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How I Met Your Mother


Chilled Hottie
I love the Show!!!!

My favourite character is Marshall!!

But to be honest the show is a rip-off from friends >.>


Barney Stinson!
I absolutely LOVE HIMYM. It's so freakin' awesome. Barney is of course hilarious, but I also like the relationship between Ted and Marshall. The episodes always has a great storyline. Like the flashbacks and stuff like "Hot/Crazy scale" and the "Lemon Law".
So good that season 6 is up! :)


Destruction to all
Great show. Barry is the best.
I like the episode where they get in a "fight".


Freaking awesome show.

Barney is Legen--

Wait for it.

Dary! Haha

Ted's the worst part of the show, but without him the others wouldn't be as funny.

It is kinda similar to Friends, but not a complete ripoff. They have similar aspects, but if you were to compare an episode of each, they would be different.


Written Insanity~
I've been seeing this show on a lot lately and I've absolutely fallen in love. xD Lily has to be my all-time favorite, but that's probably just because I relate to her and I still love that actress for her role in Buffy the vampire slayer. xD My favorite moment is when she went to her old house or whatever and it was turned into a chinese restaurant with all her stuff still in there hahah.
HIMYM is the best sitcom. This season premiere is (finally) getting the show in the right tracks to meet the titular Mother! Squeee, so excited!


gone gently
Yes, I watch this show as often as I can. Neal Patrick Harris is terrific in most anything he does, and Barney's character keeps that tradition strong. It's also a neat idea of telling the story in the point of view of a flashback. A cliche format it may be, but there are a couple of things that keep the show from being a cliche itself (though I forgot what I was going to say they were literally a minute ago, while writing this post...).

I'm still waiting for Aquadon's walk-on role, though.

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
One of my all time favourite TV series. I didn't start watching till several months ago, as the title of the TV show made me not watch it years ago when it came out. I finished season 5 a while ago though :)


Training since 1998
Lets not be under any illusion, it's definitely a friends rip off, but its a lot better than that other friends rip off "The Class". But it's definitely a good friends rip off, I think it's funnier, but less good as a drama, less sort of iconic and I don't care about the characters as much. I don't think anybody expected it to go on for this long, Ted's kids are probably sick of it.


Loving it. Just started unfortunately, but hey what can I do. Barney wanting to lick the liberty bell had me in tears, and the shows great. Too bad robin friend-zoned him though.


Would you believe that I hadn't even taken the chance to watch this until a few months ago? I just didn't get it before. I like it a bit more now, after watching some of the episodes haha. Barney may be the only character I enjoy and I see others do too (I love Neil Patrick Harris). He's the life of the show. I haven't seen the latest episodes though. Six seasons is a lot, but I've only seen episodes from seasons 1-3 and some of season 4 so far. I should catch up with the rest :/


TCG Trainer
I'm still waiting for Aquadon's walk-on role, though.
Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah. Three things:

A) Lois, This is NOT my Batman Glass.
B) HOW was this thread made without my knowledge?
C) I'm not at liberty to discuss my acting career.

As for this show, it's one of my two favorite shows, Chuck being the first. It's god awful, but Ted's VERY relate-able to who I am, and I could very easily be that guy who talks about all my shenanigans back in the day. I have a "Pineapple Incident" of my own, and a Marshall/Barney best bro which is ridiculous.

By the way, I have a major hypothesis about the show as a whole, but I'm not going to reveal it here. PM me if you guys want to know what I think about the show and how it relates to meeting the mother.