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How have you been amazed and confused by Pokemon Special?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by matt0044, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Another thing that I don't get is why they haven't made a separate Anime series based on this.
  2. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    I like how it puts a different aspect on pokemon. Its very confusing and I dont get it I just like watching the battles but the storyline has no plot to me.
  3. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    The same here.
  4. Eivana

    Eivana There Is No NiGHTS!

    There are a lot of things that amazed me and just a few things that confused me.

    When it comes to being amazed, I was amazed at the fact that so many gym leaders were evil. I didn't see it coming. And the Masked Man, I think I am the only one in the world who found him utterly epic. I was totally in love with the guy until I found out who he really was, but I still love the things he did.

    The only thing that confused me is what the hell happened to Silver? He was so much better in the games and then he became a pompous little butthole who care nothing about anything else than himself and Green. And daddy. I mean... That was annoying. He was 'nice, once you got to know him', but in the games he was meaner than anything. I loved him a lot more when he was loud and aggressive than when he went cold and silent.
  5. blob

    blob Well-Known Member

    I believe the Manga said that only a very few people born in Viridian have powers (probably one per Generation). I think that was mentioned in the Yellow chapter.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2010
  6. Ememew

    Ememew Emerald Mew

    Oops, should have made my question clearer.

    I know it's a rare power that not everyone from that area has. It's just that Giovanni mentioned where he was from right after Yellow's powers were mentioned (as in, only someone with similar powers to Lance, such as Yellow, would really stand a chance).

    So did he mention it in the context of having similar abilities, or just to say he was from the same area?
  7. Forretress Fan

    Forretress Fan Let's Go

    The Pokemon Special (Adventures) Manga is the world that the creators of Nintendo originally wanted to create. They had to censor it down to work for little kids and work into a game console and tv series. The Manga expands on how the interaction between trainer and pokemon is stronger and what it would be like if Pokemon existed. In the game, happiness=evolution. I believe it puts more emphasis on the plot the game tried to show while also revealing the Why? question in the differences in the 3rd game to the original two.
  8. blob

    blob Well-Known Member

    I just remembered, there's one bit of Special that confuses me. It's the bit in the Yellow Saga where Sabrina and Blue/Green have to team up, and they get attached to each other by some Ice, that, if breaks, your limb comes off. But I didn't get the bit where Ditto apparently took the shape of the arm that got Frozen. How could Green/Blue know something would happen to that arm? Also, wouldn't Ditto be dead, because if that Ice can shatter bone, then it should of killed Ditto when it broken into tiny peices.
  9. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Come to think of it, where do the Kanto Elite Four's powers come from? It's never explained.
  10. Chaotic Neutral

    Chaotic Neutral Active Member

    When Ruby revealed he had celebi I was like WHAT?
  11. blob

    blob Well-Known Member

    Apparently you could see the Celebi in the first chapter of RS, but I couldn't see it anywhere.
    I don't like that it just flew off without hesitation, though. It was trapped in a Ball for Months, and it never even said goodbye to Ruby.
  12. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    Funny, I've always wondered the same thing as well. As for how Blue would know, my guess is she may have figured something would have happened so she had Ditto to pretend to be her arm(s) and different body parts just to be on the safe side. Also remember that Blue saw Lorelei attacking Yellow near the beginning of the arc, so she probably knew what to expect from some of the different Elite Four members. As for Ditto, unlike bone it isn't a substance that can be broke. So it falling to pieces wouldn't kill it at all. I believe it was just a case of something harmful to humans and certain Pokemon. Because they never said it would kill you, they just said that if something happened to the doll that part would break, which would only be harmful to certain things. If I'm making any sense here. ^^;
  13. blob

    blob Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I get it, but Ditto only coppied that one arm. It's not like it was her whole body at one point.
    I always assumed that she made Ditto turn into the arm that was facing Sabrina (In case she tried something), since that was the side that got frozen.
  14. 1dbad

    1dbad ~The Blizzard Prince

    Okay, glad I at least made some sense then. =P And yeah you're right actually. =o But that'd make sense, that's what I kind of assumed as well. It was probably a last minute thing.
  15. Luna-kun

    Luna-kun Cool pokemon master

    -I was nice surprised,when i saw Nidorino thru Pokeball in first chapter.This way of pokeball should be official.Way better than all closed.
    -The same Chapter Charmander with some bones on back.
    -When Bulbasaur was attacked by Hydropump,he was happy,coz refreshing shower to plant.But it should be take even a little damage,coz it dont have water absortion,storm drain or dry skin ability
    -always astonished of SUPER HIGH intelligence of main trainers(they know what to do,even in pinch situation)
    -i was astonished,when Arbok cutted by tail of Charmeleon die.i never saw before,when pokemon die

    this is all for 1 volume
  16. lolipiece

    lolipiece Check it out! Staff Member Moderator

    1. It's not the only manga that does that

    2. That's from Charmander original's art. It's not anything special.

    3. Well he is a plant...

    4. I agree

    5. It's not dead
  17. swampertlover5712

    swampertlover5712 True Love Never Dies

    I was amazed that when I first read it, it was almost exactly how i imagined it, the world of Pokemon and stuff.
    I was surprised when I saw the violence, but, meh, got used to it.
    I'm amazed by how much I love it.
  18. Luna-kun

    Luna-kun Cool pokemon master

    ad.3 plant not plant.but pokemon. and gyarados use "attack" it should be a damage..even little.
    ad.5 Arbok was cut in a half.he is dead
  19. lolipiece

    lolipiece Check it out! Staff Member Moderator


    Not quite dead
  20. Luna-kun

    Luna-kun Cool pokemon master

    huh? so how he can regenerate when he was cut in the middle of pattern?maybe this is another arbok?

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