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How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?


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The day that the very first episode premiered my mom sat me down in front of the tv to keep me quiet and iv been hooked ever since. Iv played every game and read every book plus i haven't missed a single episode ever.


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I got into it because....well, because it was the moment's big thing when I was about 8. Anime playing in every kid's living room, trading cards being played with even at school. And of course, the game boy.

Only difference between me and most of the others, I was never able to forget them :D
Everybody else was getting into Pokemon, so I did too. It's the kind of peer pressure that ends up doing something good.

I also got a DS around a year after getting into Pokemon. That's pretty much the thing that's kept me at it. I still have it.


Pokemon's #1 Fan
It was 1999. I was 6 and in 1st grade. Pretty much all the boys in my class were talking about Pokemon, next thing I knew, I was a hardcore addict. XD

My first game was Yellow, and I've owned every main series title to date!!!! (Except White which I plan to get sometime soon)

12 years later, I still love it and not willing to give it up!
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Honestly, I used to hate pokemon, but I was only a young kid. I didn't know a thing about it. (I was judging a book by its cover)

Then, one day, I happened to pass by a TV that was showing a pokemon episode, specifically the one where Ash battles Winona in the Hoenn region. I saw the pokemon grovyle and I had a quick thought that I liked that pokemon.

Years later, I bought my DS and had no idea what game to buy with it. I chose the original Pokemon Ranger game, and everything took off from there. I later bought a Diamond game, so, yeah, I introduced myself into pokemon pretty late in my life.

And now, grovyle is one of my favorite pokemon. :D ;253;
Can't remember. It's a long time ago. I mean long time ago.


Not a tool
I started around third gen with Ruby version. (Interesting note: third gen is my favorite gnereation. Coincidence?) My brother already had Sapphire version, so I was jealous of him and got my own. Soon enough, Fire Red and Leaf Green came out, and I got FR for getting good grades. I beat it in a day or two. Since then, I've played at least one game each generation and I've been hooked.


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I first got into it when I was about 6, my sister still had Pokemon Red and Blue on Gameboy and despite the fact that she didn't even play them she I would beg to play them and she would always say no. But when she was throwing some old stuff out one time she gave it to me :D Loved it ever since.

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I was into the cards and anime at first, I was probably 4 or 5. And for my 6th birthday I had gotten a green gbc and a copy of pokemon gold version. I was instantly hooked. I had gotten every game since. And after a year of playing gold I got yellow. And so on. :p


Onward to Kalos!
My parents got me Pokemon Yellow for my 7th birthday. I didn't even know what it was at the time, but I quickly fell in love with the series. I've been playing the games ever since, all the way up to Black and White. :)