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How long have you been watching the Pokemon Anime?


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I watched as a kid and later on, but on and off.... ever since XY I started watching it every week (except SM which I skipped)

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I've watched the anime for as long as I can remember, it was pretty on and off though, especially when, in the middle of Hoenn, I wasn't able to find it anymore. I dunno if it was because it was taken off of 4kids or CN changed the timeslot, all I know is that one day I turned the TV on at the exact time it was supposed to be on and it wasn't there. Over time I caught bits and pieces like Misty's return, Togepii's departure, and I think the ending but I also missed out on a lot of Gym battles, Brandon, Glalie, the league, and the Johto contest. I didn't start to consistently watch the anime until the Gardenia battle, Turtwig was fighting a Turtwig.

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Since the summer of 1999 when 4kids was dubbing it. I stopped following weekly since somewhere in the middle of BW and I only watch episodes that interest me nowadays.


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I watched it on and off if there wasn't anything better to watch on TV until DP was released (mostly because I got my first Pokemon game, Diamond, then). I started actually following it after that and went so far as to look up subbed episodes online.


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Since OS as a kid. Stopped watching in favor of playing the games. Returned to watching with the DP series and fully returned in the XY and then SM series.


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On-and-off since DP, caught up on BW after it finished airing and joined in again during early XY. I put off SM until last year when I binged it and now I watch Journeys weekly


So when was your first watch of the anime do you remember?
Edit:I started watching like 5-6yrs ago only so I don't know much.

Take a seat. My story is somewhat long and complicated.

I've started when it premiered in my country. Basically I was there when the Pokémon Mania started. I used to watch all episodes, got the official magazine and other stuff that had Pokémon on it. I even watched movies 1-3 on the theaters.

Somewhere after Johto's first year, I lost interested and eventually dropped. During that hiatus I remember briefly seeing a magazine that had AG Ash on it but I mostly ignore it.

Then at some point, there was a strong Saint Seiya nostalgia wave (it's pretty popular here AND not just it was the first anime I really got into, it is one of my favorite franchises). I bought a magazine about it that was a collection of various others including the one with AG on the cover I had previously seen and ignored.

I've read the Pokémon entry which was talking about AG and after seeing Ash's new look in more detail and, specially, knowing misty - a character I've never liked - was gone and replaced by May - who I found to look quite cool - my interested suddently ignited again.

I've resumed watching when the network Pokémon was on was airing Master Quest. I kept waiting for the AG portion. It eventually reached that point but they only aired the first episode (long story short, I didn't have cable so I was on the whims of a non-cable network who wasn't the best). Because of that I couldn't followed it but I kept interested

Then, I found out May was going to be replaced. Didn't like at first but after checking a few DP episodes I got interested. Then I've seen some random episodes out of order here and there. The Aipom-Buizel trade dissapointed me and made me resist the idea of committing to fully watch it again.

Sometime after Ambipom was released I decide to watch again and from there on I started to watch it weekly up until that point.

So yeah, it's been over 10 years watching new episodes every single week. I don't regret it, to be honest.


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I've been watching it since the OS first ever aired in the UK, way back when I was a wee child. I stopped watching for a short time when the first season of Advanced came about, but picked back up with Advanced Challenge and watched the previous season to catch myself up. At this point I also began to watch the RAW version as it aired in Japan and found this particularly enjoyable. These days I watch all RAW episodes as they air, then again as they get subbed and yet again once they're dubbed..

I also look forward to starting from scratch and rewatching it all over again with my future children..


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Since it was airing season 1 on UPN all the way up to when Charmander evolved and would start back over with episode 1. I didn't start watching it on Kids WB until UPN stopped showing it, after that I've been consistent with it ever since and haven't stopped yet.

For the record, I didn't like it at first when I was a kid but it grew on me.


Can't remember the exact age, but since I was a kid and now I'm 23.
I kept up with the brazillian dub until the end of Battle Frontier and started watching the japanese episodes weekly when D/P started.
Took some breaks here and there between X/Y and S/M because of university which I finished last year, but I'm back to weekly episodes now.


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Diamond and Pearl! The first episode that I ever watched was the Roark rematch episode. But I also recall seeing the Lucario movie on tv one time. Not sure if I watched it before or after DP aired, considering that it was most likely on Cartoon Network.

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Interesting topic.

I have watched each and every main series episode in existence. I initially started watching when Johto episodes were airing, and then when I gained interest, I watched from episode 1.

I stopped watching after BW aired, but again started watching in XY when Ash caught Goomy. And then I binge watched whole of BW and early episodes of XY till Ash caught Goomy. After that, I am watching it weekly as and when episode airs!


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Essentially since it began. I don't remember exactly when, but I do remember that the recurring Jigglypuff was in one of the first episodes I saw, and the talking Hitmonchan and Chansey were also there, but I might be mixing two episodes.


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Since the Cerulean Gym, stopped in BW after Team Plasma got axed but watched the Meowth/Subway arc and Elesa's battle(which I regretted) and quickly caught up when Krookodile was joining Ash. I know some people waited and watched DA in small binges but I watched the whole thing as it came, would I have had I known it was essentially the "Everyone but Ash and friends get new Pokemon" saga? Probably not...

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I started watching Pokémon anime about 10 years ago when I was about 7-8 years old and came to know about it by a friend. I watched whole of OS, orange islands and a little bit of johto saga in regional dub. After that I could not watch the anime as the channel was not so consistent with new episodes.

But at that time I never knew that something ever existed other than OS and johto.. But soon they started airing BW episodes, but never aired it completely.

Then after this I engaged in my studies and not able to watch anime for about 5 years.. And then when I got time started watching again from AG and watched till XY in eng dub...

And then from SM I watch the latest episode airing every week...