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How long have you used Serebii.net and how did you find it?


Not sure if a similar thread exists.

I have used SPP since around 2003 when I was looking for some information to help me on my sisters Sapphire version. I looked through many sites and Serebii and Pokedream was the sites I began to use alot. Then as information on FRLG and Pokemon XD came out, Pokedream lagged with updates and SPP was updated every one-two days. This is how I began to use SPP...

And if this thread already exists or a simmilar one exists, then I apoligize and go ahead and close this.

The Wizard of LOZ

Just over a year, I was at the shopping centre and played a preview demo of MD so I searched it up and found serebii

Mr. Brightside

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A few weeks ago.

I was actually quite reluctant at joining the forums at first, using only the site's quick updates as a source for Pokemon news. Of course, being Serebii.Net, many other Pokemon forums that I frequent were FLOODED (almost literally) with hotlinks from here, though it was only about two months ago that I actually bothered to CLICK on those links, and I believe that's how I found the site.


Punk Rock > You
im not sure but i was looking up pokemon cheats


The Renagade.

I believe last April, and i joined the forums in October.

I found out about Serebii.net while searching for pokemon sprites to make Trainer Cards.


One year ago, I looked for info on FR, LG on google and found it. Then in late March I joined.


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The year is 2005.....

My friends and me were looking for a site with some good tips, guides, etc. Well we found Serebii.net. We looked at it and then found some tips. My friends stopped using it but I kept coming and now I check at least three times a day fop updates :D
I was looking for info on unkowns in FR/LG and came across spp, about 3 years ago.
I joined when I wanted to post my fake cards, in jun 04. My account was pruned. I joined again in jul 05, decided I wanted new username and re-joined.
Still got that account now. :p


The Ultimate Absol~
I was lurking IGN and saw loads of linlks to this site and finally decided to click on one. I guess that was around just a little over two yeas ago. Let's just say that I was amazed. I joined the forums a while after.
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Since August 2004. I actually heard about the site from tvtome.com (now known as tv.com)
Hmm... long story.
Well, I was about 9 (or 8) years old when I first saw Serebii.net. I was looking for episode pics and found the seviper vs. treecko episode, when it had first aired in Japan. Then I just continued looking through the site. I enjoyed it real much. ;D

Then when I was 10 I first explored the Forums. And I later joined the forums. (Sep. 2005 I believe). But I was just lurking around. First time I posted I accidentally made a double post. And some guy said to me. "Don't double post its against the rule, .::Crystal::." <<; (My name back then.) I didn't dare to make such a mistake again, my english was not perfect, and I was a bit shy. So I decided to just lurk around.

Then it happened, I changed my name, decided to start from new, In Sep. or Oct. last year. I showed my art. And it was fun. But I was pretty inactive. Now I'm trying to be more on the forums, and actually say something.

That's it ;D