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How long did you use the Pikachu in Yellow Version?


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
In Pokemon Yellow your starter is a Pikachu which is kinda weak.Ive noticed lots of people swap it for a Magneton or Jolteon.Did anyone do this or did you try to use it the whole game?


I used Pikachu for most of the game, although I stopped relying on it around the time that I captured Thunder (Zapdos) at the Power Plant, because Pikachu just seemed sub-par by that point in the game.


Pokémon Master (Kinda)
Looking back Pikachu could be used as a decent set up with Light screen,reflect,and thunder wave.Then slap on thunder or thunderbolt and thats all you can really do.


Well-Known Member
Oh, I kept it forever! That Pikachu is my best friend!

I never even thought about replacing it. It helps that Pikachu was my first favorite Pokémon, so I've always been fond of it.


I kept Pikachu for most of the game but didn't use him in too many battles except in the gyms and Elite 4 battles where he had a type advantage.


On a quest to be the best...
Never played Yellow all the way through, buti I did I don't think I'd stop using Pikachu. Having him follow you was the point of the game.