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how long did it take you to beat mystery dungon part 1?


~Made In Korea~
I beat the game in 1 week because i dont play as much as u o_O it was 09:3-:-- i believe! sky tower was 3rd easiest kkk (1ST ZAPDOS 2ND MOLTRES)


Like.. two days (but, I was playing aallll day looong).


Well-Known Member
My Blue Rescue Team starter: Mudkip
Starting Partner: Pikachu

I linked Pikachu's Thunder Wave and Thunder Shock to battle the legendary bird Pokemon.

I used Mudkip's Water Gun to defeat Groudon.

And for the last battle, I used Pikachu's Thunder Wave and Thunderbolt to defeat Rayquaza. after the battle, Rayquaza used its Hyper Beam to destroy the meteor.

And that ended the story.


Well-Known Member
My VBA Rescue Team

;150; Mewtwo
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Fire Blast
- Barrier

;151; Mew
- Psychic
- Dragon Claw
- Blizzard
- Metronome

;251; Celebi
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Ancient Power
- Solarbeam

;385; Jirachi
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Thunder
- Wish

I can use only up to 3 of the 4.


I beat it in 18 hours


Shiny hunter
It tock me 2 days to finish the first part


Well-Known Member
12 hours, spread out over two days.


Well-Known Member
Sky Tower keeps killing me so i keep restarting, i eint completed it yet :(


Queen of the Abyss
It only took me about a week or so.


Feel my soul
About a week, mostly for the same reasons Cruxis stated. =P I didn't play it everyday, and did extra rescue missions and leveling up before I finished it.


The new tuxedo look!
1 week, because I thought rayquaza was lv.70, so I trained myslef and my partner up to lv. 45...