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How long have you been playing D/P ?


adamant 31 attack iv
177 but alot more than that because i mostly soft reseted and radared for shinies but turned my game off when the chain broke


Long time no see
I think its like 50 somat hours. I only play for short periods of time. I have a recurring headache that stops me from playin for long and i only got it about three weeks ago.

Lugia Tamer

< Is friggin awesome

436? and thats not a typo? I've played for 134 hours, and I thought I was addicted.


Empoleon Trainer
I have been playing 341:32 on diamond probably because one week me and my cousins had a pokemon tournament at my house. It lasted 2 days due to my friends comeing over and asking if they can join. -_- it rained alot those 2 days


Johto Trainer
i've got diamond and played for 69:30 hours considering i'm working full time ..... curses, i did however finish the game start to finish (story part anyway) first time round in 16 hours, with lots of wondering, i'm still wondering around now =)
62:00 exactly on Diamond right now; however, I got Pearl in Japanese back in October and easily had 60 there, then restarted and got to 80 before the US release.


Water Master
Hmmm... 200 on diamond (complete pokedex with Gold Card), but I had a little help from GBA games (275+ hours). And still no shinies. Pitiful, isn't it?

El D

Dem foos is stoned
109 hours and countin. Uk

Ze Skarmory

Well-Known Member
291 hours. But my brother has well over 500 o_O

Katsuya Fujiwara

Active Member
I have 385:39 on my english Diamond and about 80 or so hours on my Japanese Pearl. Pearl Ive started over a couple of times since Ive had it though.