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How many lv.100s did you self-raise?


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I don't have any level 100s that I've raised myself. It doesn't really seem worth the work, and my level 75 pokemon are perfectly acceptable. I don't do any level 100 Wi-fi battles, I much prefer to just use flat rules to make sure that I'm playing at the same level as others.


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Lol, none. Sorry, but what's the point?

Someone please explain.
The point is that some people send some pokemon to other people to rare candy a pokemon up to 100. The OP wants to know if some people do it the old fashioned way and do the training themselves.

I have trained 10 up to lvl 100 by myself.


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Well, in my Silver and Crystal versions it was my starter, usually Feraligatr. But I was like 6 or seven; my starter was also the only Pokemon I really trained.

And then in Sapphire, my Swampert. A little bit true to the above statement.

And then Emerald came, and I trained a Swampert to like. Level 97. Also a Charizard and an Espeon.

Sent them over to Platinum. Didn't touch them, and then over to SoulSilver. Used them a little bit, they all gained a few levels.

Sent them over to White version and now they're level 100.

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So far, only eight. Although, I don't have Rayquaza anymore.

Sapphire/Emerald - Kyogre, Latias, Milotic, Rayquaza, and Flygon
Diamond/Platinum - Empoleon, Floatzel (I love him xD), and Togetic


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No I am not kidding, I legitimally have every Pokemon from Gens 1 to 4 at Level 100. Inculding the Cacoon Pokemon.


Ive got 7, a steelix, 2 scizor, 2 volcarona, a milotic and a crandily. And i would have a blastoise and a zapdos if i didnt lost my leafgreen version


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Basically all my team members in my sig.


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Pokemon Blue: Venusaur (starter pokemon) and Venomoth (caught in the Safari Zone)
Pokemon Platnium: Mewtwo (migrated from Leafgreen at level 70) and Porygon-Z (traded to me at lv 100)

The first three of them were never in day care, although I might have used a rare candy or two on them, but not a whole lot. I don't really count the Porygon-Z because I didn't train it myself to level 100.

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Espeon and meganium, both Colosseum.
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As soon as I can replace emerald's battery and transfer you up.
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I have like 30 I think.

I used to have this thing going where I would get every single starter and legend to LV100, but i kinda stopped that in the 4th gen.


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2, Gengar and Raichu
although I do have a lv.95 mewtwo but I never use him
and a lv. 91 volcarona.



Too many to remember, though I don't think I've got any past Sapphire. I do remember a few, though:

-Several Mewtwos, not at the same time unless they were traded to Crystal.

-Mew, though I can't remember if it was Rare Candy'd or trained.

-In Crystal, I raised an entire party of Persians to 100 because I was in a "get filthy rich" kick, and so I beat the Elite Four using almost nothing but Pay Day, possibly more than once. (I got filthy rich.)

-And I had a Feraligatr who I raised to at least 93, but I can't remember if I ever finished and I can't check because Crystal's battery died.