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How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?

when i was like 3-4 i got pokemon silver. I wasn't really any good at it me bieng like 3 and all. but i learned to read so i could actually play the game and i've been hooked ever since.
I got into Pokemon a couple of months after the games were relased. My cousin showed me his Red version and I was absolutely captivated so I pressured my parents into buying me Blue. Then we found out you need a gameboy to play it as well.

But that's another story. I'm sixteen now so I've been part of the fandom for eleven or twelve years. That's... pretty colossal.


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Lets see... I first got into pokemon when I was five years old. I think my cousin was into pokemon and when we visited her, the anime would be on at her house and she would have some trading cards. She gave me some trading cards and I started watching the anime and a few months later I bought the newly released Pokemon Sapphire version as my first pokemon game. After I had Sapphire for a while I went and bought Pokemon Silver and Yellow versions too. Now, almost ten years later, I'm posting on this forum and am still obsessed with pokemon.

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I got into Poke'mon about 3 years ago. One of my friends let me play this game call "Poke'mo Ruby," and I was hooked, and a couple months later, I got Firered and Emerald, my first Poke'mon games.


I got into pokemon later, probably in 3rd grade. One of my friends kept talking about it and I decided to buy the game. It was around the time the 3rd generation was coming out, and Ruby was my first pokemon game.

I never started watching the anime back then though, my parents were over protective and didn't let me watch cartoon network.


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A friend of mine, and my sister, got me into the cards in March or May. Then I ended up watching the anime, coming in at Dealing with Defensive Types! or the one before it, and I got into the game. I got HG. Now I have HG, Pt, and getting Black, and now I joined this. I'm never leaving here
Me and my brother were huge fans of the Pokemon anime. During Christmas 2000, I got a gameboy colour and I I remember how surprised I first was to see "POKEMON GOLD VERSION" when I opened up the smaller box. Me and my bro played that game for YEARS. Ahh, HeartGold brings sooo much nostalgia :D
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i started liking pokemon around the begining of 4th grade,when diamond&pearl came out.since then,i have watched all the movies and have a game from all the regions except hoenn.now i'm heading into 7th grade still watching the show,buying the cards,playing the movies,and reserving the games since platinum came out

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i started liking pokemon around the begining of 4th grade,when diamond&pearl came out.since then,i have watched all the movies and have a game from all the regions except hoenn.now i'm heading into 7th grade still watching the show,buying the cards,playing the movies,and reserving the games since platinum came out


Ive starting being involved in Pokemon since about 7 years ago and frankly my "emo" cousin got me into it..


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I got into Pokémon when the original Gold and Silver came out. The Ruby/Sapphire gen I never purchased but played the roms. I think I'll be a fan forever.


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Must be almost 15 years ago now. I had a gameboy and played red and blue early after they came out. watched the first 2/3 series of the anime and played a bit in the trading card game. I now have owned every Pokemon rpg handheld title excpet sould silver and have completed them all. However i have never, without cheating completed the pokedex. Im 18 in december and worrying im too old for this.
and i stand by my prediction the black and white will begin the death of pokemon


I believe I was in fourth grade when I first learned of Pokemon (I'm 20 now, so I was like 9 or 10 at the time). I remember coming home from school one day and flipping on the TV, and this cartoon was on one of the channels with these cute animal-like creatures that were speaking some weird languages, but there were subtitles to see what they were saying.

Yeah, that was the Pokemon episode titled "Island of the Giant Pokemon." I loved it and thought the Pokemon were so cool and cute that I kept watching the show every day after school.

I guess that's where it started. Back then, EVERYONE in my grade loved Pokemon. Some of the girls did, but certainly all of the boys. I remember during break/snack time, they'd have their Pokemon cards or video games out, and I used to watch them play. :)

It wasn't until I was about 12 that I got my first Pokemon game - Pokemon Silver Version.

Since then, I've been a die hard Pokemon fan, and will probably continue to be one for a long time.
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Oh jeeze. I got into Pokemon when I was like four or five years old, I think. If that's true, I've been into it for 11 or 12 years. ._. Is that even possible? Lol. I think the reason I fell in love with it was because every morning when I would wake up, I'd be facing a TV that was normally turned on with Pokemon on. I'd fall asleep watching TV and I'd always wake up right about the time the episode was starting. xD It was when it just started airing and stuff, so I saw it right from the beginning. I thought it was just amazing in every single way.


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It started in 1998 (or was it 7 or 9?)
A 4 year old was playing SNES that fateful Saturday morning, when he heard about a new weird show called "Pokemon." Intrigued, the 4 year old proceeded into the TV room to watch this show. He watched as a weird yellow mouse-looking creature defeated a much larger orange mouse, an evil team's plan to steal the yellow mouse were thwarted, and the main character got a badge of some sort. Since that day, this boy has been into the entire franchise like a madman.


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We weren't allowed to watch the show. 'Friends shouldn't fight friends' :] (eventually we watched it though)

Anyway, my neighbor had yellow, and some kind of swap went down or something, and I ended up with the game. That's about it.

So I've played them all except for red, blue, and platinum. Though I'm thinking I played a little red/blue at one point. When platinum came out I was in a 'get rid of everything' stage or something, and didn't play games a whole lot that year. (compared to how I used to at least) And I don't plan on ever picking it up.

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I like how both Male and Female actually look decent this time around. Usually the Female has something funky flapping out of her head. And the Guy actually has hair this time.

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My older brother got me into pokemon. I would watch him play pokemon yellow and silver, and I finally got Pokemon Ruby on my birthday. I really liked the idea of animals with superpowers. I also liked the customizability of the games, how you could pick almost any combination of six pokemon.