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How long have you been on the internet throughout your life?

How long have you been on the internet throughout your life? Post a Poll

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Since I was 12, but didn't regular it until I was 15. I'm 22 now.


Bibarel's adorable.
I actually don't remember, I think it has to be around 10 years or so. I don't remember when I discovered the internet, actually.


Ash's fangirl
Well, if I remember correctly, around 5 years... could be more


I started with the internet back in 2002. So, around 8 years. Started with dial-up. Hearing those crazy dial-up sounds while waiting for the Browser to load. :)

dark rift

Well-Known Member
I've been on it often since I was 12ish, because I had a relatively fun life before I started using it often. I started using it when I was about 9 though.

So 9 years.
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Back in the USSR
First time I used the internet was 2001. It was just e-mail and Pokemon.com at the time, and since I had no one to expect e-mails from, I spent probably twenty minutes or less on the computer each day. So... nine years, now.
Well, what d'ya know, I believe Pokemon.com was the first site I thought of visiting. Of course, that was before I visited the internet "regularly".


From Zero To Hero
I had dial-up until I was 14, so I rarely went on the computer. So now its 3 and 1/2 years later since getting DSL.


The Abysswalker
When I first entered the interwebz, I was about 8, when my older brother got me into Runescape.

Soooo, 6 years.


I was 6 when I discovered the internet. Used netscape and that was awful.
I only started going on forums and whatnot in 2006, so about 4 years of foruming but 11 overall.


Flabebe's Kids
For around 6-7 years. I remember that I played Neopets all the time in 6th grade, so around then was when I started logging on.

Pyro Wolf

New Member
I've been on and off the internet for about 2 years, I just got the internet at home about 3 months ago(Yes, I do mean for the first time).