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How many friend bows do you have?


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How many do you have?I have 3.
2 in blue and 1 in red.
(post in this format);258;


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I don't exactly understand the point of this thread. I have only one. You can only own one because if you go back to Mt. Faraway, you will find a Link Cable on Floor 30. Unless you use the wondermail generator, in which case one can have lots of Friend Bows.


I was wondering can you get the one in Mt.Faraway and steal the one from Joyous Tower? But if your asking.. Zero currently since i re-did my game... eheheheh


christian 4ever
i have none but i get extremly lucky at recruiting lol


lover of Glaceons
i have 2 in blue


I'm too coo', foo'
I have one and exactly what they say I got it form mt.faraway. I don't exactly like relying on wondermail.


I have 3, all of them stolen from Joyous Tower.

A few days ago, I only had 1 though. It was a Rescue Mission on the same dungeon I´ve done on Filb.de that made me got across 5 Kecleon Stalls in just 24 floors, with two of them having Friend Bows, so I took them and safely Teleported away from the place as Alakazam.

Nifty thing, eh? XP


Storm of Fire
I just got one from Mt. Faraway.


Shiny hunter
I have 6 of them i use them for recuiting the Leginarys

Emerald Metagross

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Only 1 from Mt.Faraway. I only need one because I almost never die and when I do, I always get rescued. (by real people, not by the generator).


Pika, that's right!
Thirty-five. But I don't see the point.


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Staff member
I don't have any at the moment, I lost mine when I died.

I forgot to take it off when I went to one of the dungeons that quicksaves before you enter... ^_^;