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How have forum communities helped you?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by e6life, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. e6life

    e6life Shedinja Trainer

    Hello. I'm currently working on an animation project intended to show those unfamiliar with online communities how forums and such can be a socially beneficial experience. So, I'd like to ask you all for some good examples to possibly include in my mini film. I would highly appreciate some good feedback. Also, to any mods reading this, I'm incredibly sorry if I'm breaking any rules by starting this thread. I certainly don't wish to.
  2. LadyTriox

    LadyTriox ~Corni: Cute Enough To Protect Me <3 tehe~

    Well, serebii has helped me, i guess. I think my crush on Lovely Lady Korrina has helped me more, but seeing how people seem to accept and cherish my crush on the blonde FEmale gym leader on the internet shows me that people can't be all 'bad' :) People on this forum seem very accepting of loving who you want, regards to gender. I won't say my online memories before this year were all 'happy' ones, though; before this year, i was picked on by members of a kingdom hearts forum a lot for liking 'girly' things. It has made me want to give up on people. but this forum is changing that for me :) I have a crush on a same gender pokemon character (aka korrina) and people here are really nice to me about it on this forum. Its a wonderful thing. There are people out there that DO have good in them. A lot of good. Also, i think, for those who have autism or difficulties socializing irl as a whole, the net can be wonderful. And a lot of people DO like cute things. Not everyone you meet is gonna be all violence and call of duty. At least not here. Other forums, i duno. But this forum actually has people who make sense to me.

    I duno if this post was helpful, but its my own experiences. :) This forum=good people, to me. Or at least much better than kh13....though they too may accept i like korrina, they were not kind to me about being girly. But people have actually encouraged me to like what i want, not just korrina :) though its nice, alone, that they accept my same sex crush. They should. Love is love, regardless of gender.

    Sorry if i mention her so much in this post aha i'm a little obsessed maybe more than a little...^^;;;
  3. e6life

    e6life Shedinja Trainer

    To LadyTriox:

    Thanks for the great insight you shared on my thread. I really appreciate it. I'm especially glad you shared your autistic nature. I didn't mention this on the initial post (I don't think), but the people this project is directed towards work for the state of Ohio to help people with disabilities, including those with autism. In fact, I'm actually autistic myself. I have Asperger's, a certain point on the autism spectrum. Anyway, thanks again for posting. I really appreciate it.
  4. satopi

    satopi All hail Satomine Night!

    I like that forums are there for people who love the same common interest so it's very therapeutic to be able to share your thoughts on the episodes, characters, theories, animation, and all the ins and outs of this community. This forum helped me when I'm feeling down and need a good laugh or a distraction from reality. It also opened my eyes to those who watch the anime or like/dislike characters for vastly different reasons than me and it made me aware of small technical details like who's supervising or writing this episode, who animated this shot or this character episodes. I love that debates are allowed so that each side can add reason to why they feel this way (as long as they don't start berating the user) and forums in general are a sense of belonging. You don't feel alone in your views of things. I don't think it's recommended or professional for people working on the show to stumble and read too much on what certain fans think... they should listen to what fans are saying but also stick to their original plan on how characters or plots are being mapped out.
  5. LadyTriox

    LadyTriox ~Corni: Cute Enough To Protect Me <3 tehe~

    You're welcome :) Autism has been hard for me all my life, even with my having been homeschooled for it. My fears and anxieties about hurting other people for being myself are very, very real. But I feel the nice new members around this forum have been helping me past that quite a bit :D

    *sigh* WELCOME TO THE WORLD....of like the only truly girly girl on this planet, who also actually cares about people, like a person like me is SUPPOSED to. The net has never changed a second of this awful truth for me. Good people or not....

    And, trust me, i've been on a lot of forums, and talked to, and got to know, THOUSANDS of people. So I really do know what i'm talking about. :(
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
  6. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    They helped me waste some time when I was younger. They really didn't help me grow as a person or anything.
  7. Scammel

    Scammel Well-Known Member

    Some of the earliest forums I got involved with were for fairly niche hobbies with older communities - the tone and quality of discussion was much higher than the average internet fare, with many prominent community members contributing to newsletters or other articles. I learned a great deal about short, sharp and clear presentation of material and arguments and after having composed some articles of my own I was very proud to be elevated to mod-hood.

    Those sites aren't quite the same anymore and I've not substantially engaged with them for years, but I've genuinely built a career off those skills. There was something... aspirational about the level of debate on those sites, and now I have my own written material in parliamentary records.
  8. I've only ever joined this forum, but it definitely means so much to me. I first joined when a pretty dark time in my life was starting (and it's still going one year on...), on one early evening in my school grounds on my phone because my new home had no wifi. For the first month or so of being on this forum, I'd curl up in my bed waiting for my crappy phone service to load the forum pages for me since any larger websites just wouldn't load at all, and then I'd scroll through, post sometimes.

    And then, one day, I got a notification that a user - Pokegirl Fan~ to be exact - had sent me a friend request. As someone who hadn't talked to someone online ever before beyond iMessage, it was something both exciting and just slightly nerve-wracking for me. But we ended up having a nice conversation, and I learned how to use the VM system from there.

    The rest is really history. I started opening up on here, I met new people, I even gained drive to start writing more fanfiction than a one-shot I wrote at midnight in midsummer. When I felt too low to do just about anything, I had Serebii to make me laugh. In school classes where all I wanted to do mentally was curl up and never speak to anyone again, I would sneak out my iPad or phone and check Serebii, and it's bring me back from the brink of tears.

    What really made this website mean so much to me was the relationships I gained with so many users. SkittleBox, WolfeyStar, Mia Blaze, TikTok13, Lady Triox and Ascended Dialga are just a few people who really made me feel like I meant something. This website means the world to me, and I don't know where I'd be without it.

    A tad dramatic but I love this place to bits ok-
  9. keepitsimple

    keepitsimple Swimmy was robbed

    I'm here to be stupid and self righteous and force veganism onto people in the debate forum. I'll also waste my time playing some Face-Offs while I'm at it. This site helps me do that.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
  10. GrizzlyB

    GrizzlyB Confused and Dazed

    I don't know about "helped", but this forum was certainly mighty entertaining back in the day. It helped ease my boredom for quite a while during many a night of dreary insomnia. Made some friends, had some laughs, the whole nine. Ultimately, though, you can only help those who want to be helped, and I am decidedly not that. You want my advice, kid? Steer clear of forums altogether. They'll only break your heart in the end.
  11. Willow's Tara

    Willow's Tara The Bewitched

    I don't post here very often anymore, once in a blue moon and so on, but back in my youth (We are talking a decade ago in high school), this forum in particular helped me grow as a person, make friends and get through high school much easier, those years weren't exactly something I look fondly on, I recall getting on my school library's computer and getting on here, wasn't technically allowed but oh well. Will say though, I was kinda whiny back then, real stubborn and I know when I first joined in 03 or 04, my fanfics were horrible and I was very sensitive to reviewers then.
    Even after high school I didn't have many friends until after 2010, so the forums was extremely helpful and passed a lot of time. Still come back for the good old days every now and then, plus to check on my club. It's so great still seeing old members kicking and posting, that they are doing okay as well.
  12. LadyTriox

    LadyTriox ~Corni: Cute Enough To Protect Me <3 tehe~

    Honestly, forums probably have hurt me more than helped me :/ How come i never meet other girly girls like me on them that often?

    I don't like that the net has made me feel like there's something wrong with liking feminine things. With people, on top of not being like me, going around...bashing girly people in general *SIGH* That's what it feels like....

    This is just honestly how I feel. I'm happy if its helped other people, though. But honestly the net has caused me a lot of depression, and i really don't know why I keep using it. Other than it seems like an easy way to make friends :/ I guess...

    That said, my crush on korrina (which started this year after seeing her arc again on Disney XD) works as an anti-depressant a lot to me right now. Due to her tomboyish, yet happy, attitude. It does make everyone i meet seem less negative to me. Cuz i really don't see the 'charm' in 'boy' stuff much.... -_-;;;

    And, just so you know, no, i've never went to a normal school. I was home schooled.

    People i know now also seem to tell me being girly=okay. I still don't know if i really trust those words, though. They still seem to avoid girly things themselves; and then there is the things i've heard about society....mainly from online people, i think.

    Its really been a dark thing for me, the net. Even if I make friends easily here, i hate the type of people they are a lot of the time. Maybe hate not as much now since getting into korrina; but still....

    I'm sorry if this post is depressing to read. But not everyone has a happy time on the net :( you might as well have your eyes opened up to the fact. Its not all bad; making threads on here is easy. But on top of that, these are not very morally good people in terms of their interests.
    At least, not to me. For the sake of not futher troubling people, this post will end. Now. Though I would love to explain why 'girly' things mean so much to me, and why i hate 'boy' stuff, but i think you people have enough on your plates. You don't need to feel anything else is wrong about yourselves....(even if a lot of online people have made ME think i'm a beyond awful person and i honestly feel like avenging myself. not gonna lie, I really feel that way....)
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
  13. Kotaru

    Kotaru Active Member

    good community, nice ppl
  14. Sketchie

    Sketchie >:3c

    Forums were my first internet experience once I graduated from Neopets, Club Penguin, Pixie Hollow, Webkinz, y'know. My best friend introduced me here, and it's like... my internet home. When I get sick and tired of whatever bullcrap is happening on the bigger sites, I come home. The connections that I've made on forums are far deeper and long lasting than anything I've made on the Bigger Social Websites. I know that forums are doomed to die, but I'll ride it out until all my friends are gone, and it is time to turn off the light.
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Types IRL

    Forums gave me some form of a social life. I have Aspergers syndrome, so real life social interactions are kind of hit or miss for me, but I have had way more friends on forums.
  16. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Eclipse, Golden Sun Dragon Staff Member

    Forums helped me to grow a bit as a person, helped me learn how to make good signatures and avatars. Being on here has been one of the better experiences too. Seeing so many people's different viewpoints and opinions has been worthwhile.
  17. I guess I forgot to mention this in my first post, but this forum actually kind of sort of was one of my inspirations to keep on drawing. I'm currently in a period of my life where I can't find any motivation to do just about any of the stuff I want to, but my passion to keep my gallery going and show all of my friends here how I've improved over time has saved art for me as the one thing I can still do on a regular basis. I have to thank Mia Blaze, TikTok13 and Sketchie for being brilliant artists that made me want to step up my game and become as great of an artist as I can, since without you guys doing both drawings of your own and reviews of my pieces, I probably wouldn't have that oomph to keep drawing.
  18. LadyTriox

    LadyTriox ~Corni: Cute Enough To Protect Me <3 tehe~

    Honestly, forget what i said. I may not like that people online seem to mostly like violent stuff a lot.....but theres other good traits to them. Like, a lot of online people i met are not homophobic. At least not on this forum. I really don't know if i'm lesbian or bi or what now but i do have a major crush on a same sex character from fiction (aka, guess; yep, lovely Lady Korrina~) right now, and making friends in real life who wouldn't accept me liking her would hurt me in too many ways. More than people have hurt me for liking girly things, possably. She means that much to me (i've thought of this as true love; even if its not a real person...the way i feel daydreaming of her <3 awww she doesn't NEED to be real...).

    That said, i'm just happy now that people on the internet accept me for what may be my most important 'fictional' crush ever :) Nothing else should really matter after that....

    And she has helped me push forward past my autism a lot more this year. I even believe there's a chance i'll get over my word phobias now, and maybe even the 'soul snatcher' thing. Also I guess people aren't so bad for liking 'violent' things when you consider korrina train's FIGHTING types...(i have considered that too)

    I'm blessed to have this forum now :) I really am.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  19. sorribii

    sorribii Member

    I love pokemon fan communities. I've literally never owned a pokemon game, but I enjoy the fandom so much I just like hanging with the fans tbh.
  20. sorribii

    sorribii Member

    Also the only reason I made an account on this site was to keep in touch with Joe Merrick, he never checks his fb messages...

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