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How good will be certain Pokémon if they had certain ability/move(s)/typing?


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This thread's title is self-explanatory, like all of my new thread titles (Why do I feel so unoriginal)...

Point is, users will make a customized Pokémon moveset, and you competitive experts see if it would be viable if possible. When rating, forget about the Baton Pass Clause, Ability Clauses and Evasion Clause.

Aromatisse - I think UUBL/OU:
- Using Aroma Veil, it's usual ability.
- Leftovers.
- Access to Minimize, Recover, Stored Power and Baton Pass.

So... what do you guys think?

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It's not bulky enough to get away with that lol, something like Celesteela would completely annihilate it with Heavy Slam. Plenty of offensive pokémon like Mega Metagross that can just destroy it before it has a chance to even set up while several defensive pokémon like Snorlax and Celesteela have sufficient special bulk to take any Stored Power with virtually no trouble, and easily being able to retaliate and KO with Body Slam or Heavy Slam. Some other stuff like Ferrothorn can just use it as setup bait and set up Leech Seed and hazards while just not caring about Stored Power. Type-wise Toxapex is weak to Stored Power but it has plenty of time while Aromatisse sets up to land Toxic to put it on a timer, and it can then just Haze away any Minimize boosts Aromatisse gathers. There's a reason why something like Clefable never runs a set like that (it gets all those moves, just with Moonlight replacing Recover, and has similar stats and the same typing), Minimize just doesn't pose a direct threat nor does it do enough to prevent it from being vulnerable, while Stored Power lacks STAB and even after three times Minimize only reaches 140 base power, it literally hits harder with Moonblast without needing to boost at all. Sure, it can Baton Pass, but evasion boosting isn't all that viable to begin with and you're generally better off passing better boosts.
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