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How long were you into Pokemon, and what got you into it?


Kima the Mighty
Ive been into pkm since the anime came out in the us. i was little not sure how old and my dad had silver i like it so much i trained his quilava like 30 lvls on miltanks xD


Well-Known Member
Back in 9th grade (1997) a friend of mine brought in his gameboy color for our study period, and instead of read books he was playing game boy games, I noticed Pokemon Blue in his bag and asked him about it. I was so hooked I bought the Red version with my next paycheck (I had a part time job at night). Here we are now, 13 years and several versions later and I still love it just as much as when my friend Eddie showed me his red version.


New Member
I just realized that I've been into Pokemon for 10 years now. Wow.

Well, I was 3, it was 2000, and I loved videogames. My dad taught me well, rite? We were in a videogame store, or, somewhere that sold videogames, and I saw the cover for Pokemon Blue and I was all like "BLUE TURTLE OMG" and stuff. So we bought it, and I loved it.


Active Member
This seems like a good topic for my first post here.

I got into pokemon very recently about a year or two ago. I was in a Goodwill thriftstore when I say a gameboy color for 2$. In the bag with it was Pokemon Gold and Silver. I bought it just because it was cheap and the GB colors screen was in better condition then the one I had.

I'd heard about pokemon as my nephews where into it, and had even scene one or two of the cartoons. So I gave silver a try... and was instantly hooked. I played about half way through before upgrading to leafgreen, and have now worked my way up to platinum which I'm playing now.

Sure I feel a bit silly sometimes, but I can't be the only 30+ year old woman who is hooked on Pokemon right? :p
I was 3 back then so I've been a fan of Pokémon for uh... 11 years, and my dad worked as an accountant in Saudi Arabia; this was the time Pokémon wasn't banned there yet.

He was able to give me Selecta/Waltz ice cream everyday once he came home and inside there were holographic Pokemon cards inside (5 inside; 151 cards in total; they're not the same PkMn cards today, they're more like show-offs, plus they're shaped like a square instead of vertically rectangle) that can look like the Pokémon evolved by moving it around. Whenever we went to McDonalds and Burger King, Pokémon plushes were sold with a meal especially Poké Balls and we were able to get a lot of them; I got a few I remember like Mew, Psyduck, Aerodactyl, etc.
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Happiest Trainer
I was 6 years old when i got my first pokemon game and it was pokemon yellow.I clearly remember that i was in hospital and my grandfather bought it for me to kill some time :p


Arcane Of The Wild
The animegot me into pokemon. My first game was sapphire, so I have a nice kinship to gen 3 (plus the designs were novel from the first gen and the second (more differences between evolution as well


All fired up
Good question! I got into Pokemon as soon as Red & Blue came out. Of course that was when I was much younger. I remember going to school one day and a boy in my class had the red version. He started to talk to me about it and right after school I asked my Daddy to buy me a Gameboy and Pokemon. Years later, here I am still playing! It's hard to believe that Pokemon has been around for so long. Makes me feel old!

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I started with the TCG in first grade. All of the big kids (as in fourth or fifth graders) were into it so I started as well. The next year I transferred to a different school and they were more into the games. Now at the time I wasn't really into video games, but that Christmas I decided to throw my hat into the ring and got a GBC and Pokemon Silver. And I bought every pokemon game since.


my bro got blue version when he was 5 and i watched him play it. i never really gained intrest in it, although my bro played it every day. its funny he could not get passed the 4th gym and trained his blatoise too levle 95 no joke. well then he got silver, then crystal, and still i never gained intrest. untill..... one christmas, i was 6/7 years old, my grandpa got me ruby. man i was hooked on that game. had a unstoppable blazeakin, levle 96. good time. i eventuly got diamond, and now i have soul silver.


New Member
I started playing when Gen1 first came to Australia.
I still love the Anime to this day just as much as the game. Although, as I've aged, the anime has lost its sheen a little...

My states of obsession seem to ebb and flow, generally when a new game is released I throw myself into it and give it a good 50 or so hours then forget about it for a few months. If you count up the amount of times I've played/replayed all the pokemon games over the years its far more than any other game.

MoonStarRaven said:
Sure I feel a bit silly sometimes, but I can't be the only 30+ year old woman who is hooked on Pokemon right?

Well I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 24, I got her hooked on Pokemon too. Don't feel silly, there was a time when I felt ashamed to admit that I loved pokemon to people... now I dont care. Its a wonderful little world.


Just a pokemon fan
I started playing Pokemon Blue when I was 11 years old. Since then I've had every single of the RPG pokemon games (the normal ones for each of the four generations) and now have preordered Pokemon White from Japan. I played continiously from 1999 to 2005, then again between 2006 - 2007 (when Diamond appeared first in Japanese and then in English) and now have returned to play during vacations as college does not let me sufficient time during the semesters.


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
I got into Pokemon watching the show and cards, and then I got Blue version and got completely hooked. After the end of Kanto and the move to Johto, I kind of lost interest, in the show, cards and games. Later when Hoenn came out, I watched the show and got Sapphire and became a fan again. Still a fan to this day.


not the color
I don't really remember, but I think I got my first Pokemon game when I was six. It was Pokemon Silver, and I think it came with a gameboy advance I got off my grandma for my birthday. |D

Yeah, I've kinda been obsessed with it since then. :D

Same here (sort of). I got my first Pokemon game (Crystal, not Silver, but they're close) with a Gameboy Advance for one of my birthdays. I had loved Pokemon since the beginning of the first Generation (in North America, anyway), and I got into it because of the anime and because of the trading card game. Things took off once I got Crystal.


Stop laughing...
I remember I used to watch the original Pokemon series, but it was just another show. 4 years ago, I wanted a main series Pokemon game, but I got a PMD game for a good price. Well, I thought it was a game. It was the strategy guide (I glanced at it at Amazon and got it). I looked the guide over and became addicted to Pokemon. And that was before I ever got a game. I read it almost cover to cover.
I've been into Pokemon ever since I was six years old. I first saw the anime, then I got my first game, Pokemon Yellow. I have been on and off ever since then.


For me, it was probably my cousin, who had Ruby. I was then give a GBA sp, Finding Nemo the game, and Pokemon Sapphire.
Finding Nemo just made Sapphire look better


I have been in to pokemon since I was 6 or 7 and I am 13 now the show is what started me on it now I can care less for the show and more for the games and the cards


I remember sitting in the theaters watching the movie with my sister.
It was the year 2000, I was 5.
I got addicted to the anime series and scheduled the time it shows at my place and got my blankie and pillow with me to watch it. I still get excited watching the anime series today!
The first game I played was the Red version. I traded my other game with my friend so I could play the Crystal version. I then traded it with the Gold version, which I still have now.
I also got the Sapphire version, still alive today.

I sort of stopped playing when Diamond/Pearl came out because I didn't have a DS. My parents couldn't afford it at that time because they were paying many other bills. I played my nephew's own and fell in love with it. When I heard Heartgold/Soulsilver were coming out, I was a bit sad because I know I wouldn't be able to play it because I didn't have a DS. But, my parents managed to save up some money and were able to get me a DSi and soulsilver! I love them so much! (My parents)

It's 2010, I'm 15.

It's been 10 years and I'm still in love with Pokemon.