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How do you want the next PokeGirl to be like?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Musashi~, Mar 3, 2016.

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  1. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    O this would be kind of cool actually. As long as the girl's nerdiness is handled well and isn't just used for funny gags unlike Clemont's of course. :D
  2. Bahmo

    Bahmo Well-Known Member

    You want to talk about "Ash hate", just ask yourself, who really hates Ash; the fans who want to see him succeed, or the writers who insist on dooming him to be a perpetual failure in the League? A failure which, I might add, is even less forgivable than his not aging or stepping down, since every Pokemon fan who's ever beaten a game and then bought another to start fresh, because it's fun, knows the claim that "If Ash ever wins a league, the series will be over" is demonstrable BS. The person I hate isn't Ash, it's whatever cynical Fat Cat is sitting atop the anime pole who thinks it's morally acceptable to get two decade's worth of children's hopes of glory up only to smash them down again. It's a revolting way to run a story, plenty other adult Pokemon fans agree with me on this, so while you're on a forum where adult Pokemon fans discuss the anime, you best take a "like it or not" right back in kind.
  3. GDSpeed

    GDSpeed Poke-Weeb

    TBH, because of the relationship between Ash and Serena, I actually think Serena will travel to the next region, like Misty.

    Atthough i do think Clemont will be replaced.
  4. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    What relationship? Serena blushing occasionally and giggling doesn't equal a relationship. Ash doesn't even know at all.
  5. Skylander Sylveon

    Skylander Sylveon Top Coordinator

    I hope Dawn comes back, since she was epic.

    But otherwise, maybe a redhead who is a little bit insecure, but as she becomes better friends with Ash she begins to believe in herself and becomes a better trainer. maybe her big sister or big brother is a pokemon champion or a gym leader and she grew up with big expectations which led to her issues, and her dream is to prove herself to her sibling.

    if not a redhead, im in favour for either:
    heavily tanned or black, like Iris! :D cause yknow, it took the fifth generation to introduce darker skin tones xD (besides brock)
  6. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    To Bahmo: To be fair Psyduck popped out of pokeball far more in Kanto in shaking up momentum of Misty fights than it did in OI and Johto. If anything Misty was portrayed in tougher, more competent light as pokemon trainer in later sagas. Demonstrating avid knowledge and creative thinking when using pokemon like Staryu, Poliwhirl/Politoad or Corsola. Which reached even bigger dimension once she obtained Gyarados during touching moment of risking her life to protect it.

    Proving herself among several trainers and making successful results in several competitions. Like Seaking catching event, Whirl Cup coming top 8 out of roughly more than 200 participants at preliminary rounds, winning Alto Mare race etc.
    And while Togepi could and should have been put to better use(like evolving it in Johto making some significant story arc out of it), instead of being waited that long.

    Way i see it Misty characterization and picture of being strong willed, passionate girl and battler wasn't damaged still remaining true to her own qualities and spirit. But with new responsibility of having baby pokemon to take care of accompanied with impact Ash and Brock as her first true friends in life left on her.

    Only brought new dimension to Misty characterization through new interests, quirks she acquired as result of growing up mixing it up with her older, appealing aspects of personality and affinities.

    And with that thought in mind I think Misty mellowed out just enough. Which was not too much. But also not too little making it seem like her friends in life(Ash and Brock changed her world and perspective on things starting to value friendship much more opening her own doubts and desires to them), Togepi, journey and various tough situations she faced didn't taught her anything nor allowed to become stronger person. After maturing Misty was still evidently in late Johto followed by Hoenn full of life, various pranks and rebellious attitude. But she also radiated with how should I say this? More optimism, tolerance and confidence rising above sisters shadow, becoming stronger trainer, more independent as person, got over Gyarados fear or realized whats best for her pokemon putting infront her own desires their happiness like she did with Togetic.

    Something i liked about her adding new interesting traits to her personality(like being more playful, sassy in different more lighthearted way or a bit arrogant when you push her buttons being provoked by others with gym responsibilities and vain sisters clearly grinding her gears at times, while keeping those older appealing ones as well. With temperament nature and rough attitude always staying part of her, but being displayed in less explosive way. With there being needed more than minor thing to react violently reflecting growth of character who remained tough, but more mature as well. Growth which was maybe rough and shaky, but still endearing to follow imo.

    All wrapped with lot of passion toward battling and water pokemon which got especially accentuated during Johto when seen praying to water goddess to help her reach her dreams of becoming water master, in taking big pride of her own trainer skills often getting in clash and disputes with various trainers like professor in research of water fossil institute, fire trainers like Egan, gym leader Dorian, Andreas and his Poliwrath, league participant Macy etc.

    As well coming to realize what water pokemon truly mean to her and strengthening her believe in choosing right path to follow of making name for herself as water specialist on global scale burning with strong resolve and dedication in reaching it during Whirl islands. Showing inner flux of emotions and why water specie means so much to her.

    Now there is no denying how there could have been done more and Misty was neglected at times during Johto generation. With character at times feeling neglected in not receiving enough attention and spotlight to demonstrate her strength and qualities.

    But that was more so result of writers not being sure what they wanted from anime to become at that time. With disputes and lack of communication between writing staff and directors as mentioned in blogs and novelizations of ex head writer for pokemon(Takeshi Shudo) causing inconsistencies in following storyline and lot of initial plans being dropped.

    Like GS ball subplot, original idea for third movie being about prehistoric T rex diving deep in origins of pokemon world and how they came on earth becoming dominant specie. For Misty existing plans to explore more of her past and goal of becoming strongest water trainer in world not happening.

    Until writers and Atsuhiro Tomioka(who became mr. Shudo successor eventually) put their heads together in Master Quest beginning to adequately handle Johto saga and Misty character in there receiving lot of character development and things done right about her.

    As for concerns over Misty coming back resulting in writers not giving her proper attention and justice. Risk is always present just like its case with most things in life. But before any decision is made its required to weigh out pros vs cons,. Circumstances and both bad, but good things as well which could come from such move.

    And in Misty case there exists relatively low risk of her return and continuation of story leading nowhere.

    For several factors:

    First of all writers already proved through second half of Johto when more attention was put in development of Misty career, but appearances in Hoenn and pokemon chronicles as well how they have idea in what direction to take her character. Alongside not deriving away from what her character represents capturing emotions and mixing newly found maturity with more abrasive side of hers in homogenous, innate and endearing manner.

    As we get to see in Misty being much more confident and independent, real badass in battling(especially when shocking everyone with that Gyarados)while showing lot of that sassy, defiant attitude being tough and taking things on her own when scolding Daisy and taking care of Max. Along with more of her feminine charm and playful, quirky side when asked for date, going crazy over bugs and embarassing herself with Psyduck bringing herself in trouble due to being at times impatient.

    Needless to say even if writers had plans to do more with Misty character and her dreams after departure. Its worth taking in account how this wasn't their call, but pokemon directors imperative of what should've been done,. Thus not receiving green light in utilizing Misty character afterwards, rather "than being incapable of doing so".

    Another vastly important factor is difference between Ash and his traveling companions role. As permanent fixture and driving force of this show Ash in general develops in much slower way than his friends do. Because his time on anime is unlimited with writers playing on card of dragging his journey and story arc for as long as needed as new games keep coming out representing pseudo new male player character from games. Even if it involves unfortunate resets of his experience and accomplishments.

    But this does not apply to his friends because of sticking around for only certain period of time. With writers pretty much being forced to develop them faster and on more substantial level.
    After all as we get to see writers never had issues in Ash traveling partners making bigger progress toward achieving their dreams than it was case with Ash. As seen in Dawn almost becoming top coordinator on first try. Iris catching pseudo legendary pokemon Dragonite which supposed to represent her advance on path of becoming dragon master(even though it was poorly delivered). Brock being not far away from becoming doctor studying and becoming apprentice to professional doctor teaching him new things. Etc.

    Its also interesting to mention how during OS Misty never came across as worse than Ash. Because she was always right behind in achievements whenever entering tournaments or competitions together. With writers not being afraid to portray her in light of more knowledgeable and resourceful trainer.

    This was noticeable on various occasions. Such as coming further in Whirl Cup beating Ash. In underwater match against gym leader Dorian tying with him after Corsola defeated Mantine. While Ash quickly lost with his Totodile being mentioned how he is less adaptive to new environment where battles take place.

    In Seaking competition once again Misty had better results, just as she did in Alto Mare race being its winner.

    In battle for Totodile while Ash managed to defeat Misty it was in very close manner. With Ash pokemon like Bulbasaur being on its last legs with solar beam saving it in last minute.

    Hence why there always existed certain friendly rivalry and fiery spark between Ash and Misty in liking to compete vs each other and test out their skills, knowledge etc.

    So based on past considering how Misty just like other traveling companions pursue completely different dreams than Ash does and wouldn't stick around forever. But only for certain period of time. Becoming more so temporary main character again if only one more saga is involved.

    Brings us to logical deduction how her character development and progression would flow independently of what's going on with Ash(who admittedly himself came further as trainer compared to earlier generations).Receiving required focus, recognition and created path through which her character would be fleshed out on more meaningful level. Not coming back to learn basics and rehash with her what she already went through. But in delivering genuine and legit sequel to what writers built up around Misty from past times in going on bigger, more demanding tasks as her collected patience and strength at gym brings fruits on table in achieving significant feats on road of reaching final destination.

    Especially when one of main reasons behind decision to even revive character like Misty as main lead again would be to concuss things up and bring new angle to series in form of unexpected, fresh twist to recapture people interest. Hype things up and ultimately attract more fans toward anime.

    Being in writers and production team interest in that case to invest effort, creativity and resources in making something original, inspiring and visually appealing out of sequel to Misty story being awaited with high expectations from fans whose interest would potentially be picked up.I already brought up in previous messages several ideas and plots through which this could be achieved and put plug on holes which represent unfinished things in her story.

    If they care about invested resources repaying of through bigger sales, higher ratings and more popularity.
    Not to mention water rich saga only makes job all that easier for writers to have required tools to work with her.
    S&M from looks of it will be based on Hawaii indicating high concentration of water locations.

    And with new games coming around time 20th anniversary of pokemon franchise and series is in play. Gives another reason behind production team deli erring on small screens something worth following and pay attention to if extremely successful and popular older characters like Misty would be involved.:)

    p.s. Im not going to dive much into shipping. But since Serena was brought up as character who has crush on Ash. Writers could always go down the route of both her and Misty working in overcoming differences and accepting each other leading toward becoming friends. As they learn more about their past and came to respect how one of things they both share in common is in feeling strongly about same character. Resulting in emotional and complex personality growth coming out of it; and as such closure where most viable scenario would be in making amends of Ash being too young and incapable for such type of relationship.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
  7. Edmund Daltonic

    Edmund Daltonic Active Member

    A bad a*s redhead wearing tight clothes and plays the guitar with her tongue... while is on fire.
    Oh, do you mean in pokemon? As long as is not Iros again. Or Serena could follow Misty steps and have another adventure. She's adorable.
  8. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    The girl being a redhead would be cool. Hopefully her hair is long and actually red and not orange like Misty's. Not that Misty's orange hair was bad, I like orange hair. But if the new girl is a redhead then hopefully they make it different.
  9. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Lillie Best Girl

    Hopefully Tomioka will return to writing the gen 7 female lead this time around instead of Omode. I find his writing with the female leads much better than Omode or Shudo for that matter.
  10. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    Well there you go. If the writers cant find anything new for a traveling companion, then they fall in the background.

    Which Is why I''m all for new companions over the same ones
  11. Sprinter1988

    Sprinter1988 Well-Known Member

    For the Generation 7 anime, I want them to take the female player character of Sun and Moon and turn her into Ash's rival. For me, characters like Katie from Hoenn and Astrid from Kalos, both of who only made relatively minor appearances in the grand scheme of the anime, are very memorable because they are female trainers who are allowed to be strong in battle - something the anime rarely likes to show outside of Gym Leaders - ok, so some of Ash's previous female travelling companions were strong, but they had different goals to him, so its not quite the same.

    The anime needs to bring back the role of a capable, tough-to-beat rival for Ash, a rivalry that manages to get the tension up every time that rival appears, especially when that rival battles Ash. This has been missing since Paul's time ended. And since Ash's two most notable rivals were male (Gary and Paul) I think the change needs to be made - a competent, female rival who can give Ash a run for his money when he is at his best.

    As for the Generation 7 female travelling companion, I don't really mind as long as she is as good a character as Misty, May and Dawn were, which a decent goal in mind (or at least brought up within the first 10 episodes) - a goal that is decent to watch and has visual ways of showing her getting closer to achieving that goal.
  12. Aduro

    Aduro Mt.BtlMaster

    Quite a few of the strongest trainers we've seen have been female actually, Bertha, Cynthia, Hunter J, Malva, Soledad, Lorelei/Prima and Agatha. But I would like it if Ash's main rival for a region was female too. She could be a mix of differences and similarities with Ash. Plus the inevitable pointless shiptease Ash will get could be better with someone he meets a few times rather than sees everyday, an unspoken crush or mutual attratcion makes less sense the less time it goes on without anything happening.
  13. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I think the Sun and Moon anime should promote a Sun and Moon female game character tho, so Serena would have to be replaced. ^^;
  14. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    I'm all for either Misty, May, or Dawn to return. Misty for best banter (and ship) with Ash. May for being most well-rounded (banter, presence, battling & team) character. Dawn for co-star status and bond with Ash.

    If they really want Serena to continue, then I hope they change her outfit to Gen 7 girl, give her a new goal (battling or racing related), make her stand out more in non-focus episodes, interact more Ash and companions, and actually go somewhere with that ship.
  15. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Lillie Best Girl

    They should have her challenge gyms while Ash challenges a Battle Frontier/Maison or whatever :D
  16. Gillachu

    Gillachu Banned

    Even in this case, Serena could theoretically stay. She doesn't need to go just because of some new chick.
  17. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    I think she would need to leave since she'd have nothing to promote once the Kalos era is done. Meanwhile the new girl would promote Sun and Moon and she'd overshadow Serena any ways most likely. I love Serena, but her staying would do more harm than good to her character I think. ^^;
  18. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    I totally wouldn't mind a scenario where Ash wins the league and decides to prep for his E4 challenge by training through the Battle Frontier located in Sun&Moon region. Serena could be inspired by his victory, and decides to try battling, so she does the gyms and captures new Pokémon.

    That scenario is unlikely though..
  19. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of the new Pokegirl being some sort of secret agent fighting the region's evil team. Or heck, even against Team Rocket
  20. Jersey Jimmy

    Jersey Jimmy WORST PERSON EVER

    It'd be neat if they brought back a gym leader from an older region to help Ash train for a post-league victory E4 challenge as Maklread suggested. Preferably one with a very "elite" air around them, such as Winona or Candice... or hell, maybe Sabrina.

    Then again, that's most likely not going to happen. What I would like to see is another tomboy, though even moreso than Misty - perhaps a punk who has stuff like studs and piercings. Ideally, she'd be as strong as Ash if not even moreso - I also like the idea of Ash and one of his companions challenging gyms and such together in double battles.
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