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How far do you go when training a team (IVs EVs Natures)

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I am WAY too lazy to try and IV breed, so all I do is EV train and Breed for a certain nature that I am looking for.


i'm like mAn-kAt. i'm too lazy to iv breed. farthest i go with my breeding is natures and egg moves. i also do ev's. i basically do everything except for iv breed.lol.


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It used to be that I'd get all of the stats as high as I could, like a 28/29+. And I'd have a decent or perfect nature for that Pokemon and any egg moves I wanted. But I never usually got as far as EV training - I'd get bored and go on to the next Pokemon. I never really did it for the teams anyway.

But now I'm a lot more relaxed and just train the Pokemon as-is.
i usually iv breed with the everstone trick. i do advanced iv breeding and its hard though its pretty simple. i think if you dont have good iv's on a pokemon your going to be dissapointed and get a new one, so whats the point of training two pokemon, just wait till you breed a really good one.


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Actually now that I got a little better, I get more indepth, like IVs too :p


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How far you go with training?
o_O Um,I..Train my Pokemon...I catch a Pokemon,and...Level it up,train it
..You know,let some hold experience shares,put a lower level on as my first pokemon then in battle let a higher leveled pokemon fight..Shower it with love <3

>> Yea,training.

I don't care for natures,though I find them cute because then you know how your pokemon is,what personality it has.

I didn't even know about IV's and EV's until I saw them on Bulbapedia,even then I didn't think much of it. I just recently noticed IV's(or was it EV's?)in game when I compared two Onix..For no real reason,I didn't want them anyway ;__; So I released them.

Edit: Wait,what's EV training again?Effort Values?.....What?..That has to do with strenghting a certain stat,right?...Yea,I don't EV train,just level up my Pokemon...And walk around with my teams alot..And give them poffins sometimes,after I finish a contest,whether they win or lose,a reward for working hard XD
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If I had the time I'd go all out on IVs, EVs and Natures but as it stands it's just too much of a hassle for me. I definitely want to do it at some point though.


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IV training is a bit much for me. I'll usually go for a favorable nature, and then EV train and strategically choose moves. I do breed for egg moves, though.

I have checked IVs, but only out of curiosity, and it hasn't really had much impact on whether I use that Pokemon or not.


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to be honest I have never ev trained a Pokemon because I dont entirely understand the whole concept of it. If I knew more about it and understanded better then maybe I would ev train, but who knows in the end lol


Back in the day I would catch the poke' I like. Make sure the nature didn't lower any of my good stats (aim for quirky) then train it to lv 100 and i called myself good at pokemon.

It wasn't until my little brother beat me six-out effortlessly that I decided to do the following:
If catchable:
1. mass breed with ditto/everstone for nature
2. Take all with good nature on battle revolution. free battle at lv. 50 all so I can get high iv in the most important stat. if it's speed it has to be 31.
3. Effort train with my own ev spreads.
4. Finally train to level 50 so I can see it's stats when i take my team online.

If legendary:
Simply soft reset for nature then skip to step 3.

Hopefully all this extra effort helps me beat my bro next time. He's a seasoned vet and knows basically every aspect of the game; he shoddy battles like every day.


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I Hatch for the right nature, EV train, IV breed, Check IV's online, PP max all moves, Train to level 100 (not using the E4 because i don't want any ribbons). I think that's as far as you can go. :)


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I don't really take EV training that seriously. If I see that my Pokemons' stats after EV trained are near the max, then that's fine by me, I don't expect them to be the max anyway.


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I go all out...I breed for natures, IVs etc...I plan on getting an AR cause this time consuming process is getting in the way of my schoolwork -_-' is nintendo trying to make kids flunk outa school? xD


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I focus on natures, IVs, and EVs when raising my Pokemon. Since I've got my Diamond version back in April 2007, my basic standard goes as follows.

The natures that I use would hinder either Attack or SP ATK (Adamant, Jolly, Modest, Timid, Impish, Careful, Bold, Calm).

Regarding IVs, I try to at least get three stats that I'm EV training to have at least a range of 20-31, maybe even 25-31.

For EVs, sweepers would usually have EVs for HP, Attack / SP ATK, and Speed. Walls would have EVs for HP, Defense, and SP DEF. Tanks would have EVs for HP, Attack / SP ATK, and Defense / SP DEF.


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I don't believe in trading for the perfect hatched IVed Pokemon that get cloned thousands of times. I get my own, hence I leave the IV checking out.

I get the Nature, Ability, and EVs that are suitible. Just leaving out IVs.


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i tried to ev train to perfection and i do iv train all the way,i want my kids to b perfect


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i dont IV, but i nature ability & ev


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When I feel like it, I do EV train. I don't ever bother with IV's. I could have a Gyrados with 0 IV's in Attack for all I care.

I'm not sure about anyone else here, but I would like it better if there weren't any IV's in the first place, and instead natures boost a bit more and maybe moved EV's up to 520-536 in replace.
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