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How do you want the next PokeGirl to be like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Musashi~, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    If Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces a new concept, maybe in the anime, the new girl can aim for that role. Just please, no more contests. (unless we get a coordinator costaring like Dawn or ambitious like May)

    I would find it interesting to have a male coordinator and a female trainer with a specialty type, but we already had Iris for that, and imo, wasn't my cup of tea
  2. Nyrene

    Nyrene is Hungry

    I really didn't care for Iris, which sucked because she was a Dragon trainer which was cool because she battled and that's my fave type, but she herself annoyed me too much. She had so much potential, but I felt the show didn't deliver imo.

    If this new girl does battle a lot, I hope she is more chill
  3. Gillachu

    Gillachu Banned

    Lol. Iris did well enough for what she had to work with. Are people still salty that she called Ash a kid often despite most fans in real life bashing Ash in Best Wishes also...?
  4. Royal_Qeca

    Royal_Qeca Pokémon Blue

    Sigh. Why is the argument always the same whenever someone says they disliked how Iris was written? There was more to her than a catchphrase, you know?

    At least I talk for myself.
  5. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    I have my reasons. The catchphrase just added to it. Maybe my mind will change one day. But I do agree, everyone's defense on why they dislike Iris is always "because she called Ash a kid!"

    Because he is one? o_O
  6. Royal_Qeca

    Royal_Qeca Pokémon Blue

    I think I was not clear enough up there. I'm saying I dislike Iris and it's not because of her overused catchphrase.
  7. Aduro

    Aduro Mt.BtlMaster

    Plus there was already one of the best Characters of the Day in Kanto with that goal,

    It should have been Serena's too.
  8. Nyrene

    Nyrene is Hungry

    Oh no, her calling him a kid is not my sole reason. She just didn't appeal to me. When she first called him a kid, I laughed! But the phrase became overused and annoyed me.

    I don't hate her, she is just my least fav of his female companions. As for Serena, I haven't seen enough of XY, I kinda gave up on the anime, plus I had no cable for years and I didn't go out of my way to search up eps online because as I said, I kinda gave up on the anime.

    But I will give Sun/Moon a go!
  9. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Totally forgot about Lara. But that's the character of the day, I don't see why Serena couldn't continue with the racing goal. I'm glad she did find a goal but I just hate how it happened to late. Now we only got until the holidays to see what can can do but I feel like it won't be long enough. (Assuming she might not stay for Sun and Moon)
  10. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    Serena finding a goal was a nice idea imo but I do wish it was better executed. I can only recall the first few episodes, the Rhyhorn racing one, Pokevision, and Miette's debut having her as the focus and even then that was all in the middle of a five episode Lucario-praising arc, two gym battles, some Clemont episodes, and other stuff like fillers.

    If the next girl goes this route again, hopefully she will have a better presence in terms of trying out more things before finally committing to something she wants to do. Finally if they have to wait 40+ episodes for the first capture, make it interesting unlike Pancham who I can't even remember when it last got its own focus episode (XY50 I think?).
  11. Tyrannosaurus

    Tyrannosaurus Pokemon Artist

    For the most part I agree with this list, but most of Ash's don't even evolve. I would rather the new girl (granted I'd like a better male companion too as much as I love Clemont, Brock was most fun to watch) have absolutely no romantic interest in Ash. Maybe a girl who already has a vague sense of what she wants in life. It would be interesting to have her crush on a different character who pops up occasionally (like a gym leader or wandering member of Elite Four). While I don't want XY to end anytime soon (where I'm only at the point we meet Serena's 'nemesis'), I like speculating about a future series.
  12. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ In the name of the Moon

    They should also have her being the one trying things if they go that route and not have Ash do things like he did in XY with sky battles, the Battle chateau, etc.
  13. Royal_Qeca

    Royal_Qeca Pokémon Blue

    What? Serena taking her time to find a goal was the best thing about her imo. What she chose, though, is another story.
  14. Soniman

    Soniman Break the Limit

    Id say that was easily the worst part about her character but opinons.
    I wasnt opposed to a pokegirl taking her time to find a goal but how it was excecuted (Serena was more then willing to stand around and not activley search for a goal, rather just wait for it to come to HER) and the lameness of the goal itself really didnt make it worth all that waiting
  15. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    It wouldn't have been so bad if she was actually looking for a goal during her drought. If done right it could have been good but it wasn't and that's why I hope the next girl already has a quest in mind. The sooner the better and she can get early development and hopefully last her entire run or at least until near the very end. And please let her battle.
  16. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    They should have done it the other way around. Grace could have been a former Kalos Queen who tries to encourage her daughter to do the same, much like those real world parents who make their kids do beauty pageants. But Serena wants to become a racer.

    It would have easily given her the excuse to have owned a badass lineup like Braixen, Mega Pidgeot, Clawitzer, and Tyrantrum.
  17. Soniman

    Soniman Break the Limit

    We already have enough people saying Dawn and Serena are the same character, this wouldnt help lol
  18. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    I would have forgiven a similar intro (and besides, she had her own blatant shipping shtick) if it would have made her a Racer.
  19. JudySpell

    JudySpell Banned

    Well it was. She spent too long on that and I hope our new girl has a quicker epiphany about what she'll want to do.
  20. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Even tho I like Serena, I also didn't like the fact that she wasted alot of time finding a goal and I think her replacement should have a goal planned out from the get-go. :3
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