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How do you want the next PokeGirl to be like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Musashi~, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. Mike999246

    Mike999246 Well-Known Member

    Y'know what they haven't done yet? Have a partner with Ash for that generation that is a rival of his. So I want the next Pokegirl to also be Ash's Rival so during gym battles there'd be two battles, Ash vs Gym Leader and Pokegirl vs Gym Leader, I think it'd be pretty cool and could lead to a situation similar to the Ash vs Clemont battle where they both know each others strengths and weaknesses and this'd happen at the league
  2. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I don't like the idea of Ash's female friend also being his rival, plus if she's even slightly disrespectful to him she'd be hated as much as Iris was. ^^;
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2016
  3. K.N.

    K.N. Well-Known Member

    The problem wasn't specifically that Iris was disrespectful of Ash, the problem was that Iris always spoke as if she had authority on the subject when she was portrayed as big a rookie as Ash was made to be. I'm sure the idea was that it was supposed to be "cute" but it'd only be so if Ash and Iris were drawn (and acted) as toddlers.

    If you had a really mature or "cool" girl character, like say one of the girls Ash battled in one of the leagues like Jeanette/Katie, belittling Ash for how inexperienced he is, that would be a lot more believable and not as annoying. To that end, having the girl be an older sister sort of character would be kind of an interesting dynamic. Of course, that's assuming they go with the whole "Ash's traveling companion is also his rival" thing, which I doubt will ever happen. The writers are too stuck in their ways if the past 20 years haven't told you that already.
  4. Charmeliam

    Charmeliam Member

    I'd actually really like Serena to stick with Ash and the new starting trainer to be the male playable character from the generation instead as we get a new pokegirl every generation so it'd be interesting to change the pattern a bit. Maybe have the new male trainer want to become a gym leader and specialize in one type or something?

    If it had to be a new pokegirl instead though then I think I'd do the same, make her aspire to be a gym leader and as for the male companion I would love to see Gary travel round with Ash. Gary could get on with his research and would always be winding Ash up which would be funny, plus I always felt that Gary seemed to motivate Ash to try much harder and become more competitive as he always seemed like he had to prove himself to Gary, which I feel helps Ash a lot.
  5. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    Make her nothing like Iris, there a good character right off the bat.
    Have her already have a goal or find one right off the bat like May and Dawn, the best female companions to date.
    Don't take a year just to get to her first capture.......
    No rushing through the goal and let her lose because rival A/B are better than her. Not because of some accident BS. Whatever happened to the rivals you can't beat, like Drew and Zoey
    Give her a goal that isn't female exclusive. It's more interesting when a character has rivals of both genders. (That and if it isn't contests, I want to see James do it. Let him do something instead of Jessie for a change)
    Bonus points if they have sibling rivalry that is an actual rivalry.
  6. Totoxert

    Totoxert Indigo Plateau Champ

    Can it either be May or Misty? Or have the original three back?
  7. Bahmo

    Bahmo Well-Known Member

    Call me a cynic, but even as an enormous and vocal Misty fan I can't count myself among those who want her back in this endless commercial of an anime. I like seeing characters get an ending (will even defend the one in The Dark Knight Rises), and Misty got a reasonably decent one in the form of assuming leadership of the Cerulean Gym. Not exactly a creative ending given that's the way she was in the games, but it's what she deserved after demonstrating that she was a better trainer than her sisters; not to mention a better person.

    That also brings her nicely in line with the canon of the games, which although they're not literary masterpieces at all, do put characters through development in the rare instance they actually revisit them. I'd rather modern fans see Misty based on her most recent appearance in Black and White 2, as someone who grew up while running the gym and whose Pokemon Team got powerful as well, than have the series dash it all by bringing her back into the anime at the same age she was 20 years ago, with a team made weaker to make Ash look stronger. Maybe they'd try to base her more on the way she is in modern games, but then again, they didn't do that when Gold and Silver were new, and making her an adult would just call attention to how other people from her time aren't.

    I'd love for Misty to be revisited in adaptations that attempt to do better than the core anime, which devalued itself overstaying its welcome, but it'd take an awful lot to redeem the core anime itself now, and I don't want fond memories dragged through that mud.
  8. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    That would be working under hypothetis how Misty got "closure to her story and how resuming position of Ceruean city gym leader getting out of sisters shadow was all there was to Misty character and story". But reality is largely different with Misty ending as unfinished product with no true ending leaving many questions without answer and a lot more potential existing there to explore her further.

    I mean sure Misty may have matured and developed as person. Making it seem like her personality evolved, she became more trusty of judgment of her friends Ash and Brock, discovered her own qualities as person and her friends and Togepi helped her to grow in more open, considerate and confident person. Along with earning sisters respect and putting family gym on right path.

    But what about rest of plots and story defining Misty character?
    She never became water pokemon master which was her ultimate goal and reason she went on journey in first place. Her dreams of living up to idol E4 Lorelei were unresolved wanting to be recognized worldwide for her water trainer skills. Pokeshippers would say feelings for Ash were left open too, even though personally im not much interested in such subject.

    Several things in Misty past about parents, fear from bugs, prejudices in choosing pokemon by looks,not coming to realization how to use her pokemon to full potential(like Psyduck)was left wide open and unresolved. Something like mega evolution concept and way to bring inner strength of pokemon on surface would be of great help in advancing Misty trainer abilities.

    Along with writers putting her in catch 22 situation. Situation where character in fiction isnt satisfied with current position, but circumstances doesnt allow him to find way out for time being. Not clearing up situation with Cerulean gym and what will come of her own dreams and in what direction character and story are going to be taken?

    Considering how Misty only returned to Cerulean gym out of obligation, specifically stating in chronicles how reason behind being at gym are incompetent sisters expressing desire to leave, not giving up from her dreams of becoming best water trainer.

    Leaving her future completely blurred and uncleared. Not showing further progress on her dreams and how will situation wth sisters and Misty desire to become more than gym leader play out.

    Bringing game canon and her game counterpart in this doesn't add much either when taken in account how anime never followed pokemon games too closely. With anime version of Misty being notably different from game counterpart in following completely different dreams and never being much interested in gym leader being her "life calling" to begin with.

    Not to mention even in games Misty in Gold, Silver and HGSS worships E4 Lorelei just like anime counterpart admiring her battle style. Saying she plans to leave gym leader position to travel, excel her skills and battle stronger trainer. Implying desire to reach higher position than one of gym leader(possibly becoming Lorelei successor). Followed by her appearance in BW2 games for World tournament where she started traveling expressing desire to meet all kind of renowned trainers and defeat them.

    Most of all if Misty was gonna be introduced to modern pokemon fans, today kids. Instead of rewriting and reworking everything introduced about Misty character and portray her as closest to game counterpart as its possible to be .They should get to know her in full light and what kind of qualities, ambitions and appeal she holds as animated character. Being Misty most people from older generations grew up with, recognized her potential and value growing fond of her. With new generations being given chance to know what kind of story, plots, flaws and dreams are characteristic for anime version which ended up to be most popular one .

    Instead of presenting only late aspect of what her character path ended up to be, keeping most past plots forgotten and abandoned with no revisit or incentive to do follow up. In actually tying down loose ends and go on higher positions as water trainer/specialist advancing forward.
    Because this would only give out impression how Misty past and what she wanted to achieve was something to be ashamed of, mistake which should be swept under the rug. When in reality its not appreciating personally liberties and differences writers took with this character to make her unique and tell original story independent from what's happening in games which from looks of it are leaving game counterpart future open ended as well.

    p.s,. Now personally im not for Misty returning to pokemon anime and staying there until end of time, Indefinitely until very end of this anime(whenever that would be).

    But do I want to see her return as main character or at very least in recurring role for one more adventure? Couple of more seasons to flesh her character and history which introduced her insecurities and aspirations, but never offered explanation?

    Show her utilizing newly acquired skills and knowledge she collected in meantime to new situations advancing her story and reaching higher heights as trainer?

    Answer from my side is definitive YES.

    With return for one more series not being too much to drag her for longer than needed and overstay welcome. But becoming important part of pokemon show for long enough for knew generations to better know original female lead, for us older fans to get enough time for proper update and what she's been up to during all this years. Alongside sticking for long enough to gain climax and denuaement to her storyline which wasn't met first time around.

    Beside I do miss her character and strong personality which would deliver much needed passion, depth of emotions and some healthy suspense in group chemistry and atmosphere of this anime itself. With fact of being old friends with Ash allowing to reach new dimensions and dynamic in friendship and relationship. Due to having history from before and if long separation affected her bond with past friends.

    And i think going on brand new quest improved, refreshed and stronger than before making arc of training, entering elemental tournaments(which are extension of Whirl Cup revealing more on what water master means) and working on becoming E4 apprentice (like Lorelei taking her to train with her on Seafoam islands or Siebold from Kalos deciding to take her as protege after managing to impress him)and few years later E4 herself)after proving herself on global scale by fighting all kind of pokemon experts ;would hold lot of potential and substance to do sequel to Misty story.

    Something which could be implemented in new pokemon region as I talked about already on 2nd page of this thread, to be more precise under spoiler tag in regards to new games and possible correlation with 20th anniversary.

    So as far as Misty go im supportive of her return as female lead for next region or at least through recurring role. Having her instead of new girl for next generation
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2016
  9. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    I hope she is nerdy, we never had a nerdy female companion before.
  10. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    How about have them come back with Dawn and Iris and Serena and just gang up on Ash. #FemaleDominancy

    Anyways, I'm kind of sick of getting these new characters, I hope we just stick with Serena or have someone return. It looses character if we keep getting new ones.
  11. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I'm all for replacing characters and bringing in new ones. If they stay too long, they could end up stale and stagnant as we saw with Brock.

    Giving Ash new traveling companions keeps the anime fresh
  12. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Don't call me Christina!

    Now if only they could replace Ash himself :x
  13. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    To Red and Blue:
    Maybe, but every character is different than Brock. Having entirely different plots, dreams, personality traits and role he/she played in pokemon series. So Brock stay only showed us how he was treated and revealed limitations he was placed in by having career and aspirations which don't involve much battling or entering any acting packed competitions. But Brock case does not necessarily proves or suggested how his treatment would be translated to other characters in case of remaining part of main cast.

    Beside no one suggests that in case of Serena staying or one of ex female leads coming back they stay as long as Brock did. There is difference between staying for 2 and 4 generations. Let alone previous girl like Misty, May, Dawn or Iris coming back for one series receiving continuation to her story and how far she came taking her in new directions. Being kinda unrealistic to expect how in case of their return they would become stale before they even showed what kind of plans writers would have in developing them further creating creative and plausible storyline out of it.
    Coming back for limited amount of time and being written in writers mind as someone who is only there for temporary period of time(because sequels usually are like that).

    Thus serving as insurance policy how there would be put effort and energy from writers team in making something meaningful out of their utilization in series again.

    Likewise of you ask me things like "stale", "fresh" etc,. All of this is relative. With there not existing objective set of rules through which we can determine what is fun and what isn't. And that includes even Brock who may not become boring to everyone still managing to entertain them(in fact I met many who miss Brock and want him back not being sick of character with new career bringing fresh dimension to him).

    There exist many shows out there(One Piece for example) which have string continuity, lot of ties with past and keep old characters for years. But anime and this characters manage to remain fresh thanks to creative ideas and ways in how same characters could be explored on more sophisticated level.

    And admittedly i believe those from our childhood or current main companions have potential for enjoyable sequel through which they could gain some new, fresh outlook to spark our interest being interested to see those i grew to like updated, refreshed and enriched with new experiences adding extra flavor to dynamics. Through exploring on relationship with new ones, show how much they changed and utilize newly acquired skills in future situations. While have their stories intertwine within main series plot in such way that they could grow in different way without changing their career and helping to move story forward.

    Seeming way more original than repeating same old cycle of changing completely main cast yet again without having any familiar face beside Ash in there.
  14. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    What's getting stagnant is the constant repition of new characters. Also, I believe that Brock was getting stale was due to the reason that it was the writers who chose to neglect him. Thus, he wasn't up to supporting status either.
  15. Bahmo

    Bahmo Well-Known Member

    Regarding Brock, I truly wish he had stayed with Professor Ivy. I know that development was unpopular with a lot of fans, in part because of the absurdly stupid moral panic that prompted Brock's removal (some people were bothered by his dark skin and slit-eyes, as though there was any good reason to believe Japanese artists would draw a character racist against themselves) and in part because they didn't like Tracy as well, but for Brock himself, it was a good thing; not only did he finally succeed in getting with a gorgeous woman, but he was able to offer his best qualities to her and her children as a wonderful potential parent. That when they brought him back, they just dropped that without explaining it was an even bigger insult.

    Regarding Misty, I've made clear in the past that I'm not a big fan of her "Togepi-Mom" phase, and while that opinion isn't unanimous, I'm not alone in it either. The Misty I became a fan of was the one who was strong enough to carry her bike over her head for long distances and knock Ash down in one punch, and brave enough to stand up to a giant Tentacruel because she believed in the dream of a more harmonious environment. Not that she wasn't a bit too mean at points and didn't need development, but I wish they developed her as a tough heroine who got more involved in the action; still temperamental but with a strong sense of empathy for Pokemon. Instead they all-but neutralized her usefulness in fights with that awful running gag of Psyduck replacing all of her Pokemon, and half-crippled her by locking Togepi into her arms. Yes; Psyduck and Togepi could be powerful, but it was all at random and void of any agency by Misty.
    I like the episodes focused on her from that era, but aside from those, she'd mostly degenerated into just floating through.

    In reply to 132, while he makes a lot of good points (in fact, too many to address them all), about there being a lot of potential left to explore with Misty, I don't have a lot of confidence that the anime is capable of doing it. They already have Serena as the one who has a crush on Ash, and I doubt they'd have much luck following through on someone's aspirations at being a great trainer when they never even following through on that with their main character.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2016
  16. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Not happening. I think the next girl would be like Misty, May or Dawn in character. Maybe have her battle gyms as well as Ash.
  17. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Don't call me Christina!

    I know it won't happen obviously. And I agree. I'd like for her to battle gyms as well
  18. Bahmo

    Bahmo Well-Known Member

    Not happening because they're tenured-in boobs with no initiative for expanding their mind. I can think of many good ways to replace Ash while still doing everything the series calls for them to do.
  19. Pikachu979

    Pikachu979 Sinnoh Champion

    How would that work? would they take turns battling the same gym or have different gyms?
  20. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Ash is the main character whether people like it or not. Really don't like this Ash hate going around. Anyway, if not battling gyms, then the next female girl could do another variation of contests.
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