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How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?


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Must be almost 15 years ago now. I had a gameboy and played red and blue early after they came out. watched the first 2/3 series of the anime and played a bit in the trading card game. I now have owned every Pokemon rpg handheld title excpet sould silver and have completed them all. However i have never, without cheating completed the pokedex. Im 18 in december and worrying im too old for this.
and i stand by my prediction the black and white will begin the death of pokemon

don't.. don't worry about age.. do what you want... be yourself..


My mom brought me home a Gameboy Pocket with Pokemon Blue Version about thirteen years ago. Ever since then, I've been hooked.


That's not funny...
I grew up with it, I watched the anime when I was like, 3 maybe or 2, and when i got out of kindergarden, my mom gave me pokemon action figures, then I got hooked, and my first game was pokemon ranger on christmas when I got a DS as well, i got a silver version and a yellow version along with the game console from a past teacher, she was giving her stuff away...
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Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
I was 3 when my sister got a game boy with some games, including pokemon yellow. My sister got it, but I used it a lot more. Ever since then, I've always been playing the pokemon games and now I'm 14 and playing a bit more on the competitive side, over wi-fi and stuff. Man, I've been playing pokemon for over 10 years already, I guess time goes fast if you enjoy yourself...


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Hmm, I can't really remember what age I was, but I do know it was when I was pretty young. I watched the anime and got my first Pokemon game (Blue version), and then everything else kind of spiraled out of control lol. Then I got Silver, then Crystal, stuffed animals and all that stuff...then I kinda got out of it for a little while. But recently, my brother let me restart his Sapphire version (he wasn't very far on it anyway) and now I'm pretty much hooked again and want to buy all the rest of the games I've missed haha.


formerly R. New
Been into it pretty consistently since 1999, when I was six. I was a relatively late arrival to the whole thing; everyone else had liked it for a while before I got interested. It was the TCG that started me off. I got a holofoil Mr. Mime from the Jungle set and started collecting them. Then I started watching the anime, then I started buying any Pokémon product that I laid eyes on. I didn't actually start playing the games until about 2002, when I finally got a Game Boy, even if it was a Pocket at a time when the GBA was already out. Gold was my first but now I have all of them except Crystal.


Holier than thou
Since 2003, when I entered my aunt's room and saw her Bellossom plushie. She then told me about Pokemon and ever since then, I bought the 1st Generation games, and played and bought most of the games up to HG/SS.

Aurora Australis

I got into pokémon roughly 6 years ago with Pokémon FireRed. It was a present from a friend. Ever since, I've been on and off with it. I have gotten more interested in it recently with SS and HG being out, and B/W coming out soon.


It was when I was ten years old and got myself pokemon Red from then on I was hooked.
It's kinda weird to read that a lot of you got into it around the age 6. Kinda makes me feel old :p

Milk Bun

New Member
I'm pretty much a newbie to pokemon.
I really got into the games when HG/SS came out and my friends were playing it ALL the time. Eventually I got pretty convinced and went out to buy HG. When I started playing, I just couldn't stop. And just a year ago I was dissing the game/anime.
Me a hypocrite much? Haha.


I make no sense.
In preschool, yes, preschool, there were some other kids with Pokemon cards. I had no idea what they were, but they asked me if I had any, so, trying to fit in, I said, "Yes, of course!"

So they asked me to bring in some to trade, and of course, I couldn't, but then they gave me their doubles and showed me the games and... yeah. Long time has passed.. xD.


RoflCopter is Down
Been into it from since i was 4, so about 11-12 years now. Started with Blue, lost it, got yellow, bro got yellow, i end up with both. got gold,silver and crystal,only got silver now.ruby and sapphire on my b-day. emeralds internal battery has died. everything up to HG/SS


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It was when I was ten years old and got myself pokemon Red from then on I was hooked.
It's kinda weird to read that a lot of you got into it around the age 6. Kinda makes me feel old :p

here.I'll help you.. I got into pokemon when i was 18..Im 30 now....yeah.........

Milk Bun... you were just ignorant..you didn't know better because you didn't try it.
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ϟVolkner's Fangirlϟ
I've been hooked on it since the very first episode and my parents bought me a gameboy color and pokemon red version XD


From Zero To Hero
My cousin really got me into it, and then I got a GBC and Pokemon Yellow the following Christmas. Since then I've been hooked.


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I remember being over at my brother's place when I was about 8 years old. My mom wanted to keep me occupied so she turned on the TV. I scrolled through the channels looking for something interesting and viola! I found my first anime. Without Pokemon, I doubt I'd be a fan of some of my favorite shows nowadays like Naruto, FMA, etc. I have plenty of cards, and some old school VHS tapes from the first seasons, but right now I focus primarily on the videogames. ^^ Yellow Version was my first love, lol.


When it first came out, I was semi-interested in it. However, being the sheltered homeschooler I was, I could only watch my friends play it (with the exception of getting random cards like Nidoran) because my parents (not my church) saw the game as evil.

Then on my 12th birthday, a friend of mine bought me Sapphire. My parents then decided that it wasn't that bad after all. I was instantly hooked. I was finally able to trade/battle with all my friends (leading to one unlikely friendship). I've been playing it ever since.

So if I started in 2003, then I've been playing for nearly 7 years now.