been on Whitley's team as of now. It's highly likely that this is a hint for what's to come, Whitley getting a Zorua. Also in the Pokemon Adventures manga, there has also so far been only one Zorua shown throughout the entire series and that is N's Zorua. Given the fact that in the games, the trainer can get N's Zorua and Whitley has strong connections to N, it's likely that the Zorua on Whitley's shoulder is none other than N's Zorua. Also cause it's shown on the front cover art, in some ways it feels less like a hint and in a way an obvious spoiler.

    Black of the BW story arc will be freed.
    Yeah. This one is pretty obvious. Honestly it's kind of less like a hint and more like the inevitable.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019 at 5:47 AM
  2. lolipiece

    lolipiece No Pokemon, only Sakka Staff Member Moderator

    We've already seen the PWT. It's still under completion.

    And mehmeh1, enough already. We get it, B2W2 is delayed, yadda yadda. It sucks. You keep repeating that ad nauseam and it's gotten to the point where it's basically spam.

    If you can't make a post of actual substance, then keep it to yourself. This is your only warning.
    shoz999 and Gamzee Makara like this.
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    Forgot about the PWT during Blake's investigation in Driftveil. Been a while since I've read BW2.
  4. e9310103838

    e9310103838 Well-Known Member

    I think it is very possible to their graduation as the ending. I still think that Curtis will also debut (and Yancy will appears again). Benga may get more screens. And Cheren will become a gym leader finally.

    And I think that everything they said about the school in the appendix is not meaningless. They may have some practical applications in the plot.

    By the way, it mentioned that previous graduates have participated in the PWT. This may mean that Driftveil City is not the first place to host the PWT. ;)
    shoz999 likes this.
  5. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 Well-Known Member

    ányways, will there even be enough time for all of that content to be showcased? I guess it'll be the final battle with ghetsis, where reshiram+black awakens, blake+whitley+the swords of justice somehow get out of the abyssal ruins and join the fight, no idea about what looker's role would be tbh, same thing about hugh's
  6. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    Probably but a lot of the locations I mentioned will probably be mentioned in quick-haste, like a few comic panels similar to how the Platinum Chapter handled so many locations at once in-between the Battle Frontier and the Distortion World.
  7. Lucky3

    Lucky3 Well-Known Member

    I think Whi-two will get N's whole team, including Zekrom. Gigi too.

    By the end Whi-two and Lack-two will be actors working for the BW Agency. Maybe Whi-two joins the Unova branch of Aether Foundation to set up Gen VII or something.

    Wishful thinking: A cameo from the Gen IV gang to establish another intergeneracional group (like the first 10). Maybe Cynthia has imvited them to her beach house or something. Sird too. I can see her teaming up with Ghetsis.
  8. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    You know what's interesting about BW2 is that it's probably the first story arc where we don't see a character represent some of the new content of a game. For example you had the usual Gym Challenging stuff in Gen 1 but afterwards there was almost always one main character who represented new stuff. In Gen 2, it was Gold and Pokemon Breeding. In gen 3, it was Ruby and Pokemon Contests and by extension Emerald and the Battle Frontier. Gen 4's an exception, unless you count the Super Pokemon Contests, in that it really didn't introduced anything substantially new except subtly perfecting the battling system. Gen 5, White represents Pokemon Musicals. A lot of people don't realize this but White being in charge of a Pokemon Star Agency actually made a lot of sense even before the new movie feature in BW2 in that she repreesents Pokemon Musicals, actually here she's literally the creator of it. After BW2, we get Gen 6. Yvonne represented Sky Battles and in Gen 7 it was Sun and Totem Trials. In BW2, what's interesting is that there is pretty much no main character that represents any of the substantially new features of BW2. This is actually important because when a new generation of games are released with substantially new features, we can make a good guess that Kusaka is probably going to build a main character partly on that in some way. In Gen 5, Blake and Whitley don't really represent the Pokestar Studios. They play a role in it but in terms of goals, they are not just not that interested in acting except as some side-venture fun. With that being said, I don't really think it will happen but it would not only be a great way to continue the tradition but also would give a great reason for all four main characters to go to other regions in the future together!
  9. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    I just re-read my copy of volume 53 and I'm really looking forward to the conclusion of Blake's arc honestly. He's a pretty interesting character with his reveal about his emotions at the end of that volume. It also irks me that Whitley is on both of the spines for BW2 so far lol but I'll live.

    Also my boy Hugh better not be done dirty and stay passed out through the climax of the arc.
  10. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Sieg Kaiser Reinhard!

    I really hope we will get a satisfying flashback which will explain Blake's current state. I personally don't like him much because of his attitude but I guess I might find him much more sympathetic once his character will be more fleshed out.
  11. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    I don't really think it needs to be explained, some people are just like that. Some people are just born sociopaths. I certainly don't want him to be "cured" cause that would just feel wrong.
  12. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Sieg Kaiser Reinhard!

    Well, I didn't mention that he has to be necessarily "cured" or anything, that's just a speculation from my part. But I would like to learn if this is something that he was born with or a past event made him like this exploring his background a bit more.
  13. lolipiece

    lolipiece No Pokemon, only Sakka Staff Member Moderator

    The preview for volume 54 said he'd be going with Rood to get the memory card, so probably not.
  14. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    Makes a lot of sense. It's through Rood that Hugh finally realizes that N's Team Plasma and Ghetsis's Team Plasma are two separate factions and is a clue to finding his sister's Purrloin.
  15. BenLee really not taken

    BenLee really not taken Well-Known Member

    Does the game say something like the Aether Foundation have their establishments on other regions?
    And about the intergenerational group, I believe as you said, a semi-union may someday happen instead of a all-out 20+ Dexholders all meeting. Maybe in Gen 8 arc, there may be union with Gen 6 and 7 protagonists if the game refers back to them.

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