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How late will you stay up? (English Reliese)


Master Coordinator
Im probly gonna play it during classes the next day... me and my friends always play during class... mostly pictochatting tho...
Instead of playing it all at once, I just want to enjoy the storyline as much as I can.

All of you should pace yourselves. Studying for your future is much more important! Yet I will play pokemon until the day I die. Unless for some freak reason I won't.


Grand Elite Master
Well I dont know about anyone else, but I already pre ordered mine to make sure that I get a copy of both. but what is an FC i am confused, but I will stand in like Saturday night just to make sure I get mine early so that I will be able to train on my way home from the store


I can explain this!
Well I dont know about anyone else, but I already pre ordered mine to make sure that I get a copy of both. but what is an FC i am confused, but I will stand in like Saturday night just to make sure I get mine early so that I will be able to train on my way home from the store
FC = Friend Code


Ultimate Trainer
Pfft...I dont sleep much, the longest Ive played was for 3 days straight without sleep, playing Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tagforce for the PSP, so D/P will be a walk in the park. Sleep is pointless.


The Firey Inferno
I'll get it, play it-all night, go to school and play it during classes(I'm such a bad kid >.>), come back home and continue playing it.

Can't wait.


Manafi's Dream

I'll get it, play it all night, hopefully come home early the next day, and play it the whole time!


Arriving glacially.
I don't have to worry about playing through it too fast; as soon as I get the game, I'll be shiny hunting. First Chimchar, then Fuwante...

But otherwise, I'll stay up all night.


were not open anymor
my friend and i will stay up all night in our sleeping bags outside gamestop and be the first ones in to buy it in indianapolis even though im the only one for miles who even knows about d/p or let alone has one


Grand Elite Master
I will get it early sunday morning, play it all that day, and play it at work on my breaks and lunch, and then when I get home I will play it there. Hope to battle all of you one day


I will probably be hanging out with friends that Sunday but I'll surely stop by Target or something to pick up the game..but then after I leave them to go to sleep early for school and work I will probably play for a half hour or so just to get the opening stuff in the game done. Then Monday after school and work (at 7:30 or 8pm) I will play again til I go to bed at around 11. Then repeat that Monday schedule all week probably, haha


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I'll stay up really late, oh well If I miss school on Monday.


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Thank god it's not the weekend when it comes out. Due to seeing my girlfriend everyday, I'm really lacking time to play so odds are I'll probabley be stayin up VERY late since its the only time I really have a chance.
Hmm... I will most likely not stay up too late. I'll start the game and play around. Get a team started, train for a while, then head to the first gym. I'll probably shoot for my first badge and quit. Work, class work and other stuff like that won't be helping much either.


<!Seizure Enducing!>
Well, I will probably buy it on a friday or when exams are finished unfortunately... :( i looked and it seems its released or should be released around exams, so hopefully its after!!

No matter what I will get them after exams but anyways...

I will buy them on a Friday, play them until as LATE AS POSSIBLE!! However I will not fly through the game! I did that with Ruby and Sapphire and i finished them in a week, and nothing was exciting or new after that... i want as much longness of gameplay first tiem round as possible.

Thats also why im buying both. I will get up to a point on pearl, save it, then get up to that point on diamond. It'll stretch it out a lot more and i theoretically have a 12 pokemon party :p. Cant wait! Itll be winter too so like... MEGA BONUS!! I luv winter and pokemon on winter holidays.... so snuggly :p

Anyway ive gone WAAAY off topic here so ill wrap it up and get back to topic:


Charizard Trainer
Me? Since it's on a Sunday when it's released, I'm going up there and getting it and I'll be playing it. I will start with Piplup. But I'm looking for a Charmander egg! I need one badly. Charizard is my pokemon and I can't do nothing without him. Once I'm in the city and get the red book and my WI FI number I'll need a Charmander Egg badly. I hope if anyone finishes the game they can get me one. Plus it has to be male only.
Anyway. I'm also getting the guide to help me go through and what pokemon I'm missing and finding in Diamond. Plus getting the stylus with it. It'll be really fun. Oh btw for those people who read or have Nintendo Power, I bet you all have noticed that Palika and Dialga got mixed up. They put Palkia's name on Dialgia and Diagla's name on Palkia. WOOPS! :D

ground tamer

I will play the game for about 12 hours on the first day just to get a feel for the game. I will probabally stay up until about 1 in the morning.
for me it depends I'm going to preoder so if there is a midnight party here I'll stay up till midnight if no party I'll just wake up at like 4 or 5 and stand in line till the Gamestop opens up.


Not the finger!!!
I will prob. spend the night at my friends house and stay up all night playing through the story. Then get my Wi-Fi team ready to battle. And knowing my friend, he will prob. buy the guide for it.