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How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?


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I´ve been around Pokemon since 1998/99(11/12 years).
I heard about it in a magazine that wrote about the pokemon phenomenon in Japan and i got interested in it very quickly. I bought Blue the same day it was released here and i´ve played all of the "main" games since then.


Dating Rosie Palms?
Oh, let's see... I think about ten years now. Pokémon came to Denmark pretty late.

I wanted the game with Charizard on it (Red version) because it looked awesome. Simple as that.

Tykki Mikk

Pokemon Coordinator
Mmmmmm thats a way to remeber alot xD...

I started with pokemon since I was 6, not 9, 9 I bought My first Game (Pokemon Blue), Since I watch the previews in the TV I really wants to watch it because it calls my total attention, I think that pokemon can be better, But I was wrong.
Weh the Hoenn region come sout and show me the world of the pokemon coordinators, all mi view of teh pokemon world changed totally...
12 years I has been with pokemon and I don't regret :D


extra toasty
I watched the animé when it first came up, and I really liked it. My cousin got Blue eventually, and that only got me more interested since it was a video game for the series. My mom also used to babysit kids when I was younger, and one kid that I'm still friends with likes Pokémon, so watching it with him and playing the games too with him kept me going with it.


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my first game was firered, almost when it first came out. I didn't like leafgreen, but i regretted it because i googled where scyther was in FR but it was only in LG :'(

Then I got emerald and blue(from hawaii on ebay LOL) and then ruby, eventually leafgreen, then pearl, platinum, soulsilver, sapphire, and then heartgold. i now only need diamond and the original gbc games, but i sold my gba so i cant play the color ones.


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I was 5, and at the local afterschool daycare center my friends had red and blue on their gameboys. I imediately wanted a gameboy so I got it around the 2000 or 2001 Christmas. That same Christmas I got Silver, and ever since I have gotten all of the main games (besides Heartgold)


heapz cool persin
When I was about 4 or 5, my brother got Yellow and a Game Boy Color for his birthday. I think I ended up playing it a lot more than he did in the end. I endured many boring summers with it. |D I can't remember whether this happened first or if the whole Pokemon boom with the TCG did where I live, though.

At some point between 3rd gen and 4th gen, I kinda lost interest in Pokemon. I think it was anime I was really into then. Whenever Diamond and Pearl came out, I really got into Pokemon again, and I've been into it ever since.


Still In Kanto
I got into Pokemon when Red/Blue was released in Europe. What interested me and has kept me interested since is how everyone has their own unique team/experiences unlike other games.


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I got hooked with the show because my friend watched it. I kind of lost interest in Pokemon when Ruby and Sapphire came out (even though I bought the games and played them). I really got into it again after learning about glitches/beta/cheats in the game.


I got into it in 1st grade. I was bored after school because Clifford wasn't on (I was 6), so my mom said I should watch Pokemon. I instantly fell in love (I cried when Ash lost in the Kanto league). My first ever videogame, Ruby, I got in 3rd grade, a couple years later. That's what spawned my love for Sceptile :D


An outcast...
i probably got into it since I was....6 I can't remember how i got into it, but I've been a total maniac about it ever since. I got 5 games (in order) firered, platinum, Heartgold, Emerald, and Soulsilver.
i got into pokemon when crystal came out... and i've played it since then.
I was two when the first pokemon game came out in america. i went to my cousins and they showed me the original pokemon for Gameboy, since then i was hooked. by the way not gameboy color, the really big and grey gameboy

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
I've been into Pokemon since the middle/end of the first generation (I was 11, IIRC). I've owned every single Pokemon game (at least, mainstream Pokemon game. I don't buy the spinoffs) to date, and that includes a Japanese copy of Green. First game I owned was Yellow, followed by Blue. I got Red shortly thereafter.

What got me into it was, ironically, Super Smash Bros. When I first played that game, I used Link or Samus. One day, I decided to try Pikachu, and I never looked back. I got really into Pokemon, learning it's ins and outs. Finally, when that Christmas came, I got Yellow.
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Still In Kanto
Epic fail.

Oh, I was just walking through aisles then I saw some orange dragon looking at my direction. I fell in love. I nagged at my mom to buy it for me, then I've solidified myself as a fan since that day.
For me it was a bad-*** blue turtle with cannons on his back.

So bad-***.


Ultimate Mew Fan
Hmmm...when I was pretty little, like, a LONG time ago. My best friend gave me my first Pokemon cards, and also, some of my other friends starts playing the games (FireRed and LeafGreen), and I was hooked. I started off with PMD Blue, and then LeafGreen...and the rest is history, as well as my over 500 Pokemon cards.


Hermione can't draw.
Well...............my older cousin BJ got me into pokemon when I was about 2, yeah pretty young, im 14 now, so 12 years...wow....thats a long time. when I was like 5 or 6 my grandma got me a Gameboy SP and Pokemon Sapphire. I looooved that game. BJ got Ruby so we played a lot together. He was sort of my mentor/best friend, and he'd always say that I was stupid trying to raise all of my pokemon instead of just my starter, but hey I still go by that method to this day. We also played at my Grandmas lake house, I was Misty and he was my Blastoise...awwww good times :)