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How many hours have you put in so far?

Marbi Z

Pokémon Sword and Shield have been out for over 2 weeks now and as of this post I've clocked in over 80 hours of gameplay as I just can't put the game down. So how many hours have you put into the game so far?


#1 Lanturn Owner
I only have about 145 ingame hours so far. I have been playing a lot, but I could have bene playing even more.


Well-Known Member
78. I kinda quit playing as much after I beat the story and finished the Pokedex.


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
Around 72. Had it not been for school and work that number would be much higher. =P


still in a dream, skin eater
I'm around 96 hours because there's so much stuff to do I keep getting side tracked. I'll spend some time raiding between hatching eggs, or pop off at the battle tower, in between shiny hunting lol. I expect my game time will be in the hundreds very soon.


Be a Good Experience
Just got to 83 hours. My usual for a Pokémon game is like ~150 hours after finishing everything as I’m a completionist + do so competitive breeding & battling which I haven’t done yet in Shield


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
According to my play activity, 90 hours or more right after Fire Emblem for 85 hours and Zelda for 70 hours.


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Currently 30+ hours and about to take on the 5th Gym, keep getting sidetracked by the Wild Area.


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Sword finished at 33 hrs (but haven't started post game stuff yet)

Returned to Motostoke in Shield clocked 9 hours.


Ghost-Type Master
I've got about 95 hours so far. It's the most I've ever gotten in a Pokémon game within two weeks, and the most period since Diamond & Pearl.

Usually around this time I'd have gotten 20 hours at the most, having just beaten the Elite Four. By the time I would be ready to put the game down - around six months to a year - I'd have logged in between 45 to 70 hours.

I can definitely see myself putting in another 90 hours at least. I enjoy exploring the region and the Wild Area, I like Max Raid Battles despite not caring much for Dynamaxing, I like the post-game tournaments, and I'm actually really getting into the Battle Tower. This is the most fun I've had with a Pokémon game in a very long time.


The Exceptional Everyman.
Started Monday last week with a full week-off from work, now at 65 hours in seven days. I doubt I spent that much time to any other mainline series in the first week of purchase.


yah Eevee Rocks !
Over 70 mostly been in the wild area and got the 8th badge. Just like taking my time catching Pokemon this time around and I quite enjoy the raids.
I don’t think I invested as quite as much time in Pokemon Sun.
The last games I probably spent the most time in comparison to Shield would be Black 2,SoulSilver,Ruby and Crystal.


Дми́трий Дми́триевич
I did not travel for the holidays this year so right now I'm at 158 hours and 14 minutes. I have found 2 shinies on accident and masterball rank in singles and doubles at the battle tower. My synchronize and ditto nature army is mostly done including 0 speed and 0 attack dittos and a decent foreign ditto except missing the important 5/6 IV ditto but I can get that through pokemon home later if needed. Finished pokedex I think on saturday? not sure what my hours were at then. probably closer to 140 at the time.

I've got boxes of raid pokemon and a handful with HA. and a few with G-Max.

not really sure where I want to go from here. I'd like to compete online and get a masterball ribbon on some pokemon but I'm nervous and honestly not super experiences at wi-fi ranked. would hate to breed/hypertrain a team and it's complete garbage lmao xD.

Marbi Z

I'm now at 104 hours as of this post TBH I really thought Fire Emblem Three Houses was going to be my game of the year but I believe Pokémon Sword/Shield has officially dethroned it for me.