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How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?


pokéGirL Power !
i was never a serious pokemon collector. i have a few Japanese cards of pokemon i thought we adorable that were given by friends. i always liked them because they were gold and shiny.

i was always addicted to rpg games tho, that is what mostly got me into pokemon. when i started playing pokemon red on gameboy, that led to pokemon stadium on N64.

i stopped playing the games a while. but i collected tons of stuffed animals throughout the years cus i love stuffed animals!

i jus got a DS so could play pokemon soul silver and now im a FuLL-Out POKEfanatic! going to buy platinum today.

oh yea i never really liked the show... i loved the pokemons of course, and i was always a fan of Jessie from Team ROCKET !! but i always thought the show was a bit corny ^_^

Mystic T

I was in the 3rd grade and was at this day-care. And my friend was watching this show on TV and it was Pokemon Johto. So I began to watch it then I instantly got hooked.

Then later on I got Pokemon Silver for my GBC. I remember when I was pretty noobish in that game lol. Like I didnt know how to catch pokemon and just used my starter for the whole story (if I lasted that long). And also when I was at the part when I had to cross the Ice Cave, I didnt know I had to push the rocks down the hole. It took me months to figure that out >_<. But the whole time I was stuck, I was training my Dratini to a Dragonite ^_^. Ahhh yeah good times good times...


Prepare For Trouble
When the anime first came out! I think my first real game was Crystal.


Pokedex worker
When i was a children, I listen the anime and my first pokemon game was pokemon XD

might yena

is EVing off sentret
mine was when i got Crystal. I loved that game, and i completed it within 3 days...
But i stopped playing until fire red came out (I missed out on R/S)
Then, i wanted emerald but it was too expensive so i got ruby :p THEN I GOT A SHINY MIGHTYENA :D:D

.:Flaming Fury:.

Black White Yin Yang
When I was about 4 a friend of my dad's came over with this Pokemon board game or something and I just started checking it out. I think that this was around the height of the craze and I probably was watching the anime as well.
So when I was about 6 or 7 my neighbor who was more along the lines of my stepmom started an auction on ebay so that I could have my own N64 (best console ever). We won, and one of the games that came with it was Pokemon Stadium, my first Pokemon game! I never had Red or any other handheld games so I only used rentals.
Then, in 2005 I got Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for Christmas. And that was that...


My Brothers two older friends where talking about it and i being the curious little 6 year old decided to hang around and what it with them. (Cant remeber the episode, but aware it was part of the first original run in my country), i fell in love with it. Not that long afterwards i brought the game (i think thats how it goes ¬.¬) and chose my first ever pokemon bulbasaur who has been my favourite ever since.
Since the beggining(9years). My brother accidently got me into it. I used to watch him play GSC and soon he lent me R/B, although I used to drive him crazy with questions.


The Super Nerd (:P)
I believe pokemon was out for 12 years, Correct?

Actually, When i was a baby was watching Pokemon XD.

So, I grew up with it actually.

Now that Generation V is coming out, That's 13 years living with pokemon (Thats my age too XD).

I still think gen.II is the best XD


An Inside Joke
I was interested when it first came out Stateside. I remember seeing the commercial for the virtual Pikachu pet that I think might have been cashing-in on the Gigapet craze that was going on at the time. I got some of the merchandise because I was 10-11, and Pokemon was one of THE crazes, despite the fact that I was unable to watch the show where I live, and I had only played a copy of Red that a friend of mine lent me for a day. My parents wouldn't buy me any game systems or handhelds (I think the CDi left a bitter taste in their mouth. "Get da hint?").
At twelve, I kind of took a break from Pokemon, and kind of focused my attention more on an anime that I was actually able to follow on TV.
Got back into Pokemon a year later when I bought a GBC with my birthday money with Pokemon Yellow. I spent the rest of my middle school years obsessed not just with Pokemon, but with Digimon, Dragonball, Neopets, and a few of CN's Cartoon Cartoons as well.

I continued to love Pokemon into my high school years, although I began to focus more on Zelda and Mario.
I took a little hiatus from Pokemon during my first few years of college, but I got back into it this spring thanks to HG/SS.
I got into it when I was about five or six and watched the anime. Shortly after that, I found out that there were Pokémon games and I just had to have them. I rented Red and Blue from Blockbuster until I got Yellow and Silver for my birthday one year along with a Gameboy Color. I've been playing ever since. As for the anime, I enjoy an episode from time to time, but I'm not into it much anymore.


New Member
The first time I remember seeing Pokemon was during a news broadcast that aired a short clip reporting about the Porygon seizure episode. That was in 1997.

In fall 1998 I remember watching the first episode of the anime when it aired in the US (I swear it was the episode where they were on the St. Anne). I thought they had canceled the series since they stopped airing new episodes. Then it came back in full force in August 1999. That's around the time I started playing the video games and playing the TCG.

I was absolutely obsessed with Pokemon until the Whirl Islands saga of the anime. I think that was sometime in 2002. Although I stopped watching the show and playing the TCG, I still play the main series of games (Ruby/Sapphire being my favorites).

It's odd how Pokemon has lasted this long and still retained its popularity.


Infernus Rex
well that was so long ago i cant even remember. I think i simultaneously saw the anime and got a gameboy pocket and color to play it in. I really enjoyed those times, have so many years passed already? D:



Charmander is best
I got Red Version for Christmas about 11-12 years ago. I've been completely and utterly hooked. I'm 16 now, and it doesn't look like I'll be getting unhooked anytime soon.
Pokemon Blue was my first video game ever! My parents discussed foreveeeeerrr whether or not I could handle a videogame....

Sooo..basically since forever! Starting college tomorrow and my Pokemon are coming with me.

Gucci Mane

Active Member
I was in 3rd grade, this was in 1998 when it blew up over here. =] Amazing times. I'm now 19 and still love it today. I was out of it at times but now I am all over it. =]

Manafi's Dream

My mom bought me Ruby back when I was in 2nd Grade when I was out of school for illness.


Do it the bird way!
I was 6 years old when I first started playing pokemon, how I got into it was that I got a pokemon yellow (my first game ever) during the christmas of 98 when I was just a youngin'


Oh boy... well I'm 19 now and Pokemon followed me through grade 1, 3-4 I would say... elementary school over here basically...

First time I ever got touch with it was before it was even released here in Germany and my Dad showed me a Rom (yes it was not my doing, but heck I was around 5 or 6 years old) and I was sort of fascinated at first... I usually played Final Fantasy or Zelda until then so it was something fairly new yet familiar and very interesting to me...

It's funny looking back because it was the only time I picked Squirtle and I played with only like 4 Pokemon until I reached Vermillion I believe... then out of nowhere the Pokemon craze swooped over Germany and the Anime was the show of the day for me as well as a mini comic series of the first anime episodes published by the local (now unfortunately dead) Nintendo magazine... R.I.P. :(

My friends got into it we got real copies of the games quite early on and it was the number 1 discussion material and a small shop on the way home from school also gave us our fix of cards for our pocket money... good times... my first card I ever received was the holographic Charizard (which apparently was(is?) worth a LOT of money) and I felt so good about it...
Also helped that my cousins got into it as well and my mom does know her share (for a parent anyhow :D )

Good times~