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How long until a Female Trainer wins the league?

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Brandon00151, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Brandon00151

    Brandon00151 Well-Known Member

    So far the games have had 2 female champions, but there's yet to be a female winner of the league. A few Female trainers have come close but only one has made it to the final round(Assunta most likely made it in the Kanto league), but none of them have won it. Maybe if Ash makes it to the Finals in Gen 6 he will be beaten by a Female Trainer.
  2. Super-Staff

    Super-Staff Turnabout Pokemon

    I never noticed this.

    You know, this reminds me, why not make Iris the champion? I mean, for once, it'd be nice to have someone in group actually win a title like champion of whatever tournament they enter.
  3. Rohanator

    Rohanator Well-Known Member

    She's barely ready to be a gym leader yet, the story line for Iris in the anime seems to be pre BW1 in terms of game continuity.

    @ topic: I don't care. Woop.
  4. An00bis

    An00bis Wicked Witch

    If it happens I feel it'll happen long after I stopped watching the anime, so 5-10 years from now.

    They already made her exceptional for a beginner. It wouldn't be fun to have a character who couldn't grow much from what she was already.
  5. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Well it took 5 gens for a female professor for goodness sakes. Cynthia was so popular that she kept coming back.

    But I still find it amusing Ash never had an actual competent female rival in the whole show. Its like Bianca was made to be as ditzy as possible so nobody took her seriously.
  6. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    What do you mean, casey was easily an elite rival, no one could stop her electabuzz
  7. Sarefan

    Sarefan Hylden General.

    Well, we had the first Female Champion in gen 4, gen 5 gave us the first female Professor. Maybe next Gen they'll give us a female League winner in the anime. But i'm more hoping for a female Antagonist :)
  8. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Well, honestly, neither of the two female Johto "Rivals" really qualified as them, more as recurring characters.
  9. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    What do you mean, she appeared in like 8 episodes, that's pretty good

    More then kotetsu
  10. Super-Staff

    Super-Staff Turnabout Pokemon

    Unless the development given to her on the show had been different from the start?
  11. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Hum, maybe, but she didn't really collect bdges did she? (unlike the other rival, but she only appeared in 2 or 3 eps as a league rival.. so yeah)
  12. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    She was ash's baseball rival though :)
  13. Honeyichigo

    Honeyichigo The manliest

    What are you talking about? Virgil is obviously a girl. How else would "he" be so pretty? :U
  14. d4rk_tailed

    d4rk_tailed Doritoes,Leaf Storm!

    Well.....I always assumed that contests were introduced into the show as what (the best) female trainers would commit themselves to.

    Who won the Kanto and Johto leagues that Ash competed in anyway?
  15. Rovian

    Rovian Kodoku no Koori

    Professor Ivy didn't give starter pokemon to new trainers, but she was still a professor.
  16. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    And she had huge knockers.

    Anyway does it really matter? We've only had 5 leagues, which isn't even a high number if you think about it. Or maybe the writers don't want Ash losing the competition to a girl. Yes, I just brought sexism into this.
  17. zeno48

    zeno48 Zaker!

    Why exactly does it matter if a female or male trainer wins the league? If the best happens to be a male or female then in the end it shouldn't matter. Pointless thread.
  18. jdgjordan

    jdgjordan The chosen Snorlax

    Well half the boys in the show are voiced by girls does that count?
  19. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Does it matter if a female wins the league or not? The important thing is that Ash won't be winning one anytime soon so it really shouldn't matter.
  20. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    I'd like a female league winner for once, and I'm sure one will come eventually. The wait for a female champion and regional professor may have been long but it still happened.
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